Poseidon Entertainment Bangkok

Looking for a soapy massage with high quality service? Poseidon may be what you need.

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, Poseidon Entertainment BangkokJust like Caesars Entertainment, Poseidon Entertainment Bangkok is a huge venue for your all-in-one entertainment needs. They have a karaoke bar, (situated at the first floor – otherwise called Stardust Karaoke Lounge). This is where you can be able to relax, sing and drink with one of their girls in one of their VIP rooms for a certain price within a couple of hours. The third level has its restaurant and bar lounge where you can be able to drink, enjoy live music, have a meal and be escorted with one of their pretty models. They also offer membership packages for certain prices and membership is valid for one year which is applicable to those who frequent the place.

It is situated near Caesars and Nataree along Ratchadapisek Road. You can be able to go at Poseidon via MRT Sutthisan Station. Take the Thanachart Bank exit and walk for about a couple of minutes and you’ll be able to find Poseidon. It is not hard to miss but here’s the Google map for your reference:

The place caters to mostly Asian clients, specifically Japanese men. If you are looking for class A level type of soapy massage, Poseidon Entertainment Bangkok should be one of the destination of your choice. Poseidon houses lots of girls from regular to models to sideliners.

The building has 11 storeys where it has a specific level for each type of entertainment.

The second floor is where the soapy massage action takes place. Once you come up to the second floor, you will be welcomed by a papasan who will guide you through the fishbowl area.

Poseidon has a huge and brightly lit fishbowl so you can have a good look at the girls. Just like the others, they have a number so that you can be able to pick which one easily. Most of these girls will try to catch your attention with the hopes of you picking them for their service. They would smile at you or try to make an eye contact with you and make it seem that they like you.

, Poseidon Entertainment Bangkok

What usually happens inside Poseidon if you want a soapy massage:

Once you have picked which girl you want, the papasan will then take you to the reception so that you can pay. Rates for regular girls at Poseidon are between 2000 to 2500 baht for a 2 hour soapy massage session, and the rate vary based on the girl’s looks. To give you a more detailed pricing (updated as of this writing).

  • Normal Bath Massage (2 hours) – 2000 / 2200 / 2500 Baht plus 500 surcharge for Foreigners
  • Sideliners (1.5 hours) – 2800 Baht plus 1000 surcharge
  • Model (1.5 hours) – 3300 to 5300 Baht plus 1000 surcharge

Once you have made the payment you will be escorted to your room. The room is equipped with a bathtub that is just enough for 2 people as well as a bed. The rooms are clean and updated. By the time you are just about the get ready, the girl is always waiting for you in your room and prepping the tub. She will ask you to strip down and she will do so and then off to the tub.

Soapy massage isn’t really focused on the massage but this is where you will be given a wash from top to toe. This is where foreplay happens. She will either give you a handjob, blowjob or whichever you please. Since most girls do not speak English much, it is helpful to learn how to speak a little Thai. Friends that have been to Poseidon Entertainment Bangkok likes it and some don’t. The experience really varies because it depends on the girls’ service and how they will put an effort to please you.

You cannot get a nuru massage at Poseidon.

Girls at Poseidon

Most of them are average looking and slim and can speak very little English so don’t expect to have great conversation with them. If you want to have a wide range of option for girls, you must know when the best time to go to Poseidon is. The fishbowl girls are the ones within the normal bath massage price range. You won’t be able to see the sideliners inside the fishbowl. Most of these sideliners are hanging around at the lounge of the complex. They are not really working at Poseidon, they just come there whenever they want to work at their own convenient time.

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, Poseidon Entertainment BangkokOthers would give a blow job with a condom on but you just have to let the girl know how you want to be pleased. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel that she is not into the foreplay or action. Once the “wash” is done you can continue with the happy ending massage on the bed. Once you cum and want to have it another go, you have to discuss it with the girl and she will give you an extra charge for it. Rate for extra round would usually be at 1200 to 1500 Baht – it doesn’t hurt to bargain though but don’t overdo it.


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