7 Best sex massages in Silom

In this article you’ll learn where to get sex massages in Silom. Silom is one area in Thailand with bipolar personalities: a financial hub during the day and a sex hub come darkness. Let’s talk about Silom massage, an erotic massage that offers mental, physical and sexual satisfaction. If you want to get laid for free in Thailand for free then check this article.Silom massage, 7 Best sex massages in Silom In Silom, sex massage is readily available, accessible and most importantly, cheap compared to Western rates. From the street of Silom to five stars hotels, you can easily get Silom sex massages with many visitors calling the place a “culinary and massage paradise.” In Silom, you will find various terms being used to mean sex massage. They include: “special massage,” “Massage plus,” “happy ending,” and “Love you a long time.” All these names are used to inform that the massage will provide sexual pleasure, i.e., blowjob, handjob or sex in the end. In this guide, I will show you where to get Silom massages with a handjob massage in Bangkok  Before that, let’s touch on one thing the majority of you are still unsure about. If aware you can skip the section.

Body Bliss Massage Bangkok

Body Bliss Massage is a new but very good outcall massage where you can get handjobs in Bangkok. They offer services for both male and females.

Silom massage, 7 Best sex massages in Silom

They have a range of massages including soapy and prostate . You can view all their girls but visiting their website at BodyBlissBangkok.com

Smooci escorts in Silom

If you’re looking for an incall service where you can get blow jobs and more, there is no better service than Smooci. Through their website you can book any number of girls to come directly to your room and provide you BJ services and more.

Silom massage, 7 Best sex massages in Silom

Prices of each girl is listed on the site and at any one time they typically have up to 20+ girls free, you can learn more by visiting their website: www.Smooci.com

How to spot Silom massage plus salons

Majority of sex massage salons in Silom pose as typical massage. However, it’s easy to identify the difference between a “regular” massage salon and a Silom massage with extras and happy endings. One, look at how the girls are dressed. If they are dressed in long traditional Thai cloth, that is not your place. However, if they are dressed sexy; miniskirts with lots of makeup, then assume she can hold butt and manhood with oiled hands. Two, look at the girl’s behavior. If they are standing at the salon entrance and seducing customers by yelling at you excitedly or grabbing and drawing you inside, then you can expect a blowjob or at least hand job at the end of your massage.

Best spot for Silom massage with a happy ending

Patpong is Bangkok’s oldest red district. You can there use MRT and exit at Silom station. You will find a high number of massage shops and girls here. Here is where to narrow your search.

Categories of Silom massage spas

Standard massage spa

You will find a lot of these in Silom. They offer typical massage, oil massage, and some, happy ending massage. Standard massage spas are however not the best place if you are looking for a happy massage. If lucky, you can still get a handjob for 500 Baht, 500-1000 Baht for a blow and a 1000+ Baht for full sex massage. Always negotiate.

Quick sex spas

Quick sex spas are less popular in Silom. These places pose as spas, but they are brothels. Massage last 10 minutes then sex or whichever extra service you want. The massage cost less, but sex itself costs more. Quick sex spas have young and better looking Thai girls with sex and blowjob on the menu. Silom massage, 7 Best sex massages in Silom

 Soapy massage

This erotic massage starts with a bath, both you and the girl are naked. She will wash you, more focus on the groin, then a blowjob and lastly sex depending on the girl. Soapy massage is quite expensive so stay away from it if you only need sex. Related: learn where to get soapy massages in Bangkok.

Air mattress Nuru massage

Like you are guessing, this massage happens on an air mattress. In the end, you get a free handjob. A girl hoping for more will offer sex or a blowjob. It starts with a wash, then a body to body massage (both naked) and then the handjob or titjob. Prices range from parlor but its 2000 and above, handjob included. Related: learn where to get Bangkok nuru massages.

