Udon Thani Nightlife Guide

In this article learn where to party in Udon Thani nightlife.

As the country’s tourism is now at its pick, every region of the Thailand was also able to adopt with the demands and one of those is Udon Thani.

udon thani nightlife, Udon Thani Nightlife GuideIf you want to get laid for free in Udon Thani, check out this article.

Udon Thani may not be that famous compared to other cities and provinces in the country such as Bangkok and Pattaya but once you try Udon Thani, you would surely have fun too with their tourist spots such as the city’s Central Plaza, Playport Water Park, temples and museums and of course their nightlife scenes.

As you stroll around the city of Udon Thani, you can actually find a lot of bars and clubs in the area with various scenes and styles for you to choose from and if you are in Udon Thani to look for great Udon Thani girls then, you must consider visiting this bars and clubs first.

Bars in Udon Thani

Found at Prajaksilapakom Road of Udon Thani nightlife with a great music choice. As people loves to visit the place, you can always come to Sister’s bar whenever you wanted to socialize and meet new faces.

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If you are the person who loves to party and dance all night long, then Sister’s bar is a must visit for you.

  • Mr Tong’s Bar

This bar can be found just a minute away from Sister’s bar in where you can discover a great Udon Thani nightlife experience. Mr Tong’s drinks may be a bit pricey compared to other bars here in Udon Thani but its vogue-ness attracts people to visit the place.

The bar is full of a mixed crowd of Thais and foreigners which gives you a bigger variety of ladies.

  • Day and Night

This is actually a multi-bar complex in Udon Thani that can be found just behind Central Plaza which has about 20 great bars around the place.

Drinks here in Day & Night may be pricey but with the quality of the bars here, you can find the prices very reasonable. You can also find some freelancers and Udon Thani girls in here especially during night time.

Is also a multi-bar complex just like Day & Night with a lot of bars within the area. The complex is about 5minutes away from Day & Night and if you love to do bar hopping, Nutty Park is a nice place for you to try. A drink here in Nutty Park is also an expensive one but still a good place to have Udon Thani nightlife.

Nightclubs in Udon Thani

  • Phoenix

This club was actually the one who replaced Wolverine Go Go Bar that is a known go go bar in the place. Phoenix is a new club in town which is a 10minutes away from Central Plaza.

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As being a new club, you can observe how modern and neat the structure of the club is. They were also able to enhance their lighting with a mix of laser show which attracts more and more visitors.

With the clubs crowd, you can see a lot of locals partying all night long which gives you the best chance to find some Udon Thani girls in the area. Prices here in Phoenix aren’t that expensive considering that it is a nice place with only 100Baht for a beer and 150Baht for their cocktails.
udon thani nightlife, Udon Thani Nightlife Guide

  • Tawan Daeng

A nightclub found in the entrance of Central Plaza which is perfect for younger Thai men and women.

A lot of westerners do actually loves to hang out here in Tawan Daeng especially for those who are into live bands and partying and dancing all night long.

The bar do also serves food whenever you wanted to have a meal first before going to the dance floor.

If you are looking for a nightclub with the biggest disco scene then you should probably needs to visit Yellow Bird. The club is located at Chareon Hotel with live party music every night, and a large mix of crowd especially Udon Thani girls.

Although Yellow Bird is a bit smaller than Tawan Daeng, people do still loves the place which lives it with more crowd.

Happy Ending and Soapy Massage Parlors

Do you happen to experience a rough and tiring day from touring around the city and you are just looking for ways on how to relax yourself? Then, you might want to try Udon Thani happy ending and soapy massages with some extra services.

When you are in the premises of Thailand, it has been there trademark of having happy ending and soapy massage parlor thus, you can find a lot of these in the city. I actually have a few parlors here that everyone can try:

  • Grand Naga Hotel

Although Grand Naga Hotel isn’t really a soapy massage parlor, it is still a known place in Udon Thani in where you can find a lot of Udon Thani girls that would offer you great services.

A Thai massage here would costs 380Baht and 650Baht for an oil massage that you can enjoy in a private room for 2hours with a TV and air conditioning. If you wanted more services from these girls aside from a massage, you can ask her in the middle of the session.

  • Oscar

This one is really a soapy massage in Udon Thani in where you can find 10-15 girls in a fishbowl which would costs 1600Baht and there are also some side-line girls that prices 1900Baht. Udon Thani girls may not be that sexy compared to the ones found in Bangkok but you can still find some young and white skinned girls in the area.

