Starter Guide To Manila Red Light District

In this article learn the best places to visit in Manila’s Red Light District.

Philippines is indeed one of the best countries you can spend your holiday vacation within the premises of Asia for the country has a vast tourist attraction for you to choose from.

If you are in the Philippines, a week of vacation is definitely not enough for the country has absolutely a lot to offer you’re from their ancient churches, museums, and many more.

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One of the things tourists loves to go visit in the Philippines is their nightlife where you can experience fun and wild parties all night long especially if you are in the capital city of the Philippines which is Manila. Manila is actually divided to four red light districts which are the P Burgos Street, Malate, Ermita and EDSA Entertainment Complex.

P Burgos Street

Padre Burgos Street or simply P Burgos Street is one of the Manila red light districts that is located at Makati, Manila where you can find a lot of GoGo bars and strip clubs spread all over the place. Makati is actually considered as an upscale city in Manila thus you can expect a more fun entertainment hub in the city.

, Starter Guide To Manila Red Light District

As Makati is now a well-maintained city in the Metro Manila, it is not considered as a safe place to stroll around during night time thus giving you all the time to go bar hoping until dawn.

If you wanted to visit P Burgos Street in Makati red light district then you should definitely give these bars and clubs a try:

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What people love here in Bottoms is their women dancing in front of the stage and they don’t just do the common dancing rather they dance with being topless.

It is also a blowjob bar and if you wanted do try one of their ladies for this kind of service; you can have it in their semi private booth although not all the ladies in the bar do this.

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The bar can be found in Kalayaan Avenue and if you wanted to play pool while having a good time with your friends then a visit here in Stardust is a must for you.

Stardust Bar is also a good place if you love great dance shows for they have their attractive women doing a very nice performance in the stage.


This one is actually a coyote bar where you can find  sexy Filipino women but if you wanted to try something new, you may also try Manila ladyboys.

Bourbon is easily accessible for it is one of the first bars you can find in Makati red light district and when it comes to their admission, the bar has a free entrance fee which gives you the chance to have a look with their ladies without spending any money.

High Heels

This bar is located across Kalayaan Avenue where you can find a number of Filipina dancers having a good time in the stage. High Heels Bar may not be that big compared to other bars in Makati red light district but you can surely have a fun night in the place.

Makati red light district might be a safe place in Metro Manila but you also have to be careful with the people you are dealing with specially those people who will offer you illegal drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine and weed for these are definitely not tolerated in the Philippines.


Also one of the Manila red light districts where you can find a lot of pretty Filipinas strolling along the place and if going along the nightlife of Malate is your last option to finding a lady in the Philippines then you might want to go along the malls of Malate. Robinsons Malate for an instance is a nice shopping mall in the area where you can find ladies.

As you stroll in Robinsons Malate, you may be able to find ladies staring at you with a wide smile and this move of theirs is your hint that the lady likes you. Filipinas are indeed very interested to foreigners thus you won’t be having a hard time finding one in Manila red light district and if sex is what you are looking for in Manila red light district then you may also try the much known Shogun Massage Parlour in Malate:

Shogun Massage Parlour

This sex massage parlour in Manila is actually known for their nuru massage which is a type of massage where a masseur tends to rub their naked bodies on you. Having this kind of erotic massage in Shogun Massage Parlour is also a bit pricey where you would pay the parlour 2000pesos and an additional of 1000pesos for the lady’s tip.

Although the popular and busiest one is the branch found in Malate, you can also find Shogun Massage Parlour in Quezon and Pasig City which makes it more accessible wherever you are in Manila.

Aside from Shogun Massage Parlour in Malate, they still have a lot of them around the area; you just have to choose the one that suites your taste but if you doesn’t want to visit these kind of nightlife scene in Manila red light district then you may also visit their KTV Bars.

Malate is also a known place for KTV Bars where you can find a number of ladies strolling just outside their establishments looking for clients to spend some of their time with. Ladies here in Malate is honestly not that pretty but you can still find one that would pass the average beauties of a Filipina.


This Manila red light district can be found just next to Malate thus having a hoping from one Manila red light district is definitely not that hard. Just like with the other districts, Ermita do also have their own ways of attracting locals and tourists such as their girly bar and sports bar.

LA Cafe

LA Cafe is actually not just a cafe but do also have their live band which plays every night starting from 8pm till late. Aside from their live band and restaurant/ cafe, they also have pool tables for those who wanted to have a bit more fun with some colleagues and if girls are what you are looking for, you can surely find numerous Philippine hookers in the place even during weekdays.


The Amazonia is a sports bar located at Del Pilar Street, Malate and also a legendary Manila red light district bar. The bar is open 24hours a day which gives you all the time in visiting the place. They also offers walk-in customers delicious food menu for them to choose from.

G-Point Smorgasbord and Bar

Are you looking for a new taste of food and cuisine for your hungry mouth? Then G-Point Smorgasbord is a must visit bar for you. The place do also offers Swedish cuisines and aside from food, they also have their pool tables for some fun and a live band. For me, the place is indeed a good place to shed all those stress along with some locals and expats.

EDSA Entertainment Complex

This part if Manila red light district can be found in Pasay City and ones you get into the place, you’ll eventually notice the seven bikini bars operating along the two-floor building.

Most of the bars here in EDSA Entertainment Complex do operate from 6pm until 3am or 4am and for me, the three top bikini bars in the place are the Cotton Club, Samba and Pitstop.

Cotton Club

One of the first bars you can see and as you go into the bar, you can see how large it is compared to the bars in EDSA Entertainment Complex. What people loves in here is that they have a lot of younger and whiter Filipina women which is definitely a plus points when choosing the bar you’ll be joining at.


This bar can be found at the 2nd floor of the building and what makes locals and expats revisit the place are their cute Filipina women which are indeed a good sight in the eye. If you wanted to take a girl at your hotel, you can have them for 4000pesos.

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Filipinas in Pitstop tends to be much more affordable compared to some other bars in EDSA Entertainment Complex or even in Manila red light district with a starting price of 2500pesos.

If you find these rates for the following bars very expensive, you can surely just ask the lady you want her contact number and you can then call and meet her right after her work in the bar. You can also find cheap inns near the bar that would only cost you 250- 300pesos for a 2hours stay that can definitely help you with your budget.

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With this Manila red light district travel guide, you can now surely find the best place in Manila where you can spend your holiday vacation in the Philippines but aside from these places, you may also give some other cities in the Philippines for a tour.

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The country does also have their beaches and other tourist attractions that everyone loves and you would surely do as well.

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