Review of Wood Bar Bangkok

Bangkok has many types of sexual entertainment and Wood Bar is one of them

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Some of these adult establishments specialize in blow jobs with cute girls providing oral sex to their clients. Among the top blow job bars in the city is wood bar Bangkok.

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This place previously went by the name DrBJ’s and is still a well lit up cock sucking bar.

Most of its exterior glamour might be gone after being raided by the authority but those who visit the place give positive feedback. You will still find a handful of sexy looking Thai girls, trying to pull in men for a quick BJ.


131/31 Sukhumvit Soi 7/1, across the road from the famous Nana Plaza and Nana BTS.

Walk into Sukhumvit Soi 7/1, pass the Bangkok beats and on your right walk for 30 meters and you will see Wood Bar Bangkok to your right.

Open Hours

11 AM- 1 AM ,any day.

What happens when you visit Wood Bar Bangkok?

Once you enter, take a seat at the bar and order a beer. This is to give you time to pick your choice among the expert dick suckers.

Wood Bar Bangkok has a clinic set up with the girls divided into two: the nurses and the consultants.

The nurses are the sexy Thai girls in white dresses while the consultants wear black dresses.

There are about 10 to 20 Thai girls working at the bar at all times. According to research most of the popular girls left for greener pastures after the raid but there are particulars who never disappoint.

A girl named Gigi has legendary skills so you could request her service when you visit.

The nurses charge 700 baht to suck your cock dry while the consultants charge more, 1000 baht for the BJ. The average price for a BJ in Bangkok is between 700-800 baht, so don’t feel overcharged.

The Bj service is still provided in the same small wooden booths upstairs as it was at DrBJ’s. If you last visited the place on its prime days, the booths were black but now are now painted a yellow shade.

There are sinks in all the rooms to wash your manhood and dentist-style chair to position you for a relaxing BJ.

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The service itself is quite straightforward. Get in the room, get washed, sit on the lazy boy leather couch, get sucked, get washed and walk downstairs to the reception and out.

However, the cock sucking act can be rated average or excellent depending on the girl. The trick is you pick one that turns you on most.

Fortunately, with a large number of girls present and the different need from customers, there is a variation of girls, some thick butt, slim ones, huge tits, pretty face, twinkly eyes and so on.

Here is my experience in Wood Bar Bangkok

Unfortunately, I am among those who never had the pleasure to visit this Bj establishment when it was under the title Dr.Bjs.

I headed there on an afternoon and from the exterior, it didn’t promise much. Outside the bar were 12 girls sitting lazily.

As soon as they figured am a potential customer, they jumped into action parading themselves for me to pick.

I later came to understand that 2 were regular and the rest executive. While I would love a BJ at a cheaper price, the two regular were least attractive.

One girl, in particular, impressed me and I decided to give it a try. As we headed upstairs, I noticed the place had no much life which I assumed was a dent in the transition from Dr. Bjs to Wood Bar Bangkok.

We entered a small room with the most significant furniture being a lazyboy chair. We headed to the sink where she helped undress me.

She stripped off but kept her thongs on. Deep down I patted my back for having chosen to suck a beauty to suck my balls dry.

By the time she was done washing my cock and balls, I was so hard and couldn’t wait to feel the warmth of her mouth.

I took position on the leather seat and she applied some kind of oil on me. Later she went down on me. “Maya” was quite good except for some teeth here and there.

I loved her tits and it was okay to touch her.

20 minutes later she managed to make me come, and did I explode? She did ask me the usual “Oh wow, why is it so much,” and I confidently replied, “Because you are super sexy.”

She later washed me at the sink, we dressed and headed down the lobby.

As I walked out of the door, minus my 1000 baht, I thought, not bad but she could have done better.

Overall, I think Wood Bar deserves a 3.5 out of 5. The place is relaxed, girls gentle and quite clean. Word of caution though, the non-nonsense mamasan and papasans still exist so don’t think of pushing for sex or declining to pay.

How much will it cost you when you visit Wood Bar?

  • Beer goes for 100 baht
  • Lady drinks cost 140 baht
  • Blow job: 700 baht for nurses (regulars)
  • 1000 baht for the consultant (executive)

No tip required. However, if you buy the lady some drinks, chat and set her to the mood, she might give a mind-blowing BJ or even a quickie.

How the girls here rate compared to other blow job bars in Bangkok

At its old times, Wood Bar had the luster to attract the best in the city. Now, these models with skills have left.

As per my opinion, I would give the girls 8/10, mostly because they were a variety, which men love by the way.

If you want to get sex in Thailand for free then check this article.wood bar Bangkok, Review of Wood Bar Bangkok

So have you ever visited wood Bar Bangkok or any other blow job bar in Bangkok? How was the experience?

Read where to find the best blow jobs in Bangkok and where to get a a soapy massage in Thailand.

Do they offer sex service if you dish out a couple of more hundred Baht? Share with us.

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