Where to Find the Best Bar Girls in Manila

In this article you’ll learn where to find the best bar girls in Manila.

The main reason why men flock to the Philippines is not to enjoy the local food, see monuments or hang out on the beaches.

It because of the local hot chicks with nice boobs and innocent faces. If men are frank enough, almost none leave Manila which tasting Manila bar girls booty.

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Manila bar girls, Where to Find the Best Bar Girls in Manila

And who can help it when such attractive, young girls with arguably the best boobs and smile in Asia are flocking bars and other x rated spots to meet foreigners.

Besides being gentler with men compared to western girls, Manila bar girls speak English well giving them an edge over Thailand girls.

Their bodies are curvier and skin so smooth.

Manila bars girls have created a reputation making Manila the one of the best nightlife destination. Men are tired of the business-oriented, mature acting and drug addict bar girls in the west flock to Manila for a great value-for-money sex holiday.

One thing most men admit is that Manila girls can make you feel like you are the first with them.

They will figure out if you know the game and if not approach you as a friend, have a conversation and even promise to meet the next day, just to get you comfortable.

Another thing about Philippines bar girls is that they do not regard themselves as hookers. In fact, a majority are looking for a sponsor to provide them financial stability unlike the prostitutes in Europe or America who never seek a way out.

For the girl, they consider being in sex industry temporary until they find one (probably a foreigner) who will want them as their girlfriend and provide ongoing financial support. Don’t be surprised if she does not ask you any money in the morning, just to impress you and get into a relationship.

Girls understand that men don’t like a prostitute encounter. To eliminate that, they ask you to help out with their little problem. Some of the vibes they use are that their mother is sick, she needs some new clothes, help pay her rent, etc. In the end, one feel like you met a random chic and had a one night stand, but not a hooker.

I bet the question you are asking is, which are Philippines bar girls Prices? Well, before you grab your passport and hop for the next flight to Manila, I would like to give you Manila bar girls Prices estimates in prior. Before we get to it, it’s imperative to know that there are different types of bar girls in Manila.

Some are expensive than other. Two of the primary criteria that set the price for sex with Philippines girls is where you got her and how attractive she is.

Manila sports bar girls

Manila bars are similar to beer bars in Thailand. The bars are featured with a pool table and TVs showing sports making them ideal places for expats and tourist to hand out.

These bars have a lot of manila bar girls working as waitress/entertainers. You cannot take a girl here during her shift, but if you can buy her drink, she is allowed to sit and make good times. Due to such restriction, men wait until the girls finish work and take them back to the hotel.

If you are to leave early, before her shift is over, take her number and plan to meet early next day before she gets back to her next shift.

 Prices in sports bars: Beer cost around 65 pesos

Lady drinks cost more @ 170-180 pesos

Billard is free for an old table

20 pesos if you lose a game in new tables

If playing with a girl you are the one to pay, win or lose.

Sex with  girls here is about 2000 pesos

Tip: Manila bar girls prices are not fixed. Some will ask 3000 pesos, but it’s all about negotiation. When negotiating, be polite and smile a lot. Try and be their new best friend as it has been proved to go a long way.

You will find ladyboys in Manila go go bars.

Manila bikini bar girls

Bikini bar girls, yes, the girls wear bikini enough for you to see what their mama gave but do not get naked. Some bar allows them to display everything, but they are not common compared to bikini bar girls in Thailand. Pretty girls do not need to push to that limit anyway.

The routine in these Manila bar girls is that you make entry, take a sit, order a beer and watch the girls dance on the stage. If one that you like come along, make eye contact and she will sit with you when the song ends.

Once your catch sits with you, order her a drink and flirt. She will probably grab your dick to drive you crazy. If you are into her, pay her bar fine and escort her out for sex.

Philippines bar girls prices/ Bikini bars: beer for men 70-90 pesos

Lady drink 200-300 pesos

90% of Manila bars have bar fines. The bars here include the bar fine and the price for sex totaling to around 3,000 pesos.

 Manila Karaoke bar girls

Also known as KTV, Karaoke bar girls have a set up similar with bikini bars (girls performing on the stage.) One distinction is that there are several private karaoke rooms for rent upstairs. Most of the girls here are attractive and among the best in regards to Manila hookers.

Manila bar girls prices / KTV: The prices are the same with manila bikini bars. However, there are extra rules which makes the process more expensive. For instance, you have to buy mamas and one drink plus the girl one drink before she gets to entertain you.

From there you have to keep the drinks coming, not less than one drink per hour.

Private Karaoke room cost 500 pesos for unlimited time use.

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Other Manila bar girls (freelancers)

This is where you get the pros in the Manila sex industry. Majority of the girls have a daytime job but can’t resist the temptation to make something extra from foreigners.

One thing about these Manila freelancer bar girl is that they are attractive than the rest. It’s what gives them the edge over other girls.

Manila bar girls, Where to Find the Best Bar Girls in Manila

All you have to do is sit at the bar, and if one finds you fascinating, handsome and exotic, she will look at you with sexy eyes and keep smiling to get your attention. Other times, they will send a male friend to introduce them to you.

Manila bar girls prices /freelancers:

If she is young and super attractive she will ask you up to 3500 pesos.  Ask her politely to lower the price to 2000 pesos. If you spend time and make her happy, most are willing to fuck for between 1,000-1,500 pesos.

Tips to have cheaper sex with  girls

Be nice: most of the girls here meet rough customers so if you are nice you might get rewarded with lower charges for sex. It’s easy to win these girls since they speak better English compared to hookers in other Asia countries.

Want better value? Head to Angeles City or Cebu, you can read my guides on them below:

Make your stay fun: Philippines bar girls like to high five, so when you tell her a joke, and she loves it, give her high fives. She will get more relaxed and even give you better sex as a reward.

Feel like you are falling in love with a Philippines bar girl?

Most foreign men get to like the shy and humble Philippines bar girls. If you are falling in love with one, then you should know this.

Majority of bar girls are here because they struggle financially. If you like one and she loves you back, you can agree to finance her needs, and she stops being a hooker.

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For this kind of relationship to continue, you need to keep the cash flow otherwise she won’t be loyal knowing she can easily find another boyfriend to cater for her needs.

Caution with bar girls

The purpose of these Manila bar girls prices guide is to ensure you have sun within your budget. If you contract diseases, then you might regret and probably blame us.

Better options are to meet girls online on site like Pina Love for free.

To avoid turning the fun to grief, always use a condom (3-pack of Durex condom cost 80 pesos) when having sex with these bar girls. She might be young and innocent, but she is in a high-risk job.

Manila bar girls, Where to Find the Best Bar Girls in Manila

Others will want a baby with you, just to make you feel guilty and end supporting her plus the kid upkeep.

Another risk with Philippines bar girls is theft. The risk might be low compared with Philippines street hookers but keep an eye on your stuff.
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Manila bar girls, Where to Find the Best Bar Girls in Manila

Ever had sex with a Philippines bar girl? How much did you pay for it? Share your Manila bar girls prices and if possible, which bar, with us.

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