8 Best Home Service Massages in Makati

Are you in need of a relaxing and therapeutic body massage but cannot create time because of your busy daily schedule? Home service massage Makati offer affordable massages and are just a call away!

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home service massage Makati, 8 Best Home Service Massages in Makati

Note these massages are are normal massages with no sexual endings.

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With home service in Makati you don’t need to travel, a call, text message or email indicating your name and exact address is all they need. In no time, their skilled Makati therapist will be knocking on your door, ready to give you the best massage to help with your aching body.

Is there any difference in home-service massage Makati?

Yes. Most of the below massages can be given by either a regular or a premium therapist.

Regular therapists are less skilled, plus the massage time is less.

Premium therapists, on the other hand, have tons of experience and offer the massage for at least 1.5 hours.

Types of home service massage Makati

Classic massage

Under this category, we have Swedish and Shiatsu massage.

Swedish massage

it’s one of the most common home service massage Makati. The therapist uses long gentle strokes, kneading and circular movement on muscles using oil or lotion.

Who needs a Swedish massage?

This massage is recommended for anyone with a general body fatigue. The result is relaxation and better blood circulation.

Shiatsu massage 

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork that utilized finger pressure in a rhythmic sequence on acupuncture points. The therapist puts pressure on these for two to seven seconds and the result is improved flow of energy.

Who needs a Shiatsu massage?

Have you tried other massage, but the fatigue keeps coming back? This Asian bodywork will help you restore the healthy flow of energy throughout your body.

This home service massage can be quite intense depending on the therapist skills.


Cupping therapy dates back thousands of years. It was first practiced in ancient Chinese as a form of alternative medicine whereby a local suction is created on the skin.

Health practitioner believes that cupping mobilizes blood flow to promote healing. You can identify this message by small cups with fire. Nothing harmful though.

Who needs Ventosa massage?

Athletes use Ventosa massage as a secret weapon to relieve stiffness and help in dealing with a back injury.

Apparently, celebrities use it a lot too, especially on world tours which take a heavy toll on their bodies.

Cupping is not just for celebs and athletes. If you need to remove toxins from the body and improve the flow of fresh blood throughout the body, then you need to try out cupping.

Ventosa home service in Makati is also recommended for patients with flu, cold, back and muscle pain, red itchy skin condition, allergies and other pains.

Reflexology massage

Commonly referred as foot massage, reflexology is a massage that involves applying pressure on certain points on the foot to bring tension relief in corresponding organs and system in the body.

Those who have tried it says that the massage is very relaxing, especially if your job entails standing on your feet for long hours.

Who needs reflexology massage?

Do you love to have your feet rubbed? Does your occupation involve standing for long hours?

During this home service massage Makati, the therapist will stimulate reflex points in your feet, hands, and ears to promote energy flow.

home service massage Makati, 8 Best Home Service Massages in Makati

By the time he or she is done, you will experience a deep relaxation with its health benefits spread throughout your body.

Deep tissue massage

Like the name suggest, deep tissue massage targets the deeper layer of body muscle as well as connective tissues.

During the massage, the therapist uses slower strokes across the grain of the muscle. This home massage in Makati is used for chronically painful muscle, strains, injury recovery or postural problems.

home service massage Makati, 8 Best Home Service Massages in Makati

With its intensity, expect some soreness for one or two days after its administrated.

Who needs deep tissue home service massage Makati?

Most people assume that deep tissue is meant for athletes. While such professions have a high chance of developing deep tissue injury, this massage can be used on anyone with related muscle and connective tissues.

Due to the intensity of deep tissue massage, it’s recommended you go for a skilled therapist in Makati.

Thai massage

Thai massage is a traditional massage involving pulling, stretching and rocking hands with your Thai massage specialist. Some therapist might walk on you.

The massage can be intimidating in the beginning, but in the process, you will relax and enjoy it.

Benefits? One is that this home service massage in Makati feels incredible. Besides that, Thai massage relieves stress and tension in muscles and body joints.

Who needs Thai Massage?

Anyone stressed, fatigued, muscle and joint pains.

Sports massage

Sports massage is specifically designed for people involved in an intense physical activity.

