Nightlife Guide to Koh Samui With Google Maps

In this article you’ll learn where to party in Koh Samui.

Koh Samui is the 2nd largest island we can find in Thailand which is next to Phuket.

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Koh Samui nightlife, Nightlife Guide to Koh Samui With Google Maps

This beautiful city of Koh Samui do offers tourists a very abundant island from coral reefs, sandy beaches, coconut trees and a lot more and as the time goes by, Koh Samui locals was able to expand and develop the island and from a sleepy island, Koh Samui is now full of tourist spots and destinations.

As Koh Samui expands, we can already find bungalows, building resorts, and luxury villas on the island and for over the years, the island is accommodating more and more rooms as the demand on the island grows since the island has a good ambiance from its natural attractions, resorts and villas, and of course there friendly and hospitable local residences.

Koh Samui nightlife, Nightlife Guide to Koh Samui With Google Maps

Koh Samui nightlife is actually famous and among the best in Thailand and what made the island’s parties legendary and attracts a lot of travelers and backpackers for its full moon parties which can be enjoyed until the break of the day in the soft white sand of the island.

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Tourists do also love the island’s variety of clubs, discos, and beer bars which made the island lively with their young crowd of travelers and locals.

There are actually a variety of Koh Samui nightlife that ranges from cheap whiskey and cheap bucket of beer, Thai dancing that can be found a short distance from the mud wrestling ladies boxing bouts and of course the always a hit country’s very famous transgender cabaret shows.

A lot of bars and pubs here in Koh Samui nightlife which are full of travelers, backpackers, or even local residences. Bars and pubs here in Koh Samui are always full of people who made the island very lively and fun and if you are looking for a variety of choices when you are in the place, here is my top five Koh Samui nightlife and experiences that you should try:

Soi Green Mango

Located in the centre of Chaweng, Green Mango is the soul and heart of upbeat and party all night entertainment on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. This super-club is actually the leading nightlife destination found in South East Thailand which attracts travelers, backpacker, and local residence with its cool tunes, great people, and a fun party atmosphere that would definitely give you the best time when in the island.

When you are in the club, you would surely notice its iconic and alluring tree house design that made the place very famous to tourists.

The rustic Green Mango design is actually inspired by the place’s setting since it is located at the Mango river.

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The club has an open air space featuring spacious dance floor and multiple bars that can accommodate a big crowd and if you are a party goer and loves the Koh Samui nightlife, the loud and latest sound system, great music, and creative lighting would definitely make you love this club even more.

Lamai Central Plaza

Well, as how the place is called, Lamai Central Plaza is located at the center of Lamai resort town.  Lamai Central Plaza usually gets busier and rowdy when the sun sets and things cool down a bit and the people would go wild and excited with the happenings in the Plaza and ends until 11:00 in the evening or sometimes later.

What travelers and backpackers love about the place is its loud music which produces a lively atmosphere and if you are also looking for a place in Koh Samui in where you can find Thai foods and even other cuisines, you must go and try this place.

People with their families can also enjoy Koh Samui nightlife in here for the place is also great for them especially if they have their kids with them during 6:00 – 8:00 in the evening.

Soi Reggae

Soi Reggae is one of the top Koh Samui nightlife’s main attractions in where we can see a two-story Reggae Pub with pool tables and a live and loud music band. Soi Reggae may be losing its snappiness as time goes by, we can still find a lot of foreigners and even locals visiting the place and enjoy some glass of beer with some friends.

Koh Samui nightlife, Nightlife Guide to Koh Samui With Google Maps

The place do usually gets busier and livelier when midnight comes in where we can also notice a lot of girls getting more and more aggressive. Although the place is full of working girls, foreigners can still find decent girls; you just have to approach them with some fun and humor.

Q Bar Samui

If you’ve already tried the Q Bar in Bangkok then you’ll know how chic, groovy, and hi-so reputation this place is but even though they have the same name and reputation, both bars do also have a lot of differences.

Q Bar Samui is located in a hillside which is found above Chaweng that made the place even greater for travelers, backpackers, and locals see the very beautiful view of the lake and town and what made the place even perfect is the sunset view.

Nightlife here in Q Bar Samui is indeed very fun and lively because they have top international DJs and the bar’s party usually starts at 11:00 in the evening and when the party already starts, people would really swing their hips from left to right, with live saxophonists and guitarist strolling around the place while mingling with the crowds and party goers.

But what’s hard when you are in the place celebrating Koh Samui nightlife is when you buy a drink there for it really costs a lot but still, you can always have a great time in the place without spending and drinking too much drinks.

Lady Boy Cabaret Shows

Are you looking for a great fun form of entertainment in Koh Samui nightlife? Well,Thai ladyboy Cabarets is the one for you. Ladyboys or ‘third sex’ might not be that open and accepted by everyone’s belief and culture, here in Koh Samui, they are one of the island’s best entertainment to whom they will perform various shows that would definitely make your day such as lip-synced interpretations of the hit songs today with complete costumes and make-up.

What’s great with this ladyboys is that some of them are really lady-like that you wouldn’t know that they are not ladies at birth at all. If you wanted to experience their performance, a lot of cabaret shows are located near the Centara Grand beach Resort but please do have an open mind while watching the show and enjoy!

One of the things that also made Koh Samui nightlife famous is there bar girls or working girls to which a lot of foreigners love to have some fun with.

When visiting the island, they say that working girls are actually pretty normal because these girls are into finding tourists and foreigners that they can spend their time with and of course to earn money from them. There are plenty of working girls on Koh Samui and sex tourism is indeed an obvious part of Koh Samui nightlife scene and if you are searching for one, most of them are found on the island’s bars, pubs, and clubs.

You can find happy ending massages in Koh Samui too.

As the ‘girls for hire’ scene in Thailand goes natural we can already notice for casual and unimposing this thing is for both the girls and the punters and these Koh Samui girls are not just found during night time but also during day time.

Most of these Thai freelancers girls are sexy and fun loving whom are making these kind of living in a fun way and if you are able to find a bar with this kind of girls, it won’t be long before one of them approaches you but if you would rather sit alone than having one of them, they would accept it and simply leave you alone but when you’ll try to visit go go venues, these girls would press you to them a drink.

If you are going to visit the place, you can actually see a lot of foreigners having Koh Samui girls in their arm which since ‘temporary girlfriend’ is also normal in the place in where foreigners will find Thai girls who they can hooked up with when staying in Koh Samui, giving them gifts or even some money and will eventually end their relationship as soon as they leave the island.

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Koh Samui nightlife, Nightlife Guide to Koh Samui With Google Maps

Although these kind of girls are found in the Koh Samui nightlife, foreigners can still find good and innocent girls living in the island.

People in Koh Samui are indeed very nice and friendly and so, we don’t really need to judge all of them just because of what other girls do; we just really have to find the true and decent kind of girls if ever we are into a serious kind of relationship.

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