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  • Relax Massage

Found right next door from Nutty Park and has a lot of pretty Udon Thani girls. The bar is open from 10:00am to 10:00pm with various services offered such as foot massage, back & shoulder massage, Thai massage, and a body scrub.

  • Pa & Joy Massage

It is a happy ending massage parlor that can be found at Prajak Sillapakom Road, near the night market and is open from 9:00am to 10:00pm. Girls here in Pa & Joy Massage do only offers hand job but if you are lucky enough, you can also have a blow job and if you are too good with negotiating, you can also avail their full service.

Udon Thani Night Market

I guess it is really normal that when you are in Thailand it is a must that you would go and visit their night market.

Thailand is actually one of those countries with the best local foods in Asia and the province of Udon Thani is one of those places in the country with the best food stalls.

when you are in Udon Thani’s night market, you’ll be given a wide variety of choices with their different kinds of food.

udon thani nightlife, Udon Thani Nightlife GuideThere night market is located at Prajak Sillapakom Road and as you go to the place, you can see various food stalls, TVs with live sports for an evening entertainment, and a lot of shops if ever you wanted to buy some souvenirs and fashionable clothes.

Prostitution in Udon Thani

Although prostitution isn’t legal in Udon Thani and with the rest of Thailand, you can still find a lot of hookers in the country and is known for its sex tourism.

Udon Thani is actually labeled as the biggest sexual playground in Isaan which gives you a larger variety of ladies depending on your type and needs. Aside from the bars, massage parlors that I’ve mentioned above, Udon Thani still have a few more spots in where you can find Udon Thani girls.

Whenever you are in Udon Thani in a budget, you can also try Brothels in where you can find Udon Thani girls in a cheaper price. Aside from Udon Thani girls, these Brothels do also have some girls from Loas who are only working in the city illegally which makes there services cheaper.

Cost of bar fining in Udon Thani

If you are asking with the prices of these ladies, a short time rate usually costs about 1000Baht that you can negotiate with them although they are actually hard to negotiate with and for an overnight.

It usually costs 2000Baht or more and if you are looking for these girls in a bar, expect a bar fine of 300Baht.

Udon Thani girls also offers some other services whenever you only wants to have a blow job or hand job which usually takes place on the bar’s toilet which would costs 300Baht for a hand job and 500Baht for a blow job.

A tip for these girls may also be given to them whenever they are able to give you a very satisfying service.

You may also wanted to consider trying gay bars in Udon Thani just in case you wanted to try another variety of fun which this ladyboys in the city can offer you.

There is actually one gay bar that I’ve seen in Udon Thani named City Man although I wasn’t able to try the place, you may wanted to try it yourself just for fun.

If you are looking for some Udon Thani girls who aren’t into prostitution and such, you can also try ‘normal girls’ in the city or those who have regular jobs and not a dirty job of selling their bodies which can be found at the city’s malls or night market in where a lot of locals of Udon Thani do loves to visit.

How to get to Udon Thani:

  • By Train – whatever time you are travelling; day or night, Udon Thani trains can still be used. There are daily day time trains traveling and three night time trains with a route of Bangkok to Udon Thani and vice versa. There are also some local trains travelling around the area whenever you wanted to go around the city through a train.
  • By Bus – there are actually two bus stations in the province; bus station #1 in the city centre which is along Central Plaza and another one bus station #2 that can be found on the roads of Loie towards Nong Khai.Traveling by buy would initially cost you 40Baht if from station #1which is not really recommended for they do have an old bus with no aircon while station #2 costs 45Baht with a lot better and newer bus.
  • By Plane – if you are in a hurry and want to reach Udon Thani right away, you can easily travel by plane. Domestic flights to Udon Thani are currently at Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. Whenever you are already in Udon Thani, you can simply book a taxi from your Hotel to fetch you from the airport.

Those are the transportation ways if you are planning to visit the province and experience some Udon Thani nightlife.

Udon Thani Girls and when you are already in Udon Thani and wants to know how to get along the place, you can just look for taxis, tuk-tuk (a three-wheeled motorcycle) which is available in the crowded place in Udon Thani, by bus, or even by renting a bicycle.

udon thani nightlife, Udon Thani Nightlife GuideUdon Thani is indeed a great place for a vacation for their touristy spots and of course the Udon Thani nightlife and girls.

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If you are in Thailand, a visit here in Udon Thani is also a good choice; a place with good culture and yet, a fun and amusing city in Thailand.


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