Beginner’s Guide To Sex in Phuket

In this article you’ll learn where to find sex in Phuket.

Phuket is one of the islands found in Thailand and is actually the largest one which makes it attracts more tourists and even locals to visit the place.

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sex in Phuket, Beginner’s Guide To Sex in Phuket

What people love about the place are there white sand beaches, diving spots, great and kind people, and of course there bar girls. Prostitution is in fact a known thing in Thailand which is one of the main attractions of the country.

You can actually find pretty girls in Phuket in different ways from their bars, pubs, massage parlors and if you want an easier method,the best one is through online dating.

Online dating has been much known in Asia for the past few years and it has been away for Asians to find someone to date or to hook up with from the other side of the globe.

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Smooci Phuket

Smooci has now launched in Phuket. Since launching in Bangkok back in 2016, Smooci has become the most popular escort booking service in the city.

Its also now well established in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many other destination. There are several reasons why Smooci will be a game changer for the Phuket escort scene; it’s booking system is smooth and easy, you can place a booking request in a few clicks and receive live booking updates via SMS.

sex in Phuket, Beginner’s Guide To Sex in Phuket

They verify escorts and reviews to help raise the quality and weed out the unreliable independent escorts and agencies. And best of all, they have found a way to bring discounts and exclusive prices.

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Dating Sites

You may want to do some online dating first before visiting Phuket for whenever you’ll be able to catch a lady through online dating, they might offer you an accommodation for your whole stay in the place. Here are 2 top online dating sites in Phuket that you should try:

Thai Cupid –  named as the largest Thai dating site, Thai Cupid has over 1 million members to whom you can choose from. This site is actually free and you can register to it easily. You may use this site to find the woman of your life or even to find someone for you to experience sex in Phuket.

sex in Phuket, Beginner’s Guide To Sex in PhuketThai Cupid has been operational since 2002 and it was able to connect singles from Thailand and from other countries around the world together. It isn’t really that easy to connect people from other places but Thai Cupid was able to handle it wherever in the World you may be.

Thai Friendly – looking for a large variety of Thai girls? Well, Thai Friendly has a lot of registered women which is now over 800,000 and counting and these ladies found in Thai Friendly aren’t just girls from Phuket but also in Bankok, Pattaya, and all over Thailand which gives you a lot of chance the to choose whoever passes your tastes.

As you go through the site, you’ll be able to see the images of those who are online and you can easily choose among them with what your tastes and preferences are from teenagers, matured, skinny or chubby. You may check their website here


Whenever you are talking about bars and clubs, Thailand particularly Phuket is one of the best in Asia. Phuket is basically known for its great night life with a large variety of night life parties from nightclubs, pubs, and even go go bars. I have a list here of clubs and hostess bars that you should check upon visiting the beautiful island of Phuket.

Le Versace – is a bar found in Patong and is an all rolled bar into one in where you can find a restaurant, hotel, and lounge in one place. This bar is famous for being the highest open-air restaurant in Phuket and was able to receive a reward from TripAdvisor in 2015 for being the Traveler’s Choice Award.

What also makes this bar a famous one is for their French cuisine and their killer cocktails that everybody would surely love. So, if you are just looking for a romantic night out or in a special celebration and not a sex in Phuket, you can always visit and try Le Versace.

Wassa Homemade Bar – are you looking for a place in where you can enjoy the breath taking sunset views of Phuket? Wassa Homemade is a known bar in Phuket and is one of the top destination in the island in where you can witness the sunset while sipping there great cocktails and do operates from 2PM until 10PM.

This bar is located in the west coast of Phuket and you can always enjoy their 180-view of the bay just below the bar. They also have a great menu for snacks for those who are feeling peckish. With the place’s great food and view, you shouldn’t forget bringing your camera with you for some remembrance.

Devil’s Playground A Go Go – even though this bar isn’t the best for a sex in Phuket, a lot of people still prefer this one and is indeed one of their favourite. Devil’s playground do offers a bar with the fanciest design from its great set up that brings you in a cave-like hell with girls dressed like angels and devils.

The bar has a lot of the hottest in town and aims to have its costumers a really good time with some fascinating aerobics, dirty dancing, and even spanking. As what the bar’s name is, you would really experience a hell-like party and fun in devil’s playground which made this the favourite of most tourists.

Suzy Wong’s A Go Go – this hostess bar is actually the most popular one in Phuket and you can agree on that one as you go to the place. Even though the bar isn’t that spacious, you can still see how crowded the place is. What tourists love here in Suzy Wong’s A Go Go is how the ladies would entertain you since on the minute you enter the bar, a lady would come to you naked and spank you with a foam bat.

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There are two kinds of ladies in this club which is their regular stuffs and models which are really cute and very attractive. Bar fines in Suzy Wong’s isn’t really a problem for tourists since this is one of the cheapest one you can find in Phuket considering that you’ll be able to experience fun sex in Phuket afterwards.

sex in Phuket, Beginner’s Guide To Sex in Phuket

Harem A Go Go – Harem can be found at Soi Seadragon and it is one of the newest and also the best go go bars in Phuket in where you can find the cutest and youngest dancers striping in the stage.

When it is still your first time visiting the place, you may think that the place looks like you’re in an upscale lounge from their red velvet sofas with modern decorations.

There are different kinds of shows this bar has from girls performing lesbian and you can also enjoy some solo kind of sexy aerobic shows. When you are already in the place, it is a recommended one if you seat on their wooden bar first upon checking on these ladies before choosing the one that you wants to have a sex in Phuket with.

Sex with Phuket hookers

If you are a person’s who is into sex tourism, it is highly recommended and advised to be cautious and always have any prevention measurements such as a condom when having sex in Phuket especially with Thai hookers.

If you aren’t able to bring or buy a condom, then the girl should have one since it isn’t really worth the risk.

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According to the records and tally of Avert Org which is a global information about HIV and AIDS.

HIV has been very keen in Phuket and as of the moment, there has been more than 400,000 HIV patients in the country and what scares us the most is that 18,000 people died since 2013 because of this illness. It was noted that for all the HIV/AIDS patients in Thailand, 12% of them are from female sex workers. So, you really have to watch out before having sex in Phuket.

It is really not that easy to control yourself to have sex in Phuket but HIV/AIDS has led to an outbreak not just in Phuket but rather all over the world already and being preventive to it is the best thing to do as of the moment and using condom is actually not that bad compared to having HIV just because of not having one.

Price of Sex in Phuket

Sex in Phuket may be the highest one when it comes to Thailand but compared to other countries in Asia.

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When getting a hooker for the night, you still have to pay for their drinks which ranges from 5-8 USD and if you wanted to bring them at your place, they usually charges 70+ USD for a short time and 120+ USD for the whole night.

Accommodation in Phuket is also cheap one in where you can already at a hostel with just 15 USD per night with an additional of 5 USD for your guest.

If you’re looking for better value, sex in Bangkok and Pattaya freelancers are cheaper, simply because Phuket attacks a lot of tourists.

You can also find luxury hotels and resorts with only 60 USD per night but you have to ask if it’s fine to bring someone with you since they may charge you for that.

There are lots of ladyboys in Phuket, if you’re unsure you can as the girl and they almost always tell you the truth.

You can always be wise whenever you wants to have sex with this lovely ladies in Phuket and you should also check your bill before paying; some bars gives extra charges even though you are not accountable to it.

sex in Phuket, Beginner’s Guide To Sex in Phuket

Phuket is indeed a very great place not just for sex tourism but also for their tourist spots and destinations so, enjoy whilst you can.

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Where do you go for sex in Phuket?

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