Ultimate Guangzhou Nightlife Guide

Guangzhou, also known as Canton, is another China’s most developed city. The population is huge and the nightlife is kickass. If you love model size girls with pretty faces and fun to be with, then Guangzhou nightlife is what you need.

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Guangzhou nightlife, Ultimate Guangzhou Nightlife Guide

There are lots of places you could have fun in Guangzhou. In this article, we will list places where you can have some good time with the local girls.

Guangzhou clubs

Any nightlife is incomplete without clubs. I mean where you go when you feel like getting drunk and crazy.

Luckily Guangzhou nightlife has plenty of this and Guangzhou girls come out in numbers to ensure that you have plenty of fun.

If you plan to visit the city, then you need to hop in at least two of this clubs.

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Golf club

  • Address: North Gate of Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou
  • Open hour: 0800 – 0230, Daily

If you look at this area, it’s difficult to imagine the place with a nightclub. This tranquil surrounding immediately transform once you step inside the club.

Most locals recommend this club if you are to find the most beautiful ravers.

True colors

  • Address: 276 Yanjiang Middle Road, Guangzhou
  • Open hours: 0830-0400, Daily

This area is dotted with bars, which are also a good spot to hook up with Chinese girls. However, if you want a fast-moving night, then True colors club is the best place to go.

The club has been hosting exciting shows and the crowd never disappoint. The atmosphere will for sure change your perspective of how Chinese rave.

The club is tourist friendly, music good and the girls always bring their A game. It’s’ easy to hook up and take some Guangzhou girls back to your hotel.


  • Address: B03, Bai Tan Lu, Fangcun District
  • Open hours: 0700-0400

If you have a date, Amigo is good nightclub to have fun. Above it is a French pub, and on the second floor a restaurant in case you starve in the middle of the night.

If alone, you could have some beer and watch riverside-girls passing by. If you play your game right, you should not go back to your hotel alone.

Baby Face

  • Address: N0 83  Changdi Da Ma Rd, Guangzhou
  • Open hours: 0800-0500

If you prefer to rave with an even younger crowd, then Baby Face is a must-visit club in Guangzhou.

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Every night, Guangzhou raver gather here making it one of the most happening clubs in Canton. The most beautiful Guangzhou girls arrive in the club starting midnight.

Other clubs include :

  • Soho
  • Tang Club
  • New Era
  • Hei Hei club.

Guangzhou bars

After a bustling day visiting the city, you may want to cool things down with a beer or two. This is also a good opportunity to see what Guangzhou nightlife has to offer.

Bars have always been a good place to hook up. Single Guangzhou frequent the bars presenting you with the opportunity to hook up with some.

As the night goes by, don’t hesitate to chat with some, share your experiences and even plan to have a date if possible. Here are areas to find bars for an evening chat, there’s not as many ladyboys as Shanghai here.

Ba Ti Bar Street

  • Location: Near Brewery of Peral River, across Zhujiang New Town

Guangzhou nightlife bars in this area have a perfect combination of art and beer culture. The place is good to visit during the day too, if you even creative art exhibitions.

When night comes, enjoy a fresh beer and cuisine from some of the best chefs in the city. I recommend you take your date here.

Bar Street at Yanjiang Rd.

Most of the bars here were just old building before. Take the Flower St for an instant. Years ago the bar was an idle plant and now with some creative art, the bar is one of the best places to enjoy Guangzhou nightlife.

Transportation in and out of the area is convenient.

Bai Tan Bar st

Designed in European classical architecture, Bai Tan bars allows the visitors to have a unique view of Guangzhou nightlife.

If you are on a tight budget, beer price here is pocket-friendly. However, If staying in the central area of Guangzhou, you might want to get back earlier as public transport is not 24/7.

Bar st at Huaishi Rd

If you want to mingle not just with Guangzhou girls but with other foreigners, then bars in this area are a must visit. I think they are nicer than Beijing girls to meet and talk to.

Weekend nights attract a huge crowd of foreigners to watch football matches creating the right atmosphere if you are a fan too.

Pearl River night cruise

Most of us agree that an awesome Guangzhou nightlife involves a drinking and raving. Well, wait until you try the breathtaking view of Peral River or watch the famous Cantonese Opera.

If you have a date with a Guangzhou girl, this is cruise is mandatory. The trip takes 2 hours at most so you could still take things to a bar or club later.

Shop in Guangzhou during the night

Guangzhou is China’s shopping paradise. Cloths, jewelry and electric products are cheap.

There are plenty of malls meaning beautiful Guangzhou girls to be they shopping or working. One of the best Guangzhou nightlife shopping areas is,

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

  • Location: Shangxiajiu Street, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Shangxiajiu street is a showcase of traditional  Guangzhou architecture, more so at night when the area get lit up.

Prices are generally lower compared to other shopping areas but you still need to bargain. As you visit the area, Lawn Plaza is a must stop, located Dexing Road.

With the cost of items, the area attract s lots of Guangzhou girls. You could use the opportunity to hit on some and see where it takes you.

One of the best approaches is to ask for direction or ask her to recommend a souvenir. If she is beautiful and receptive, you could buy her a jewelry, then a snack then a beer nearby or something.

Beijing Road Pedestrian Street

Beijing Rd is another favorite Guangzhou nightlife shopping area.  The area is dotted with malls and business stores making it a major commercial street in Guangzhou.

Note that Beijing has nothing to do with Beijing nightlife, it’s just the name of a street.

There are some snacks here you can’t find in other places in Guangzhou. Ensure you have a taste. Don’t be afraid to talk with the girls here too.

Shopping in Hualin Jde street

The history os Hualin Jade dates back to early  Qing Dynasty. Jades in this area are the best quality making them perfect souvenirs to bring back to your friends and family.

Local Guangzhou girls know how to differentiate between a genuine and fake jade. If you have met one, you could ask her to accompany and help shop some souvenirs.

Sometimes going out and meeting girls sounds too much. I understand this considering most Guangzhou girls barely speak English.

To break the language barrier, meeting local girls online is a good option. In this case, China Cupid is the best place to meet girls be they normal girls or hookers and find sex in China.

China Cupid is featured with a language translation to ease communication. Signing up is free too.

KTVs Bars

If you want to easily get laid, then KTV is a good option. Guangzhou girls come and help “entertain” the guest for a cost.

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Massage parlors

Well, most massage parlors here are brothels in disguise. This makes them a good place to get rid of blue balls but never a place to hook up with a good girl. See our blog on where to meet girls hookers in Guangzhou.

Street hookers

If you are on some street and a girl ask you if you need something special, she is a hooker.

Although these girls are never recommended, you can still find a decent one. The price for these Guangzhou gilrs are cheap.

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Sha Wei village and Garden hotel are two areas to pick these ladies of the night. As always , use a protection.

Is Guangzhou nightlife safe?

Guangzhou is quite a safe and non-violent city. If you are to fall a victim, Guangzhou nightlife, Ultimate Guangzhou Nightlife Guideit’s going to be from petty crime such as pickpocketing and scams.

Men are somewhat vulnerable when approached by girls. Other things that you need to be on the lookout is fake items and fake currency.

If you meet a local girl, you need to keep your guard up. Always keep your valuables locked in a safe. It’s also safer if you go clubbing with friends. It makes you a difficult target.

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Guangzhou nightlife, Ultimate Guangzhou Nightlife GuideGuangzhou nightlife is awesome and with some luck, you could have some of the best nights of your life.

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