8 Best Manila Go Go Bars

In this article you will find the best go go bars in Manila on Burgos Street.

Who doesn’t love Manila? (okay white girls, that’s who!).

The place is indeed one of the best cities you can visit during holiday vacations. Manila definitely have a lot to offers its guests and even locals and what made Manila known these past few years are its nightlife scene that can be found all around the city.

, 8 Best Manila Go Go Bars

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One of the most developing cities in Manila is Makati and as you visit the place, you can surely find big and tall buildings, nice streets and great tourist attractions but aside from these, what else can Makati offer us? Makati is actually a home for prostitution in the Philippines and you can absolutely find a lot of go go bars being spread along the city.

If Manila go go bars is what you’ve been looking for when visiting the country aside from its beautiful tourist attractions then you should definitely know these six Manila go go bars which are on top of my list:


If you have been looking for a go go bar that offers hot girls in Manila then you should probably pay a visit to Kojax. The place is located at Badajos Street and you can definitely find the dozens of girls working on this Manila go go bars attractive and pretty but beware for they have a high price for their bar fines.

A bar fine here in Kojax can actually go up to 3900pesos and if you are a non-drinker person.

You can  order some soft drinks instead but be prepared to pay 200 pesos for a bottle of soft drinks and they don’t accept cards when paying and only cash and when it comes to the ‘tip’ of the girl, they usually asks for the same price as with their bar fine; you just really have to negotiate with them for a cheaper price.

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Plan B

These two go go bars in P Burgos Street are actually being run by the same owner thus; you can surely notice some similarities for both go go bars. Plan B is one of the new go go bars in P Burgos Street Makati but you can also see how organized and well managed the place is.

If you are visiting go go bars in P Burgos Street Makati, you can definitely compare their girls to other bars and Plan B do surely have great girls for you to choose from thus they also have high bar fines for a Manila go go bars and they also applies the cash only policy.

High Heels

When it comes to expertise also, High Heels can definitely get into the top for it is one of the oldest Manila go go bars but you can still see how improving the place is. As you go over High Heels, you can notice some pretty and hot girls dancing on the stage while those who not that pretty and hot are just roaming around the place attending to the needs of the guests.

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The bar fine in here could costs 3600pesos but you should also be aware that there are older women who works in the area and what you only have to do is to avoid these kind of women inside the bar.


If you happen to be looking for cheap Manila go go bars in P Burgos Street Makati then you should go check on Rouges. The place do offers probably the cheapest bar fine in the place and with only 1600pesos, you can already have one of their girls with you.

As you get inside the place, you’ll notice how dark it is inside thus you have to make sure that you bring the girl you wanted into the light before you take her out or else, you might regret bringing her with you. If you’ve got to visit the place a bit early then you might be able to avail their blowjob services where a girl gives you a blowjob whenever there are no guests around.


This go go bar may not be the best and biggest in town but you can surely find the best girls in here. As you check on the dozens of women working in the place, you can definitely find hot and sexy girls working in Tickles and all of them do wears sexy bikinis with them as they stroll around the place.

If you are thinking to take one of their girls out, you can definitely have her but some hot and sexy girls in this go go bars tends to stay inside rather than going somewhere with their guests; well I guess they knew all too well that they are already making a lot of money and doesn’t need more.


This go go bar may be placed last on my list but Bottoms is actually the best known go go bar in the city. What makes the bar a famous one is its location which is in the center of P Burgos Street Makati and they also have the hottest girls in town.

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As you check on Bottoms, you can find two stages and the first stage is a smaller one where you can find 2-3 girls dancing on it and the second stage is a bigger where 5-7 dancing girls could fit.

They also have their comfortable and nice couches where you can absolutely enjoy the view Bottoms is giving you.

You’ll also meet girls here that you can find on Pina Love.

Other Manila go go bars:

Well, aside from these Manila go go bars that can be found in P Burgos Street Makati, you can also find a lot of bars in the city outside Makati and here are the top 3 Manila go go bars I have found in the city:

The Cotton Club

You can find The Cotton Club in EDSA Entertainment Complex which is located in Pasay City and this one’s pretty known too. As you enter the bar, you can already find a lot of girls (around 20 girls) dancing in the stage and if you wanted to see a hotter girls, you must come later at night.

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The Cotton Club already starts their show by 6pm but they usually have their top girls dancing on the stage by 9pm thus you have to make sure you arrives by this time but you can always to arrive earlier for you might be able to find cute ladies as well in the bar that could get your attention.

LA Cafe

This one’s actually not a go go bar but a sports bar where you can find a lot of freelancers. What’s good with these freelancers is that you don’t have to pay any bar fine and you just have to negotiate with them when it comes to their price and ones the negotiations got settled, you can already take them with you to your hotel.

Note you will see a few Manila ladyboys at this place so keep an eye out.

You can also have some pool games in the place while searching for the best girl the place has. They also charges the guests for their pool tables but rest assured that you got to pay a rather cheaper price in here and you can already have a great view of dozens of freelancers waiting for you to get them.

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LA Cafe do also have their live band which you can find on the second floor with an entrance fee of 100pesos but as you go upstairs, you can also find more freelancers strolling around the area but make sure you’ve got to visit the place earlier for LA Cafe tends to be full later at night with all the freelancers hanging out in the bar.

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Amazonia Bar

This one is actually near LA Cafe thus you can surely do some bar hoping when in the place, if you are looking for white, skinny and hot Pinays then you should try Amazonia Bar. The bar tends to have average girls but you can as well find hot ones in there; you just have to be keen on finding them.

They also have their pool tables where you can have fun a little bit with a good view from their stage where you can see girls dancing once in a while. If you wanted to find a place for you and your girl from this club then you don’t have to look further for you can find a hotel just upstairs where you can have a short time sex in Manila.

There are also some other Manila go go bars you can find in the city, you just have to look for the one that best fits your taste and preference but aside from these Manila go go bars, you can also check on some nightlife scenes in the city.

, 8 Best Manila Go Go Bars

Manila does actually have a lot of bars and restaurants where you can have a nice and fun evening.

You can also try visiting some of the city’s tourist attractions if you gets tired going out on a consecutive nights and I am sure you’ll get to love the city and even the country as you see the beauty it can offer both tourists and locals.

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What is your favourite bar on Burgos Street in Makati?


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