Filipino Cupid – Best Site To Meet Girls

If you are looking for one of the top online dating sites in the Philippines to sleep with girls for free, then you must try Filipino Cupid.

If you’re a white male and want to get laid for free, keep on reading.

Why I love Filipino Cupid

It is indeed a gold mine whenever you are being setup with a girl and get laid on your first date which is the primary reason why love to use Filipino Cupid.

The site is for those Philippine girls who are looking for a boyfriend who can take are of them or after a causal encounter.

Girls on Filipino Cupid are here for short-term boyfriends and long-term partners to whom they can enjoy being taken to fancy restaurants and such.

Keep in mind the average salary here is less than $300 and they work 6 days per week, girls don’t have the cash to go to bars every week so look towards online dating to find someone.

These girls won’t be begging you for money or anything like  either (well 90% won’t) they are looking for someone to take care of them, maybe treat them to a nice dinner they cannot afford and to get laid themselves.

I visited the Philippines two of my mates and we were able to meet around 22 girls between us using this site in 14 days.

filipino cupid

Me and my boys are just an average looking guys, although we are not fat, we also doesn’t go to the gym, work out, or anything like that and yet, we were able to attain so much success for a week stay in the Philippines.

What’s the best way to use Filipino Cupid?

So, here are some easy tips on what you should do to catch those Filipinas.

First thing is you have to post 3-4 pictures of yourself in a nice clothes and don’t forget to get shaven and neat. Most of the girls in Asia loves to see guys that are clean shaven.

If you plan on staying there long-term or just for a short holiday, be honest and tell them.

Most won’t care if you’re just here on holiday, ask them to be your personal tour guide (you’ll be surprised at how many say yes).

Then at the end of the day just ask if they would like to come back to your hotel or room, it’s really as easy as that.

Unlike with some dating sites back in the west, Asian dating sites are more conservative one in where you can’t just simply send them a photo of your dick or what. Philippine girls don’t really care whether you have abs or big muscles; you just really have to be polite and nice to them.

Heres what the average girl looks like, the site filters by who is active currently so if you message a girl she is likely to respond right away if online.

What features do they offer?

As one of the purposes of Filipino Cupid, you can always view pictures girls, you can also have a video chat with them to see if they look like their pictures.

You can message, get their numbers and all the usual stuff you expect with a dating site. There’s thousand of girls on there and almost all speak decent English on Filipino Cupid.

Anything to watch out for?

You can also find some ladyboys and hookers using this dating site although it is only for about 3% of the total members, and you can actually see it through their profile as it is mentioned by them quite often. You can also block those ladyboys from messaging you if you are into avoiding them.

If a Filipina asks you that they will come straight to your condo or hotel to spend the night with, this is not a scam usually, this is just how this site works lol.

Girls will come over to your room or meet up for a meal or date at the drop of a hat.


I am pretty sure that if you’ll just try Filipino Cupid and follow my tips, you would definitely get laid in the Philippines with around 50% or more of all girls you end up meeting.

filipino cupid

If you plan on heading to the Philippines soon, I advise everyone to setup a profile 3-4 weeks before you land, and start messaging girls, setting up dates and so on. So when you land you have a number of dates and numbers so you can get the ball rolling right away. Click here to check out Filipino Cupid.

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