This does not mean you have to be a professional athlete. If you are run or do intense workout often then you might need sports massage in the near future.

The focus of sports home service massage is to prevent as well as treat injury, with the end result being to enhance athletic performance.

During sport massage, the therapist strokes are faster compared with Swedish massage. Sport massage has facilitated stretching intended to loosen muscle and increase flexibility.

Who needs sports massage in Makati?

Anyone who do intense workouts.

Which spas offer home service massages in Makati?

Palmeo Spa

Contact: book.spa@palmeo.ph

Services: classic massage, Ventosa massage, reflexology massage, deep tissue massage, sport massage

Cost: regular massage @ 300 pesos per 60 minutes

Premium massage @ 500 pesos per 60 minutes

J&J Massage

Contact: 02 -583 -3101

Services: Shiatsu, Thai massage, Foot scrub, combination massage, Ventosa

Price: starting 250 pesos per hour

Webiste : J&J Massage

Sakura Massage

Home Services massages in Makati offered: Twin massage (four hand massage), Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, combination massage, foot reflex

Contact: Facebook as SakuraMassage , call 02-8974890

Price: regular massage @ 250 pesos per hour, 8 am – 4 pm

@ 300 per hour later hours

Silver Sky Spa

Massage services offered: Swedish massage, Aroma, Cream Massage, Body scrub, combination massage, foot massage, Thai massage

Price: starting 250 pesos per hour

Contact: 0928-318-8888, Facebook silverskyspamakati

Sistar massage

Massage offered by the spa: dry massage, combination massage, oil massage, body massage, Swedish, shiatsu

Price: 500 pesos for 2-hour massage in Makati, 600 pesos for 2-hours in other areas such as Paranaque, Mandaluyong, and Ortigas.

Contact: 0977-374-5241

Model massage

Massage services on the menu: dry massage, combination massage, oil massage, body massage

Price: 500 pesos for a 2-hour massage

Contact: 0915-685-9385

Best massage

Massage services: body scrub, ear candling, oil & dry massage

Price: between 500 and 600 pesos per 2-hour regular massage

Contact: 0906-053-1258

Facebook: Bestmassage

Sugar massage

Massage services:  Body scrub, oil, and dry massage

Price: Ventosa + massage 1,200 pesos per 2 hours, oil and dry massage 700 pesos per 2 hours, clean cleaning + massage 700 pesos 1,200 pesos for a 2-hour session

Contact: 0920-400-5614

Lucky massage

Massage services: shiatsu dry massage, Swedish oil massage

Price: 350 pesos per hour

Call: 0995-534-3087

LB Chan massage service

Home service massage in Makati: Twin massage, pre-natal, Ventosa, Foot reflex massage, Body scrub, twin massage, deep tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish

Price: 250 pesos per hour

Call: 02 -225 -7759

Facebook: ibchanmassageservice

So are home  massages in Makati better than those at a spa? I believe yes. Here are some of the reason you should choose home service massage over at spa massage in Makati.

Save on travel time

If you find yourself juggling between duties and have little time spared for yourself then you need home service massages in Makati.

Why waste that precious time dressing and traveling to and from the spa, queuing while you could have it all at your privacy?

You get to choose your own mood

Spas in Makati spend a lot of money on setting an ambient environment for a massage. What that is not your taste.

At home, you get to choose the music that soothes you. You are also free to enjoy a snack in between if you go hungry.

It’s ideal for the elderly, sick and disabled

If age or an unfortunate disability hinders movement, you can still benefit from massage thanks to home service massage Makati.

The same goes for the sick, pregnant women and new mothers.

The massage relaxes you and you get to stay relaxed

At a spa, you will relax yes. However, all the fatigue start to come back the moment you step outside.

A good sleep after the massage, in the comfort of your home bed, sounds better, right?

Are these all the massages the city of Makati offer? No. If you are looking for something with a happy ending check out our post here.

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home service massage Makati, 8 Best Home Service Massages in Makati

Which type of home service massage Makati do you fancy most? Don’t hesitate to give them a try. Have any question? Drop them at the comment box below and we will promptly answer.

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