How to Use Tinder in the Philippines Like a Boss

When it comes to dating apps, Tinder in the Philippines takes the crown as the most popular.

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Tinder in the Philippines, How to Use Tinder in the Philippines Like a Boss

It’s the fastest way to meet tons of cute Filipina girls in no time.

If you’re planning to get down during your next trip to the Philippines, you HAVE to get on Tinder.

But just like other countries in Southeast Asia, there are a few bad apples out there. Here we are going to show you how to use Tinder in the Philippines like a boss so you can avoid all the B.S.

Let’s get to it!

Tinder in the Philippines Pros

Not only is Tinder an insanely fast way to meet girls in the Philippines, but it also has a lot of cute girls there.

Usually, when I’m on Tinder I’m only swiping right 60% of the time. In the Philippines, it must have been between 70-80%.

Here are the main reasons you need to try Tinder in the Philippines:

  • Filipinas Speak English – You’ll never have to worry about a dull conversation. The Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world. This isn’t just great for texting but when you actually meet them you won’t have that awkward language barrier.
  • Wide Selection – You’ll never run out of options while using Tinder in the Philippines (especially if you’re in Manila). That means the chances of you finding a girl you’re into are high. 
  • Responsive Matches – After you’ve stacked up about a hundred messages or so, it’s going to be tough to manage all of the chats. That’s because Filipinas are very responsive, which is a good thing when trying to hook up on Tinder. 

You’ll have a lot of luck meeting a cute Filipina girl from Tinder because it’s so popular. There’s not a lot of effort involved either. As long as you are reasonably good looking or just charming, you’re going to have a date in no time.

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Tinder in the Philippines Cons

So you’re about to get a massive ego boost from all of the attention on Tinder. But it can be a diamond on a landmine. Here are a few things you should know before swiping on Tinder in the Philippines. 

  • Time Wasters – Not all the girls you meet are just going to magically teleport to your hotel room. Filipinas can be far more conservative than Western girls, so you might end up just chatting and no meeting. Make sure you’re direct but not rude. This will help to avoid time wasters. 
  • Misleading Profiles – You got a match that is just out of this world. The girl is gorgeous, she’s ready to get down to business and everything is fine and dandy. Two things are bound to happen here:
    • She’s not going to be the same girl in the pictures (working girls do this often)
    • She is actually a Ladyboy. We don’t judge anyone here, but unlike Thailand, they may not tell you about this until they show up. This can be a waste of time if Ladyboys aren’t your thing.
Tinder in the Philippines, How to Use Tinder in the Philippines Like a Boss
Ladyboy On Tinder in the Philippines

None of this is meant to discourage you from giving Tinder a try, but don’t be like the others who get tricked because they’re too horny to think clearly. You’re going to have a better time if you stay vigilant, hands down. 

Tinder in Manila

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and Tinder is wild there. To be quite direct, you don’t really need Tinder if you’re experienced with Manila, but for the sake of the topic, we’ll take a deeper look. 

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Girls, Girls, Girls

Your first few nights in the city can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many girls looking at you and it’s difficult to make a choice. Not to mention that most of the working girls on the infamous Burgos street come in twos! Tinder is no different.

No matter what your type is, there’s going to be a wide selection to choose from. Here’s how to handle chatting with girls on Tinder in Manila

  • Be upfront that you are there for a good time, but don’t come off as a total scumbag. 
  • Make the first move. Filipina girls like to joke around a lot but when it comes to business, the man always makes the first move. 
  • Know when to choose and don’t overthink. All the options may be too much to handle, but don’t waste too much time sifting through matches. Find one you like and get yourself out there before someone else gets her!
Tinder in the Philippines, How to Use Tinder in the Philippines Like a Boss
Talent In Manila

Tinder in Cebu

Being a beach town, the vibe is going to be a little different than Manila. That’s not to say you can’t have a wild time. Girls in Cebu are beautiful and they love foreigners (being a native English speaker is a huge plus). 

Cebu girls come off as more shy compared to the capital. So you might need to put in a little more effort. Trust me and I am only going to say this once; “it’s worth every second”. 

Some of the most beautiful Filipina girls I have ever laid eyes upon are from Cebu. Their sun-kissed skin and dark black hair are just never-ending turn-ons. 

If you aren’t having much luck using Tinder in Cebu, try a different approach. Chances are the girl you’re chatting with hasn’t done much traveling, so don’t bore her with stories of all the drunken nights in Cambodia you just came from. Instead, ask about her life in Cebu and she’ll open like a book.

Tinder in the Philippines, How to Use Tinder in the Philippines Like a Boss
Talent in Cebu

Alternative Options

Tinder isn’t the only way to meet cute Filipino girls. There are a few alternatives if you aren’t having much luck with your swiping. If you’re looking to meet REAL Filipino girls who are ready to mingle, head on over to FilipinoCupid.

Similar to Tinder, just add a few great photos and write a good bio. What makes FilipinoCupid better than Tinder is that you can filter out all the bad apples and there are no scammers on the site either.

How It Works

Getting started on FilipinoCupid is quick and easy:

  • Step 1Create a Profile
  • Step 2 – Browse through endless photos of Girls
  • Step 3 – Start Chatting!

Final Thoughts 

Tinder in the Philippines is either Heaven or Hell. It all really depends on how you approach it and using the right strategies. Don’t be afraid to explore though. The country is full of surprises that will imprint memories for a lifetime. 

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Tinder in the Philippines, How to Use Tinder in the Philippines Like a Boss

Now you can confidently swipe during your next trip to the Philippines. Just make sure you conserve your energy because it’s about to get crazy.

Happy swiping on Tinder in The Philippines.

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