7 Places to find Russian girls in Bangkok

In this article you’ll learn where to find Russian girls in Bangkok

Thailand is a beautiful country for sure but here we see it a top sex tourist destination. If you want to have a time of your life with girls and not dig your pockets dry, then head to Bangkok. In this city, you will not only meet Thai girls but foreign girls too i.e. Russian girls in Bangkok.

If you want to get sex in Thailand for free then check this article.Russian girls in Bangkok, 7 Places to find Russian girls in Bangkok

You could have enjoyed lots of Thai girls and want to change the taste. Russian girls look different physically so I understand all the drive to know what they hold beneath their skimpy dresses.

Bangkok is like Jack of all trades. You don’t have to eat the same meal “Thai girls” every time you have a boner. You can explore more girls here, like in this case a Russian girl or even an African girl.

Note that not all expatriate women in Bangkok are hookers. With this, I means don’t walk in a bar or other entertainment avenues and expect to have sex with her since you promise to throw some dollars her way.

This post is for those who want to know where to meet Russians in Bangkok.

Meet single Russian women traveling in Bangkok

Bangkok is a favorite destination for backpackers. In recent years, it has seen a surge in a number of single women travelers bringing a good tide for night revelers.

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Russian girls in Bangkok, 7 Places to find Russian girls in Bangkok

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Russian girls in Bangkok, 7 Places to find Russian girls in Bangkok

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Khao Sak Road

To meet Russian girls in Bangkok head to Khao Sak Road, a paradise for backpackers. There are plenty of hotels, discos, bars, and convenience stores.

You can tell it’s a tourist area from its lively atmosphere starting early morning late to the evening. You can approach plenty of women in the streets and offer to buy her a drink before you call it a day.

The good thing about backpackers is that they are bold. Russian girls in Khao Sak road are not just here to explore nature but most want to meet people from all over the world and share experiences.

This means the women are fun, open to parties and sex too.

Khao Sak road is not a hive for Russian hookers but you can have lots of fun with Russian brunettes.

Places to find Russian girls in Khao Sak road

The club, the Cliff and Deep are some of the best clubs in Khao Sak to meet passing Russian girls in Bangkok.

To hit on hot Russian blondes, find a table and scan for a group of foreign girls without guys. They are mostly in a group of 3+ girls.

I discourage against approaching two girls. This is because chances of her leaving with you and her friend staying behind are rare.

You can start with making long eye contact and see if she smiles. If she is receptive, move to the table and with a big smile say a simple HI.

Once in the table, you need to keep eye contact with the Russian girl you want. If the girls really like you she will keep the conversation going. From there you can order drinks and see where thing ends.

If not, walk back to your table and aim down your next target.

Russian girls in Bangkok, 7 Places to find Russian girls in Bangkok

If you want a much-relaxed environment, then head to one of the popular bars on Khao sak. Many girls enjoy having a drink after a long hiking day.

Conversation is easier to have in a bar and you can have dinner here too. Some of the popular bars to meet Russian girls on Khao Sak road include Brick Bar, Gazebo and Gulliver’s.

During the weekends, most of the bars here are packed and therefore normal to share the table with a group of women. That makes starting a conversation a lot more easily.

Meet Russian girls living in Bangkok

Royal City Avenue

RCA is Bangkok largest nightlife area. During the weekends, the area is flocked with office workers creating a good platform to interact with foreign girls working in Bangkok.

Years ago, RCA was popular with Thai people but now attracts foreigner more so on weekends.

These are the three famous clubs to meet Russian girls in Bangkok.

  • Slim on 29/22-32 RCA
  • Flix
  • Route 66 on 29/33 -48 RCA

Drinks cost more here than in other venues in the city. However, a Vodka always gets a Russian girls attention.

Sukhumvit Road

This road cut across Bangkok city making it a hive for night owls and fun loving expatriate community.

Sukhumvit Soi 11 is a good pick up spot thanks to its many bars and pubs.

Londoner Pub

The bar is located on Sukhumvit Soi 33 and lots of foreign girls, Russians included turn up here every day for cheap drinks and socialize. Wednesday is known as teacher’s night and these foreign girls are horny and willing to get laid.

The bulls

This bar is located on Sukhumvit Soi 33/1 with teachers night held every Thursdays.

Koi bar

Koi bar host model night every Thursdays. The Russian girls in Bangkok here are super sexy. You better bring all swag and cash for drinks as girls expectation in this bar is high.

The Nest

This bar is located on top of Fonix Hotel, 33/33 Sukhumvit Soi 11. This place is awesome and worth to meet Russian women in Bangkok.

Meet Russian girls in Bangkok online

Meeting beautiful girls in Bangkok does not have to be in clubs and bars. If mongering in these avenue use is not your thing or use too much time, then meeting girls online is the way to go.

In Bangkok, there are good websites to meet local and foreign single girls. Thaicupid is one of the best, with more than 500 Russian girls willing to have some fun with a potential mate.

All you need is sign up and set up your profile stating you want to meet Russian girls in Bangkok.

International events

It’s easy to know when and where international events will be happening in Bangkok. Just Google.

Use these events to interact with other expatriates. In the process, you will know Bangkok from an expat’s eye making the process of finding a Russian girl you like easy.

Keep an eye on those events that attract more women as they increase the chances of meeting Russian brunettes.

Meetups in Bangkok for Russian Women

There are organized groups in Bangkok that attract young and single girls. One is “The Bangkok Language exchange meet up by Tao.”

These groups are packed by lonely and horny expat women living in Bangkok. Approaching Russian girls in these meetup means acting interested in learning foreign languages, but chances of getting laid are high.

Meet Russian hookers in Bangkok

Bangkok is a haven for sex tourist. These means there is a lot of money going around attracting Russian girls who want to make a good living.

Most Russian hookers in Bangkok are found in clubs as dancers or work in escort agencies.

Soi ¾ Nana, Sukhumvit

This street gets all the flare in Bangkok sex industry. You will find Russian, Africa and of course local girls.

Grace Hotel

This hotel, for example, is packed with Russian and other foreign women waiting to customers. If you don’t find a brunette of your taste moves to the discos.

Price: USD$100-150 all night, US$50 short time

Bamboo Bar

This bar is located opposite Grace Hotel and is famous for live bands. You can meet Russian, African and local girls here.

Price:There is an entry fee of 200 baht or USD$7

All girls are freelancers and ask 1500 baht all night. This is equivalent to US$50.

Prices vary on beauty, availability, and willingness.

Russian girls in Bangkok, 7 Places to find Russian girls in Bangkok

A bottle of Black label cost 2000 baht – 2500 baht, plus 1000 baht for a mixer.

The cost of drinks is quite expensive but compared to the fun you will have, I say its worth.

Rajah Hotel

This is another good pickup spot for Russian girls in Bangkok. In the lobby, ask the guy with a notepad and pen if you could have a Russian girl.

You will be escorted to the second floor where all the blonds are. Having sex with these girls will cost you between 2000-3000 baht.

You can also find Russian hookers in Bangkok standing opposite major discos such as Gulliver, Climax and Insanity.

For those girls, it will cost you between 1500-2200 baht, or 50-75 USD.

Bangkok Escort Service

There are several escort agencies but the best one is Bangkok Russian Escort.

Price: its starts with 8000 baht per hour. Russian escort is good for those looking for top-notch companionship besides sex.

As per street hookers, there aren’t many Russians. In the streets, you will find African and mostly local girls. The cost for a street hooker in Bangkok is 1500 baht longtime.

If you want to get sex in Thailand for free then check this article.Russian girls in Bangkok, 7 Places to find Russian girls in Bangkok

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