About massage girls

Like a majority of us, Silom massage girls want to make most money working. One criterion for earning more in the sex industry is appearance.  Therefore don’t expect to see a hot girl working at cheap spas. Quick sex brothels earn better so you can find a beautiful looking Thai girl. The price per client is low, so in return, they offer nothing spectacular. Soapy massage is where you find cute of the cutest. Its a no surprise the cost is so high. Nuru massage girls are above average, and you might be lucky to get it from the hottest chic in the Silom Street. While checking what Silom streets have to offer do not forget you can meet normal girls through Thai Cupid and get sex massage for free.  You can also give Thai Friendly a try but practice more caution otherwise you will fall victim to con women.

Silom massage in Patpong

Patpong is Bangkok’s oldest red district. You can there by MRT and exit at Silom station or Sala Daeng BTS. You will find a high number of massage shops and girls ready to satisfy your carnal petites. While the average massage girl in Silom red light is not attractive as ones in Sukhumvit, a lot of people still find the place worth it. Going to Pattaya? Find out where to get happy ending massages in Pattaya and where to meet hookers in Pattaya. How about you take a walk along Surawong road and Silom road and see what the place has to offer. 90% of Silom sex massage are found along these two streets. For the gays, Boyz town located across the street is the place to narrow your search

Prices of massages and sex massage in Silom

Now that you know where to find happy ending massage in Silom, you probably need to know how much it will cost. There are two separate prices for Silom massages. One is the fixed price per service menu and the other the price for the sex massage (hand job, sex, and blowjob) which is arranged separately with the Thai girl. Usually, all massage starts with “normal” massage and half an hour later, or when the Thai girl read you have a boner, she will whisper asking, “Do you want special?” You can choose to accept or decline. Silom massage, 7 Best sex massages in Silom Got to admit, it takes a lot of effort to turn down the offer. Plus these massage girls have mastered a way of making you feel cheap if you say no.

 Standard prices for massage and extras:

Thai massage @ 200 Baht Among the normal massage. It involves passive stretching and gently applying pressure to the client body to release muscle stress. Oil massage @ 300 Baht There is a wide range of oil massage but in our case its massage using oil. Simple yet erotic. Handjob # 500 Baht Additional cost for handjob as extras Blowjob @ 700- 800 Baht Cost of blowjob only, as extras. Click here to learn the best Bangkok blow job bars. Sex @ 1,000- 1,500 Baht Cost of sex only as extras Things to note:
  • The above figures are estimates. Some girls cost more, or they manage to convince you that they do.
  • While you might be looking forward to exploding, not all girls in these sex massage salon are willing to go down on you or jump and ride it to sunset so go easy on the request.
So what is the hack in these situations? You could choose to flow with her. If she asks, fine. If not, ask politely. Trying won’t hurt. In an instance where the Thai massage girl is not willing to offer specific extras, she will simply say “I don’t like” or “cannot, mai daai” which means that is not allowed in the salon. I just felt like I’m throwing cold water on you so here is something to shoot your mojo back up. If you walk into a Silom massage parlor offering a happy ending, you will get at least one extra. In most cases, it’s a hand job. Other extras are surprises.

Enjoy your sex massage

There is a range of ways to have fun with Thai girls, and sex massage is one of them. With most sex tour beginners is never natural considering the sex industry are an underworld thing in many countries. Facing things with an open mind is the key. Be more outgoing an eventually you will spot a girl worth your time and money. If you are still finding it difficult to have a sex massage in any of the Silom parlors, then use Thai cupid to meet girls. After some time ask them to come to your hotel. Lastly, most of the girls in the sex industry are there for the money. This means some are willing to have sex without protection if you offer them more money. For the wise gents, the risk is never worth it. If you, however, meet a good girl on Thai Cupid and get tested go ahead and enjoy. Silom massage is among the best. While you plan to visit sex massage spas, do not forget to try out go-go girls, Thai bars girls, nightclub girls or freelancers in Silom. Have fun. Related reading: find out where to get blow jobs in Bangkok and the best G clubs in Bangkok. If you want to get laid for free in Thailand for free then check this article.Silom massage, 7 Best sex massages in Silom

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