5 Places to Meet Single Beijing Girls

Have you been searching for the right girl for you? Asians are indeed one of the best girls where Asian cultures are being embodied in them and when you are in Asia, you would surely have hard time choosing one for you with all those beautiful, affectionate and caring Asians all over the continent.

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, 5 Places to Meet Single Beijing Girls

Every girl is indeed unique and it is just a trial and error for both the guy and the girl to make things work but after meeting a lot of girls all throughout my life, I really find Beijing women a good choice for they have their Chinese cultures of being respectful and modest which every guy love.

If you wanted to look for these Beijing women, there are actually many ways on how to find them such as signing up in an online dating site where there are countless Beijing women who are able to register or you might also stroll around some places in Beijing where Beijing women usually stays.

Online Dating Sites

If you wanted to find Beijing girls to hang out with immediately then you should give online dating sites a shot. Online dating sites are actually a perfect deal for even though you are still at your own country; you can already find and communicate to a number of Beijing girls.

There are actually many online dating sites where you can find Beijing girls but as I was checking on the available sites in their country.

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If you are a foreigner who doesn’t know how to speak or read Chinese then you probably give Chinalovecupid.com a try first before going to Jiayuan.com for there are a lot more Beijing girls who were registered in this online dating site who knows how to speak English than Jiayuan.com.

Our languages are indeed the most important thing when it comes to communication hence how can we communicate to someone and understand them if we don’t know each other’s language, right?

, 5 Places to Meet Single Beijing Girls

Here in Chinalovecupid.com, they are using the English language thus rest assured that it’s very easy to use. They also have a clean design and its navigations are very easy to use which made this online dating site a good choice for all the foreigners out there.

Day Game in Beijing

Well, if you are the person who’s not into online dating sites then you should try visiting some places in Beijing where there are countless Beijing girls hanging around. Malls and parks for example are a great place where you can find girls waiting for something or just simply spending their past time in the place.

If you want to have sex in Beijing, day gaming is great, even better if you can speak some Chinese. If you’re staying in China a while, then read up my Shanghai girls articles on how to meet them.

Malls in Beijing

As being China’s capital, you can surely find a number of malls in the city such as the malls located in Oriental Plaza. Oriental Plaza is a commercial complex in Beijing where most of the malls in the city are located. In this kind of places, you can definitely find a lot of girls hanging out both alone or with some friends.

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What also made malls a good place to look for Beijing girls is that most girls who are hanging out in these places are those with class and educated people which are perfect for decent foreigners.

A fine spot in a mall where you can approach them are in a coffee shop or restaurant and you may offer them a cup of coffee for a good start.

From this, you may then move on from asking for her number or any social media account where you can continue or communication and may even meet again in the next few days. You also have to take note that not every Beijing girl knows how to speak English but it is only with you if you’d still hook up with her despite your communication issues with her.

Beijing Parks

The city does also have various parks where a number of people love to stay at during the day while having a great view of the busy streets and people all over Beijing. Some of these parks are Temple of Earth Park, Jingshan Park and the Botanical Garden of Beijing.

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Although these parks are too open to looking for a girl in Beijing to hang out with, you may still give this one a shot considering that there are a lot of girls who love to spend their days strolling around the parks and if you’re lucky enough, may even find a girl who’s also in the park for the same reason as you do.

Aside from meeting a Beijing girl in the park, it is also a good place for knowing Beijing more especially if you are a foreigner or tourist in Beijing. In parks, you won’t just have a nice view of the girls all over the place but also with the buildings and infrastructures with significance in the city.

Beijing Nightlife

Just like with some other countries and cities in Asia, Beijing do also have a vast nightlife scene from their lounges, bars and clubs which are all spread all over the city premises.

Shanghai nightlife is pretty western friendly because it’s a major hub for China travel and worth checking out, you can also find lots of Shanghai ladyboys if that’s your thing too.

Although this kind of places is often exploited by working girls, you can still find many decent girls in the place who are just trying to hang out with some friends for the night.

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, 5 Places to Meet Single Beijing Girls

Beijing girls are surely one of the best girls you’ll be able to meet and if you wanted to look for a serious relationship, you can surely count on these girls for they would definitely love and care for you like you’re the only person in the world.

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