Tourist Guide To Khon Kaen Nightlife

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, Pattaya or Chiang Mai, you can also go to other provinces in Thailand. One of them is Isan. In Isan you can find one of the major cities that offer a vibrant nightlife which is Khon Kaen.

khon kaen nightlife, Tourist Guide To Khon Kaen Nightlife

If you want to get laid in Khon Kaen, read this article.

Nightlife in Khon Kaen is no different to the major cities in Thailand. They have a lot to offer to its foreign and local tourists. During daytime there are several tourist spots that you can visit. But when the sun sets, this is where the city transforms into a different place.

If this is your first time visiting the nightlife in Khon Kaen, you can be able to locate a couple of local and foreign bars within the vicinity of big hotels such as Pullman and Kosa.

Bars and Nightclubs in Khon Kaen

If you walk along Pracha Samran Road, you will be able to find the bars spread along this area. Most of the bars cater to locals but they also cater to foreign tourists as well. You might probably see some bars under English name but the only downside is that not too many people speak English that fluently. You might still get addressed in Thai when you walk in some bars. Nightlife in Khon Kaen are mixed or diverse. There are night clubs, discos, beer gardens, bar and grill, etc.

khon kaen nightlife, Tourist Guide To Khon Kaen Nightlife

Here are a couple of bars that you can visit:

Boss Time – situated along Pracha Samran Road, Boss Time is more of a beer garden where you can enjoy open air drinking and good food. The interior and furnishings are of a typical beer garden with tables and chairs/ stools and a bar. They also have a stage since there are also live bands playing especially during Friday and Saturday nights.

You wouldn’t be able to see working girls here so don’t expect to hook up with someone. But it does not mean that you can’t have a good time. Since most of the local girls here are friendly, you can still be able to find some good company for the night. Beers and drinks are fairly priced. You can have a local beer for just about 70 Baht. They also serve liquors and bar food.

99 Vintage – 99 Vintage is also one of the famous destination for Khon Kaen nightlife. They hold several events and a lot of people would come and enjoy. They have live bands and DJs that take care of the music. Most of their patrons include young locals and foreigners.

This nightclub is located on Pracha Samran Road and they are open from 8 pm until 3 am. This is one place that you can be sure to have a great time until the wee hours of the morning. They serve local and international beers, liquors and mixed drinks.

Their facility is more up to date compared to Boss Time thus it attracts younger crowd. Again, you might be able to hook up with a local girl in this area but that still depends on the night or her mood. You wouldn’t be able to look for working girls in Khon Kean.

You can find their Facebook Page here.

Rads – Otherwise known as Rad Pub, located at Amphoe Muang Khon Kaen. The place actually looks decent for a pub. It is more of a wine bar with live music and girls in bikini. The place can actually make your heart pump faster because of its loud music – hence they cater mostly to younger crowds.

They serve local and international beers, wines and liquors. Price are pretty average and food is decent. This is definitely a place that you can visit to experience Khon Kaen nightlife.

Blue’s Bar – Blue’s bar caters mostly to foreign tourists. This is another bar located on Amphoe Muang and offers good food with great company. They also have pool tables that you can be able to enjoy a game or two with mates.

The interior of Blue’s Bar is of a typical Thai bar with of course, blue interior. They serve excellent food and coffee. If you want somewhere where you can sit down and relax, you should consider visiting Blue’s bar while you are in Khon Kaen to enjoy a quiet and calmer atmosphere. Visitors can get loud but that is still beyond control.

They serve local and international beer, liquors and ladies drinks for a decent and fair price. Blue’s bar is definitely a good place to visit when you want to experience their nightlife.

Tiki Tiki Café – Tiki Tiki caters to foreign customers. This is a sports bar located between Pullman and Kosa hotels. There is also access road off Sri Chant. The atmosphere is very laid back with a Hawaiian feel. A lot of foreigners wouldn’t miss visiting this place because the staff and owners are pretty helpful for you to get around the area especially when this is your first time visiting the place.

They also have a huge television in front of the bar that shows the latest and biggest sports game for their patrons to enjoy. Expect foreigners to fill this place when there is a huge sports event showing.

This place is quite decent and family friendly. The price are also budget friendly so Tiki Tiki is a definite place on your list when you visit Khon Kaen.

Erics – Eric’s bar is owned and operated by an expat. This caters mostly to foreign tourists but you can still see few locals coming by. Just like Tiki Tiki Café, Eric’s has a sports bar feel. You can see huge TV screens, pool tables and standard tables and chairs. They are open from 9 am to 2 am. They also play soothing music from the 70s and 80s and also have live bands performing especially during the weekend.

You can’t expect though to hook up with working girls here at this bar but the company itself is sure to give you a good time. They serve local and international beers, liquors and local and Western food. Another good place that you can go to when you are in Khon Kaen.

My Bar – Another expats bar which is frequented by foreigners and expats. They serve breakfast starting at 9 am. They have bar girls that you can bar fine for a certain price. They also have 2 pool tables, large screen televisions and large projector. Again this place gets jam packed during a special big sports event.

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at fair price. During night they serve local and international beers and liquors. Food is decent and tastes good – they have Western menu and Thai menu for you to choose from. They also have free Wi-Fi connection and plays nice selection of music.

U-Bar – Another famous nightclub in Khon Kaen located on Prachasamran Road. They are open from 8 pm to 2 am. This place caters to young locals and tourists. They have a huge dance floor and they also hold events. This place can get a little jam packed especially during the weekends. They also have live bands, DJs and solo performances every night so nothing is dull in this bar.

khon kaen nightlife, Tourist Guide To Khon Kaen Nightlife

They serve international and local beers, liquors, and mixed drinks. You might probably meet a couple of local girls who are partying if you just take the guts to ask someone. This is one of the hottest and famous nightlife in Khon Kaen. Even celebrities would come to this place when they visit the city!

The Underground – another busy nightclub in the area is called the Underground. This is located at Pullman Rajah Hotel and they actually serve their own German brewed Kronen Brauhaus Beer. Expect to see expats and foreign tourists in this area.

G-Star Palace – another nightclub located at Charoen Thani Princess Hotel. You can be able to see mostly locals frequenting this place. G Star holds different event and it can get pretty wild and crazy (in a decent way). There is not much dirt on Khon Kaen nightlife, however there are still some areas of the city that offers these type of kinky services.

G-Star Palace is one big place with a huge dancefloor in the middle. They also have a stage where live bands, solo performers and DJs perform to give you great entertainment. Prices for drinks (local and international) are fairly decent. They also serve good bar chows (Western and Thai food).

Leo’s Bar – Leo’s bar is located just outside of Pullman’s Hotel. It is quite outdated and mostly caters to older foreigners. The place needs a little uplifting. Probably this is a place that you can go to if you don’t have any more place to hang out.

Being in Isan region does not mean that it should bore you out of your wits. Khon Kaen has a nightlife of its own that is sure to give its visitor a different taste of the Khon Kaen nightlife. In case that you will be visiting the town, be sure to head on to any of these places for you to ensure that you will have a great time while in Khon Kaen.

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