5 Places to Find Freelancers in Phuket

In this article you’ll learn where to meet freelance hookers in Phuket. If you want to meet normal girls in Phuket for free then check this article. freelancers in Phuket, 5 Places to Find Freelancers in Phuket To start with, Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. It geographic is attractive, has trendy nightclubs, luxury resorts and vibrant beer and Agogo clubs. The girls here are even better; cute, with big boobs and pretty face. I bet you will find a girl of your dreams in Phuket. For such a great destination with an extreme sexual nightlife, where do you narrow your hunt? Well, time to keep your eyes peeled as I will give you all the details you need about freelancers in Phuket and better, Phuket nightlife girl’s price for you to budget. Phuket Island has two heavens full of girls: the south-west and South East. South West (Patong and Bangala Rd) has is where more magic happens and is considered the hotspot of Phuket nightlife. If you are keen on knowing where to get weed in BKK, be sure to subscribe to the channel below: https://youtu.be/j0HbIHjnG5g Related post: Learn where to find the best go go bars in Patong. It’s dotted with sex venues, hundreds of hookers and probably thousands of freelancers There are three primary types of freelancers in Phuket: Disco and nightclub freelancers, Beach freelancers and dating site freelancer. That being said, let us pinpoint the location to meet freelancers.

Discos and Nightclubs Freelancers in Phuket

They are like the waterhole for freelancers in Phuket. In fact, 80% of the girls here are freelancers looking for a “sexy man” with money to spend. freelancers in Phuket, 5 Places to Find Freelancers in PhuketThis means that half the work is done and all you need is get and stay interested. Here are the top venues to get a sexy freelancer in Phuket. If you want something less intense read my guide on nightlife in Koh Samui, it’s a nice island and not too far from Phuket.

Suzy Wong

Suzy Wong is an icon club along Bangala road. It houses some of the hottest and naughty chics in Phuket. Do not be surprised if a random Thai girl spanks you on your way to your table. I advise you get early as the place get pretty busy.
  • Address: 23/17-18 Soi Sea Dragon, Bangala Rd, Patong Beach
  • Open hours: Mon to Sun 7:30 PM – 3 AM
  • Call: +66 87 272 2588

The Secret

The secret is an upscale go-go bar and best for stage shows. It has gorgeous Thai women. Related: find out where to meet girls in Soi 6 Pattaya and how local Thai girls in Pattaya. Compared to other venues, The Secret is a bit pricey but the night erotic and lesbian shows make it worth.
  • Address: Soi Esy, Patong


Tiger is a nightclub attracting lots of freelancer in Phuket who love hip hop and electronic. The crowd is frenzy especially later in the night.
  • Address: Soi Bangala, Bangala Rd, Patong.
  • Price: Free entrance until midnight. After midnight 300 Baht which comes with one drink
  • Open hours : 8 pm – 3:30 am , all days.
  • Freelancers: 90%

Illuzion Discotheque

Illuzion is another high-end nightclub in Phuket. It can host more than 3,000 people, so you are assured to get a beautiful freelancer in Phuket.
  • Address: Thanon Bangala , Patong , Phuket
  • Open hours : Mon to Sat 10PM-4AM
  • Price: Entrance 300 Baht, free entrance on Tuesdays.
Beer cost 200 Baht, 280 Baht for Cocktail, natural water 120 Baht.
  • Freelancers: 40 %

Red Hot club

If you would love to hook up with a sexy freelancer as you watch your favorite sport, Red Hot club is where you need to be.
  • Address: Pa Tong , Kathu District, Phuket.
  • Open hours : 24/7
  • Entrance fee: free
  • Freelancers: 60%
While its normal to see foreign girls here and there in these clubs, hot Thai girls dominate. Related: find out where to meet freelancers in Pattaya and my guide on Erotic massages in Pattaya. Phuket nightlife girl’s price for club freelancer: Most of the clubs in Phuket have free entry. Drinks cost range is 120-180 Baht. Club freelancers go with 1000 -1500 short time and 1500-2500 Baht long time.

Street freelancers

Freelancers swarm Bangala road and the beach area in Phuket. You can easily identify a hooker along these areas by their mode of dressing. freelancers in Phuket, 5 Places to Find Freelancers in Phuket It does not matter when you go there, day and night you shall see these sexy Thai girls ready to offer pleasure. However, if you want a bigger selection, visit the area from about 5 pm until 10 pm. Related: handjob massages in Phuket. Once you get a girl you like, you can take them to your hotel for longtime, ensure its guest friendly, or a hotel for a short time. She can recommend the most appropriate. Others are okay to go to their places, but I won’t recommend it as most of the Freelancers in Thai have multiple roommates. Phuket nightlife girl’s price for street freelancers: Approximately 1,000 Baht.

Dating sites

If you do not like the hype that comes with clubs or maybe feel shy to approach hookers in Phuket, worry not as dating sites suits you. There are tons of beautiful Thai girls in for example Thai Cupid, who are looking to make money and have fun with foreigners in Phuket. Thai Cupid is not only free but also a way to handjob massages in Phuket.freelancers in Phuket, 5 Places to Find Freelancers in PhuketMajority of these girls are close by, and you can meet for a quick one or date the entire trip. For us looking for freelancers, you can note them by a look at their profile pictures. Most freelancers in Phuket looking for a man in Thai sites are dressed in short sext dress, show their cleavage and openly describe what they want ex, looking for a good man to take care of me.” You will get hundreds of Phuket girls here ready to chat. An example of these dating sites is Thai Friendly. It’s easy to sign up and has a friendly interface. Avoid sending money to any girl before you meet her. While the admin does an excellent job of keeping all users in check, don’t put yourself up as a fool. Phuket nightlife girl’s price for dating site freelancer: While the website itself is free to use, a hooker will quote a 1,000 Baht. You can choose to negotiate or go with it since it’s a good deal considering she will come over to your room. Related: where to pick up Phuket girls. Actually, there is a fourth but less common type of freelancer in Phuket – the girls with regular jobs who don’t mind some sideline income. There will be many ladyboys in Phuket, so if you’re unsure always ask them and they are usually honest. If you walk into a restaurant, hotel, festival, etc. and notice lots of staff ladies giving you long look, show interest. You can ask for their contact and text them later. Again, anything between a 1000 baht and 1500 Baht is fair. If you want to get meet girls in Phuket for free then check this article. freelancers in Phuket, 5 Places to Find Freelancers in Phuket Related reading: find where to find sex in Phuket and the best nightlife areas in Krabi. Remember that Phuket nightlife girl’s price is flexible, more so with street girls. If you find some freelancers in Phuket expensive, there is almost always a better deal around the corner.

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