The Ultimate Guide to Tinder in Vietnam

If you’ve ever used Tinder in Asia, you probably know how overwhelming the experience can be.

There’s always some good and some bad, but how do maneuver through all the claptrap, and scammers? Luckily for you, we have compiled this neat little guide for Tinder in Vietnam. 

Disclaimer: This is not meant to turn you into a sex-crazed maniac and reak havoc on the Vietnamese dating scene. It’s simply just a handbook to reference and a look into the online dating scene in Vietnam. Please don’t be “that guy”.

We also encourage you to have a good time and read through each point carefully as each section has some gold. So without further adieu, here’s the Ultimate Guide to Tinder in Vietnam. 

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, The Ultimate Guide to Tinder in Vietnam

What we like about Tinder in Vietnam

Everyone knows Tinder is an effortless way to start chatting with chicks immediately. This makes it a great tool for hooking up while traveling. It’s grown in popularity over the years, and you can find a ton of different girls there, compared to a few years ago. 

As long as you’re reasonably good looking or speak great English, you will find no troubles matching with some cute Vietnamese girls. Note that being able to speak English fluently is a HUGE plus on Tinder in Vietnam. 

So there are a plethora of super hot Vietnamese girls on the app, what could possibly go wrong? Well with everything that seems too good to be true, usually is.

Things we don’t like about mobile dating apps in Vietnam

Unfortunately, it’s not going to be as easy as fish in a barrel, but with the right help, we can keep you out of trouble. There are a few things that make Tinder a bit sketchy in Vietnam

Working Girls

Just like Tinder in Thailand, you can find a lot of working girls on Tinder. Okay, maybe you’re adventurous and this one doesn’t bother you that much. You do you, but this guide is to help use Tinder to meet regular girls in Vietnam.

I see it far too often. A guy bragging about how he’s talking to a world-famous South East Asian supermodel. Later to find out she wants his wallet, not his heart, and is most likely not even the girl in the pictures. 

There are a good amount of working girls on Tinder in Vietnam, but how do you spot them? Here are three red flags when trying to identify a working girl.

  • 3 or fewer photos and no social profile attached.
  • Immediately asks you if you are staying in a hotel.
  • Invites you to a bar in the red light district (duh).

These aren’t the only ways to spot a working girl, but it’s a good checklist to use when checking out her profile. Again, if it’s your thing I won’t judge, but the more you know the better your Tinder experience will be.

, The Ultimate Guide to Tinder in Vietnam
Working Girl Profile

Time Wasters

Don’t panic, there’s still a lot of action to be found on Tinder, but it comes with a heap of time wasters. The girls in Vietnam tend to use Tinder to either practice English or just tend to be chat buddies without benefits. 

If you’re looking for something long-term, it’s not all bad news. Unfortunately, if you’re traveling through Vietnam while doing the whole “Asia thing”, you may not have weeks to court a girl. It’s always best to be confident and bold but don’t be too direct. You will either push girls away or attract the wrong types.

, The Ultimate Guide to Tinder in Vietnam
Average Girl on Tinder in Vietnam

Tinder in Hanoi

Is the Tinder scene in Hanoi as hectic as the traffic? Some say it is. When it comes to things to do, there may not be as many options of Ho Chi Minh, there’s a lot to work with.

To save you time, here are some key date spots to take girls in Hanoi:

  • Sky Bars
  • Lakes (Hanoi means “City of Lakes”
  • Tons of coffee shops

You might find that the scene in Hanoi is a bit more low-key, but that’s fine. As long as you get to know the cool spots, your chances are just as good as if you were in Ho Chi Min. But why not try both?

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Tinder in Ho Chi Minh

, The Ultimate Guide to Tinder in Vietnam
The Talent in Ho Chi Minh

 Ho Chi Minh can be a bit much sometimes. This is where your Guide to Tinder in Vietnam will be the most helpful. Your experience can be either heaven or hell, depending on how you approach. 

It’s time to get your best pictures and write a nice bio. Don’t forget to relax your wrists after the massive influx of matches you’re going to get. But as we have mentioned before, a lot of matches can mean a lot of wasted time (or money). 

While handling Ho Chi Minh girls, always be on your wits and don’t fall into any Tinder traps. Always make the first move and set the date. Vietnamese girls are a bit more conservative than girls from the West. But you’ll see, they will eventually open up to you. 

After they get comfortable with you, they will be pretty direct with what they want to do. Remember to always be respectful and don’t make a fool out of yourself.

Alternatives to Tinder in Vietnam

Are there any other ways to meet cute Vietnamese girls online besides Tinder? It’s always good not to always put your eggs in one basket, so try out a Tinder alternative. 

One service I use often is Vietnam Cupid, it’s a great way to meet good quality Vietnamese girls. If you’re someone who likes to plan ahead, VC is cool because it allows you to connect with girls even before your trip. Remember that girls can see you’re swiping from another country on Tinder, so this might turn them off.

If you’re looking for something of higher quality and more class, VC is a great place to look for your date in Vietnam. Simply create a profile, upload some nice pictures, and start connecting right away!

Final Thoughts

Now you can be confident you will have a phenomenal experience on Tinder in Vietnam. You have the power and insights to sift through all the BS and find your perfect girl. Note that Tinder is always changing and adds new features often. So the scene may change a bit over the years. Luckily this guide is timeless and can be used in all countries in Southeast Asia. 

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, The Ultimate Guide to Tinder in Vietnam

Now you’re ready to take on Tinder in Vietnam!

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