7 Places to Meet Sexy Girls in Boracay

In this article, you’ll learn where to meet sexy Boracay girls.

Have you planned your next destination this coming holiday vacation already? May you’ve been looking for a place to chill out or find some hot and fun girls to hang out with, there is this place that you should definitely give a try on your next vacation.

If you want to meet sexy Boracay girls, then read this article.

, 7 Places to Meet Sexy Girls in BoracayBoracay is actually a small island you can find in the Philippines where you can undoubtedly find everything you’ve been looking for that nice view and beaches but the island is not just known for its beaches and nightlife scenes but also for their hot and sexy Boracay girls that you should check ones you are in the place.

Whenever you go around the island of Boracay, you would certainly see a lot of events that you can try and get amazed with but as you check on those events, you may be get confused on which one you should give a try and so I have this Boracay guide where you can find the best happenings in the island of Boracay.

There are several times more girls in Manila than here because it’s a short island. If you plan to stay here for a few months you’ll be meeting the same girls over and over again.

Clubs in Boracay with sexy girls

If you are going to stroll around the beaches of Boracay, you would surely notice how clubs in the area was spread all over the place, sitting right next to the other and here are the top five clubs in Boracay where you can definitely find great and hot Boracay girls.


Have you been looking for a place in Boracay where you can party all night long? Then you should absolutely give Epic a visit. This one is actually my favorite among all the clubs in Boracay that can be found just next to D’ Mall in Boracay Station 2 which made the club very accessible to everyone.

If you are going to visit the place during daytime, you would actually find a resto-bar but as the sun goes down, Epic eventually turns up into a grand and wild club in Boracay where you can find a lot of party people dancing their arse while having nice drinks from the club.

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Epic, by the way, has an entrance fee of 300 pesos but you can already have 3 drinks with this price and the club operates only during Thursdays up to Sundays but you can surely have a great time in the club which closes at around 4 AM which gives you a lot of time to spend more time to have fun.

Since a number of people love to party here in Epic, it is also inevitable to find many sexy and hot prostitutes and even Boracay girls who can offer you sex for free in the area thus if you are a tourist who’s also looking for a nice Boracay sex, Epic won’t surely disappoint you.

Boracay Stars

If you are a foreigner who’s used to the cold climate and wants to find a place in Boracay where you can chill out and have a great time as well, Boracay Stars may be the place you’ve been looking for. Boracay Stars is the only club in the area that has air conditioning which you definitely need especially when the night starts to get wilder and hotter in Boracay.

Boracay Stars actually is located in Station 3 and the only club you can find in this Station but rest assured that you would definitely have a great time ones you try this club. The club has impressive DJs who are all experienced in bringing one of the best crowd and ambiance in Boracay that is worth trying for.

The place is also a resto-bar at daytime but if you wanted to party in here, the night starts to get fierce in the club at 8 PM and ends at around 3 AM. Also, Boracay Stars has a free entrance fee which may be one of the reasons why there are a lot of Boracay girls who loves to visit this place.

Club Paraw

Club Paraw is the club that you should visit if you really wanted to find some Boracay girls since this club is mostly filled with Filipinos rather than foreigners. The club is located at Station 1 and although the club is a bit far away from the other nightlife scenes on the island, you can still find a lot of party people inside the club.

As you visit Club Paraw, you can find their big dancefloor that everyone loves especially with the help of their DJs which are all an expert with giving the club a great party ambiance. Whenever you wish to try Club Paraw, the club is open every day from 10 PM up until 3 AM or 4 AM depending on the night.

Summer Place

This is a club that can be found in Station 2, just next to all those bars and clubs you can find all over the Station and as you visit the place, you would eventually notice the mixed crowd which gives you the chance to find not just Boracay girls but a number of hot and sexy foreigners too.

, 7 Places to Meet Sexy Girls in Boracay

Summer Place usually have an entrance fee of 300 pesos especially during those busy nights in Boracay but if the crowd is not the much, they also have a free entrance fee from time to time. The club is open every day and is operational from 6 PM until 4 AM where you can definitely find a lot of Boracay girls having a great time in the club that you may want to hang out with as well.


