Where to Get Sex in the Philippines

In this guide you will find the best places to get sex in the Philippines.

Have you been planning to spend a quality and fun vacation in the Philippines but doesn’t have an exact plan yet?

The country is actually a very beautiful one with a lot of tourist spots spread all over its more than 7000 islands. Philippines have definitely a lot to offer you from their great beaches, ancient churches, volcanoes, parks, and of course the Philippine nightlife.

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Filipinos are indeed very particular when it comes to their culture and values but still, you can find a great nightlife in the country just like with what we can find in various countries in Asia and if you are expecting a sex holiday in the Philippines then you won’t have a hard time planning it.

Prostitution in the Philippines is actually an illegal one but with a lesser implementation on their law when it comes to prostitution, it has already became normal to their institution which gives the number of around 500,000 prostitutes in the year of 2013 and this number is surely a big one.

What’s actually good with spending a sex holiday in the Philippines is that it is surely a cheap and they also have pretty and sexy ladies for you to choose from. Filipinos 2nd language is English thus it’s very much easier for tourists to communicate with them.

Here are actually four major places in the country where you can find and experience sex in the Philippines:


One of the best thing about the Philippines is it has great beaches for you to visit with and on top of the list is Boracay and upon visiting the main stream, you can find a lot of Filipinas also strolling the said tourist spot which actually has a vibrant of a great nightlife seven days a week.

Boracay has actually a very nice nightlife where you can go bar hoping from one bar to the other.

As they are able to establish a good nightlife scene in Boracay, you can definitely find various types of ladies there from locals to foreigners and it can surely give a great experience for sex in Boracay.

Epic for an instance is a great club in Boracay where you can find a lot of ladies partying all night long. As this club is being visited by a various people, they do extends their dance floor up to the beaches and with this large number of people partying in the club, you can surely find a nice lady to try sex in Boracay.

The club is found at the Station 2 and is operational from 11am until 4am.

Sex with Cebu girls in the Philippines

Aside from Boracay, you can also find a lot of beaches from a number of islands Cebu has. Cebu is also one of the major tourist spots in the country where you can spend a sex holiday in the Philippines and compared to other women in the Philippines, women in Cebu tends to be outgoing and wild.

Cebu do also have their night clubs where you can find a lot of ladies specially along the Mango Square where a pile of night clubs are everywhere and here are two of the top clubs in Mango Square:

J-Ave Super Club

The night club is actually the number one in Mango Square which makes everyone loves to go back in the place. The admission here in J-Ave Super Club costs 100pesos during the weekdays and 200pesos every weekends with a free drink included.

Admission in this night club is just a cheap one but you can already find a lot of ladies to whom you can probably spend some sex in the Philippines.

Most of the costumers in this club are Koreans which makes the Private rooms in the club fully booked by them.

They also have their VIP tables for those who wanted a more private scene in the night club and if you wanted to enjoy the view of Mango Square, they also have their seating area just outside J-Ave Super Club.


Also found in Mango Square where you can enjoy hanging out with your friends without any entrance fee.

If you just wanted to check on some night clubs in Mango Square and doesn’t want to pay any entrance fee then Ultra is a good choice for you. They have a good party ambiance with loud music with some couches along the sides of the place.

Sex in the Philippines2


Of course, who would forget Manila? The city is actually the capital of the Philippines thus giving you several of activities to choose from when in the city. If strolling around checking on some historical place is what you aim for in the Philippines then a visit in Manila is must.

You can learn more about sex in Manila here and the Manila Red Light District.

The city has their parks, churches and museums for you to meditate and spend some quality time with but if you also wanted to spend a sex holiday in the Philippines then a visit to three of the top clubs in the city is a good choice which is the XX XX (twenty-twenty) and Revel.

XX XX (twenty-twenty)

This club is found at Makati, Metro Manila is operational only every Wednesday until Saturday but you can surely spend a great nightlife in this club where you can experience techno music from their DJs which are indeed one of the best in town. XX XX is actually considered as an underground club in Manila that would surely give you a good nightlife and probably a good sex in the Philippines too.

Sex in the Philippines


A nightclub found at The Place, Bonifacio Global City where you can try a high-class nightlife in the Philippines. When visiting the said nightclub, expect to see a high-end place with a pool where you can spend a fun and wild party all night long.

They also have their VIP rooms and tables located at both the ground floor and 2nd floor which would costs you from 10,000pesos up to 60,000pesos.


A home for the world’s biggest DJs such as Wolf Pack, DJ Snake, Passion Pit and many more.

It can also be found at The Place, Bonifacio Global City and is only open from Wednesday until Saturday. The nightclub is actually considered as one of the biggest in Manila that is open for 2,000 party goers. If you wanted to have a private place for you and your friends, you may reserve one of their private sky boxes.

If you’re looking for red light night clubs check out La Cafe Manila, or read my guide on the best go go bars in Manila.

Angeles City

If you wanted to find for a place in the Philippines where you don’t have to spend more time knowing a girl and just pay them for you to have a sex  then you should go to Angeles City where various types of nightclubs and bars with cheap prostitutes are found.

You may be able to find a number of areas in Angeles City where you can see clubs and bars but the largest area in the city where the fun can be found is in the Walking Street where 80% of the clubs and bars in Angeles City can be seen.

I wrote in-depth guides on Angeles City here:

As you visit the clubs and bars in here, you can surely find a lot of attractive girls around the place for a great holiday.

A few of these clubs and bars that you should visit when you are in Angeles City are the Club Atlantis, Dollhouse, Crystal Palace, Viking Bar and many more. Angeles City is indeed one of the best places for a sex holiday in the Philippines.

Aside from these places mentioned, you may also visit malls and parks in the Philippines where you can find a lot of ladies to whom you can try your tactics when it comes to ladies.

Filipinas are actually very fond when it comes to foreigners and lots of them are very easy to get and thinks that having sex with a foreigner is a trophy thus giving you the biggest chance to have sex in Angeles City with this kind of trait they have.

Going to the Islands?

If you plan to visit the islands I wrote a guide on where to meet girls in Boracay, along with the best places to meet sexy girls in Cebu and Cebu’s best night clubs.

You may also try online dating sites where a lot of Filipinas where able to register just to find some foreigners. Some Filipinas do actually believe that they can uplift themselves from poverty through foreigners thus you can definitely demand whatever you want from them including a great sex holiday in the Philippines just for money.

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With this guide in finding and spending sex with hot girls in the Philippines, you can now surely plan things easier but let us also remember that aside from finding ladies for you to spend your weeks’ vacation in the Philippines, you can also find a lot of decent and great ladies in the country where you can spend not just a few weeks with them but a lifetime too.

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Where is your best place to find sex in the Philippines?

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