6 Places to Meet Shanghai Girls

In this article you’ll find the best places to meet girls in Shanghai.

China is indeed one of the countries in Asia where you can find the best girls especially with the country’s large population, you can surely go through and select through the millions of girls you can find in the country.

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, 6 Places to Meet Shanghai Girls

As being a large country in East Asia, you might be having a headache on where you really want to go and start exploring the country just to find these great and attractive girls in the country. Well, for a starter in the country, Shanghai is definitely the city where you should start looking for these Chinese girls.

Over the years, Shanghai has been able to adapt to the fast pace that been going through our generation today thus they were also able to put up and build a large variety of events that foreigners would surely love in the city but aside from these events, you would surely appreciate Shanghai girls’ beauty ones you meet them.

Where can you find Shanghai girls?

If you are now in Shanghai or have planned to visit the city and find these beautiful Shanghai girls, you can actually go through and try these six places I’ll be listing on where you can find, meet and hook up with some local girls.

, 6 Places to Meet Shanghai Girls

English Class

Since students who are able to enroll in an English class are eager to really learn the language, some of them try to talk and make a conversation to a foreigner they find thus you can definitely find a number of Shanghai girls who are in the class talking to you.

It might be a bit awkward for a foreigner to join an English class but after you’ll get to know one or two girls from the class, everything that you’ve done would surely be worth it. So, have fun during your English class in Shanghai while also learning new things from them.

People’s Square

If you aren’t familiar with People’s Square yet, it is a great buzzing place in Shanghai where you can find kinds of activities. One thing I have observed in People’s Square is that a number of locals do visit the place to learn English thus if you are a foreigner, it won’t be hard for you to have someone to talk to.

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Some of these locals who tries to make a conversation with you are Shanghai girls and if you are the guy who knows how to talk ‘right’ you can easily ask for their number and right there and then, you can already ask her out.

You can find People’s Square in Huangpu District of Shanghai and you can also find the city’s municipal government headquarters in the area thus People’s Square is often very busy all throughout the day especially during weekends.

Shopping Malls

Well, Shanghai do actually have a lot of malls and if you are going to look around these malls for Chinese girls, you can definitely find a lot but you also have to take note that a few of these girls aren’t looking for guys thus you have to make sure you are able to approach the right girl in the mall.

Super Brand Mall – this one is actually one of the fancy malls you can find in Shanghai and if girls are what you’ve been looking for, there are surely a lot of girls hanging out here in Super Brand Mall especially during weekends. The mall is at Pudong’s Lujiazui Area.

Shanghai IFC Mall – what I loved here in Shanghai IFC Mall is that it is a high-end shopping mall and you can eventually find that out as soon as you get inside the mall; very fashionable and impressive design. They also have clean and well-maintained comfort room which made the mall a perfect place for those foreigners to hang out around.

Nightlife Scenes

I guess when you say Shanghai nightlife, it is really inevitable to look for nightclubs or bars and in these places, you’ll surely find a lot of Shanghai girls strolling around also looking for either locals and foreigners they can meet during their night out.

Bar Rouge – this place is actually for those who wanted to and loves to go partying all night long. Here in Bar Rouge, you can surely find a lot of hookers hanging around looking for their next target and if you are in Shanghai for them, you can absolutely try these hookers inside the bar.

You would also like the place’s terrace where you can have a good view of all those party people dancing their ass out. Bar Rouge by the way do have a bit pricey drinks thus it is best for foreigners and locals who can afford such lifestyle.

Flair Restaurant and Bar – Flair may be an expensive place to hang out with when you are in Shanghai but ones you’ve got to see the view Flair can offer you then you can absolutely say that every money you’ve spent in these restaurant and bar is all worth it.

Flair Restaurant and Bar is actually a rooftop bar which is the reason why it has the best view in Shanghai and aside from the view, they also have their wide variety wines for those locals and foreigners who wanted to have a great time in the place with a glass of wine in their hands.

The Union Trading Co. – the place might have their cocktails and beers but what really made both locals and foreigners visit and try The Union Trading Co. are their food where you can choose a variety of food from chicken wings, donuts and red velvet cakes and cupcakes.

, 6 Places to Meet Shanghai Girls

If you really wanted to find a place in Shanghai where you can have a good time with your friends while enjoying your meal then the place is a good choice for you and as The Union Trading Co. has a great menu, you can surely find a lot of Shanghai girls also trying their food thus it is one of the best places in the city where you can find girls.

You can find a few ladyboys in Shanghai at bars and clubs.

Taco Bell – if you are already tired with those party scenes you’ve been going to the past few night then you should try Taco Bell and have a relaxing night inside the place with your taco. As Taco Bell was able to make the best tacos in the town, you can definitely find both locals and foreigners hanging out in here.

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UVA – you may also give UVA a try if you don’t want to go party anymore. The place has a very nice and romantic atmosphere where you can certainly bring someone with you especially a Shanghai girl if you are able to meet one. They also have their Italian Cuisine if you want to try another menu aside from the Chinese food you’ve eaten during your stay in the city.

The club scene is better here than Guangzhou Nightlife and on levels with Beijing nightlife.

Online Dating Sites

With the world we move in today, everyone is very fond with the internet and everything is already possible when it comes to our technology thus, we can now find and meet Shanghai girls through these online dating sites.

For the past couple of months, I was able to try and test these online dating sites found on the internet and so far, there’s this online dating site that I liked. China Love Cupid is an online dating site that is used by lots of Chinese men and women who are in search for foreigners to whom they can hook up with or even have a serious relationship.

China Love Cupid has already about 1 million members and with these large number, a lot of them are Shanghai girls. This online dating site is also for free thus feel free to sign up and try China Love Cupid anytime and anywhere. You may also like to try other online dating sites you can find on the internet and find the best one that suits your taste and needs if you want to find sex in China.


This place is actually an area in Shanghai where a number of bars and other nightlife scenes that are all lining up one after another. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes all over the place to where you can hangout with your friends while enjoying the view of Xintiandi.

Aside from these, Xintiandi is also the best place in the city if what you’ve been looking for are Shanghai’s historical and cultural legacies which is indeed the reason why the place is a unique one. You can find Xintiandi in the center of Shanghai thus it won’t be difficult for you to find the place wherever you are in the city.

After going through this article, it would be easier for you to find the best Shanghai girls in the city and ones you are already able to hook up with them, you would surely appreciate how great they are inside and out.

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So, make the most of your holiday vacation in Shanghai and have fun with girls in Shanghai you are going to meet.

, 6 Places to Meet Shanghai Girls

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