Where to Meet Thai Girls in Udon Thani

Udon Thani is offering by far one of the best nightlife in a whole Isaan region.

The nightlife is more relaxed and affordable compared to hotspots like Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya.

udon thani girls, Where to Meet Thai Girls in Udon Thani

Want to find meet girls in Udon Thai, then read this article.

The supply of girls in Udon Thani usually outnumbers men and the girls are known to be friendliest and most approachable in Isaan.

As a foreigner, you’ll experience a huge interest from the girls on the street and bars. Here’s everything you have to know about meeting attractive Udon Thani Girls.

Meeting Normal Udon Thani Girls

The first thing you’ll notice when hitting a nightlife in Udon Thani is how chilled and relaxed the people, especially girls are compared to Bangkok. Udon Thani is a small city located near Laos capital and it’s surprising how friendly and approachable girls and people in general are.

The prices are way more affordable for everything including clubs, drinks, shopping, food, and even girls. Also, the normal Thai girls seem to be very interested in foreigners. It is relatively easy to set up a date with Udon Thani girls (the language barrier can be a problem).

Anyway, I’ve already shared insights about amazing Udon Thani nightlife and I will focus more on meeting Thai girls in Udon Thani here.

Let’s talk about Udon Thani girls and let me explain why I love them.

Well, I was very surprised how relaxed and chilled people are in the city. After a while, it totally makes sense as Udon Thani is a small city and people aren’t so busy and stressed. Women tend to be more approachable and interested in foreigners.

Another thing that struck me is the number of attractive girls walking around the city (not necessarily during night time). I literally fell in love with Udon Thani and the girls on first sight.

What are the options when it comes to meeting normal Udon Thani girls?

Majority of the nightlife happens around Central Plaza, but if you walk around that area during the day, you’ll notice a crazy amount of young and attractive girls.

Central Plaza is definitely a place you want to check if you’re looking for a beautiful Thai girl. Among locals, it’s a sign of status as girls feel cool to be seen walking around that area with their group.

Another great place to set up a date with normal Thai girl are platforms like Thai Cupid. Filter your search to Udon Thani and set up a date. Girls using these platforms are usually very approachable and they are looking for a western guy.

Did you know that Udon Thani is a hotspot for expats in Isaan region with more than 5000 long-term expats? It’s not strange to see a Thai girl holding hands with expat or even having a family.

It’s definitely a place to be if you’re looking for a normal Thai girl.

Let’s talk about other options to meet attractive Udon Thani girls:

Meeting Bar Girls in Udon Thani

Nightlife in Udon Thani is diverse and lively, but nothing compared to big cities. The whole scene is situated in a small area surrounding Central Plaza which is great since you can walk from bar to bar. The biggest upside is the number of attractive girls who don’t look bored or stressed. Hitting the bars and meeting bar girls in Udon Thani is a huge pleasure.

Day & Night

Day & Night is the biggest bar complex in Udon Thani featuring more than 20 connected bars. Each bar has a variety of choices when it comes to drinks as well as bar girls. Usually, there are about five bar girls per each bar. The majority of working girls are in their late twenties, even thirties, so if you love a bit ‘older’ woman, then it’s a place to be.

Prices are reasonable with beers starting at 80 baht and glass of whiskey starting at 100 baht. The action starts around 6 pm and everything quiets down around 1 am. If you’re looking to pick up a bar girl, then you have to wait until she is done with her shift.

Nutty Park

Nutty Park is another girl bar in Udon Thani where you can expect some action during the night time. The action starts around 6 pm and everything ends around 1 am. The bar is on a walking distance from Day & Night and it offers a huge selection of drinks and attractive bar girls along with a relaxed atmosphere.

The beer prices average around 80 baht while a glass of whiskey or girly drink will cost you around 120 baht.

Freelance Girls

Although there are not many freelance girls in Udon Thani, you should be able to find a few attractive girls around Day & Night and Nutty Park. Just walk slowly and open your eyes. Freelance girls usually stand in the corners and looking around for men.

The interesting fact about freelance girls is that they will approach you which is unlike in bigger hotspots, especially Pattaya. The price for freelance girls start at 500 baht, but you can always negotiate the price and service. Don’t forget to protect yourself and wear a condom.

Read more about Condoms and STD guide for Thailand and stay protected all the time.

Soapy Massage

If you’re looking for a soapy massage in Udon Thani, you might be disappointed since there is only one real soapy massage called Oscar’s. The place is located in the western part of the town close to Nong Prajak Park. There are about 20 working girls and you can choose between fishbowls (1,500 baht) and sidelines (1,800 baht). The small and relaxed bar is always open where people usually drink while picking the woman.

Another option for a soapy massage is Grand Naga Hotel. It’s not an official soapy massage place but offers a massage in a private air-conditioned room with a stunning girl. You can sit down in a lobby to relax with a drink while picking a girl for a massage.

udon thani girls, Where to Meet Thai Girls in Udon Thani

A regular Thai massage will cost you about 400 baht, while oil massage is around 700 baht (both for two hours). Negotiate with your girl about extra services and it’s most likely you’ll get at least a happy ending massage. It’s advisable to wait for your girl to move her hands a bit down and then talk about the tip.

The place opens at noon, but the most beautiful girls start to come around sunset time, so don’t rush.

Happy Ending Massage

While regular massage parlors can be found around the town, the highest concentration of massage shops is around Nutty Park. Head over to Prajak Sillapakom road and you’ll see many massage shops. The prices for a standard massage ranges from 300 – 600 baht for two hours.

Girls in Udon Thani are a bit on a shy side, so even if she shows the interest, it doesn’t mean she’ll go the extra mile after the message. The general rule in Udon Thani is – the older the girl is, the higher the chances are.

Brothels in Udon Thani

The brothel scene isn’t big in Udon Thani, but if you’re lucky, you can find a few brothels around the city. Head over to Soi Adunyadet 2 or 5.

There is no brothel sign, but you can notice them by opened doors during the night. The girls are usually from Laos or Vietnam and the whole thing is a bit shady.

Click here to learn more about handjob massages in Bangkok or Thai Soapy massages.

Around Soi Adunyadet 7 there are a few short-time hotels and girls walking around. Pimps will usually approach you with their phone showing you the photos of different girls. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve found mixed experiences online.

Ladyboys in Udon Thani

The city is the best place in a whole Isaan region for people who’re looking to have a good time with attractive ladyboys. Not only Udon Thani has the most ladyboys in the region, but also, you can find the hottest and most approachable ladyboys in a whole of Thailand.

They usually hang out in bars, especially Day & Night as well as Tawan Daeng nightclub. Another good way to hook up with a ladyboy is by checking the platform for ladyboys.

udon thani girls, Where to Meet Thai Girls in Udon Thani

Want to find meet girls in Udon Thai, then read this article.

Have you ever been to Udon Thani? What’s your impression about Udon Thani girls? Share your experiences below.

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