Have you already heard about the 15 shots challenge in Boracay? If you haven’t yet then you should give Cocomangas a stop over so you can see how this 15 shots challenge is done and you may be thrilled to give this challenge a try yourself.

With Cocomangas 15 shots challenge, you’ll be tasked to finish these 15 shots and once done, your name will be written on their walls and your points will then be added to your country’s points and bit the Philippines who have the top score with this challenge.

Aside from their 15 shots challenge, Cocomangas is also known for all the hot girls visiting this club that you can surely have a great time with and you may also be able to experience an exciting Boracay sex with one of these girls.

Bars in Boracay

Just like with other islands and places in the Philippines, Boracay also has a number of bars that you can try ones you are on the island particularly in Station 2 where most bars in the island is located and here are three of those bars in Boracay that I really liked which is the following:

Coco Bar

When you first visit the place, the first impression you may think is that you are in a jungle especially with the set up they have made with their bar but as you see the red light, modern furniture, and all those night crawlers too inside the bar you would eventually feel the party ambiance that the bar also have.

The place is also one of the best options for those foreigners who are looking for prostitutes in the island to whom they can find some fun and exciting Boracay sex with. Coco Bar also have cheap drinks that you can enjoy while having a nice night inside the bar with your colleagues or some Boracay girls perhaps.

Exit Bar

Exit Bar is just located next to Coco Bar thus you can definitely do a bar hopping ones you are in Boracay with all these bars all over the beaches of the island.

In this bar you can find both locals and foreigners in Boracay hence making the place a perfect destination for those looking for Boracay sex with all these people visiting the bar.

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What people love with Exit Bar is their variety of music where sometimes they have their DJs who always bring the party ambiance in the bar and there is also some other time especially during weekends where you can experience their live music which is truly one of the best in Boracay.

Aplaya Beach Bar

Maybe you are looking for a classy bar in Boracay where you can spend the night with. Well, Aplaya Beach Resort is a good choice for you too where you won’t just find a classy bar but they also have a pretty good music choice that you can enjoy for the rest of night inside this bar.

And aside from the bar, they also have a restaurant with a Mediterranean menu for you to choose from. If you wish to visit the bar during their happy hours where you can surely discover a lot of pretty Boracay girls in here then you should visit Aplaya Beach Resort from 4 PM to 8 PM.

There are also some other bars you can find on the island which is a must try as well; you just have to look for the one that would suit the things you’ve been looking for particularly with the girls they have.You also don’t have to worry when visiting these bars in Boracay for their drinks are usually cheap too with just 70 to 80 pesos for a bottle of beer.

Boracay cost of Sex

I guess you are pretty excited to experience Boracay sex with all those pretty and hot girls you can find in the beaches, bars, and clubs in the island. Well, just like with most of the places in the Philippines, Boracay also has many Filipino prostitutes and freelancers that you can hook up with.

Sex in Boracay is more expensive than say Manila go go bars or Angeles City go gos because it’s an island and everyone is a tourist.

If you are curious about the price of these girls, Boracay sex doesn’t really cost that much where you can already find a sexy girl with a relatively low price that ranges from 1500 up to 2000 pesos and if you are good enough with negotiations, you may be able to make this price even lower.

If you are a foreigner especially a Westerner, it is also not impossible for you to find a free Boracay sex especially if you are able to hook up with a Filipino women who loves to have sex with foreigners and thinks that being able to have sex with a foreigner is a trophy. So always try your luck with these Filipinas and Boracay girls before you go for the prostitutes in the island.

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When it comes to the hotels and motels on the island, you also don’t have to worry for you can surely find a lot of cheap accommodation in Boracay where you can bring that hot chick you’ve found during your stay in the beautiful island of Boracay.

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If you want to meet sexy Boracay girls, then read this article.

, 7 Places to Meet Sexy Girls in Boracay

Boracay is certainly a nice place you can visit whenever you are in the Philippines where you won’t just find many Boracay girls but it is also a grand place where you can chill out and have the best holiday vacation you can find in Asia especially with all those white sand beaches and resorts hence plan your vacation ahead of time and have fun.

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