Best Go Go Bars in Phuket

Go go bars are just one of the places that attract male tourists in Phuket.

Imagine yourself having a bottle of cold beer while you watch these attractive and slim Thai girls shaking their asses off in front of you.

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, Best Go Go Bars in Phuket

You would have probably seen a similar scene in a movie. But the difference is that these girls are in for fun and it is cheaper!

If you are planning a holiday in Phuket or Patong, perhaps we can delight you with some of the best go go bar in Phuket/ Patong area.

You can be able to find a line of go go bars up in Soi Bangla – which is a popular nightlife place when in town. There are lots of things that this side of town offers you but for now we will focus on go go bars and give you a glimpse of the go go bar Phuket experience.

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Just a little bit of info, go go bars in Patong or Phuket are different from each other.

What happens inside a go go bar?

For you curious and newbie minds, some go go bars have girls take their clothes off completely while there are some who put on shows and some places do not take their underwear off (yes, that part is boring). To sum it up, they do put on a sensual show for males to enjoy.

You can be able to take out a go go bar girl for a couple of hours if you want to hook up with them for a certain price. If money is not an object to you, you can pay as much as 4,000 baht for the whole go go bar Phuket experience.

This includes – buying her a drink, buying yourself a drink, paying the bar fine, renting a short time room) and of course, don’t forget the tip!

By now, you might probably be curious enough so we’ll now move on to the next topic which is:

The Best Go Go Bars in Phuket

Suzy Wong’s A Go Go – this is the most famous go go bar in town. Suzy Wong’s is located at Soi Seadragon. The place is not as big as what you think about other entertainment complexes. The bar usually gets jam packed because well, they are famous.

Suzy Wong’s houses young and attractive looking girls. If you are planning to visit the place, don’t be surprised if you the girls get a little bit naughty with you.

There are two types of girls in this go go bar Phuket – the regular staff and the models who actually look stunning! Overall, the girls are not bad looking so you will have your money’s worth.

, Best Go Go Bars in Phuket

Expect to pay around 99 baht for a local beer. Spirits and cocktails costs about 150 baht while lady’s drinks are around 190 baht.

If you want to take a go go girl out, bar fine is 800 baht (which is for the regular looking girl). If it’s your birthday and you want to splurge some money, model’s bar fine costs about 2,600 baht.

There are no ladyboys in Phuket go go bars as far as I know, there are some in the beer bars and on Bangla Road.

Plus you will have to pay their short time rate or if you want to spend the whole night, pay the long time rate.

There is no doubt that this place is famous since everyone seems to be raving about how sexy and fun the girls are in Suzy Wong’s.

Devil’s Playground

If your visit at Suzy Wong’s seems to be at a bad time because of a huge crowd, there’s no need to worry because there is another go go bar up in Soi Seadragon. Devil’s Playground is another great place to see young and attractive Thai girls gyrating in the center stage.

As you enter their façade, you will be greeted with a woman wearing skimpy clothes and a horny headband. The place looks sinful because of their gothic-like design which is more like a cave with different lights, etc. Girls working in there are usually wearing angel costumes.

Devil’s Playground is managed by the same people at Suzy Wong’s. Prices are slightly different. Local beers are priced at 99 baht while cocktails/ ladies drinks are at 200 baht. Again, if you want to take a girl out bar fine is at 800 baht.

Candy Club

Candy Club is now called Harem and is also located at Soi Seadragon. Girls can get pretty naughty at Candy Club, with a hint of sweet. The place is decent looking with luxurious style interior design and a small stage in the middle for everyone’s enjoyment. Most of these girls are wearing skimpy two piece swimsuits so you can have a sneak peek.

Entrance is free and local beers are also priced at 99 baht. Other beers and drinks are priced starting at 180 baht. This is another Suzy Wong franchise but the girls in this establishment are actually younger and cuter.


Another famous go go bar in Patong is Exotica which has recently been renovated. This means that the place looks new. You can be able to see white walls, mirrors and bright lights compared to other go go bars that are usually dimly-lit. What’s unique about Exotica is that they also hold foam shows where girls dance sensually in the foam.

Girls are friendly and they also have this sort of thing that they don’t overcharge their customers. Some bars in Patong or Thailand itself have become infamous since some guests gets shocked when their bill comes. Exotica promises they are not rip offs so that is something that you should not stress about. Drinks are priced just the same as the other go go bars in Soi Seadragon. If you want to take a girl out for a short time, you can pay around 2,000 to 3,000 baht and 3,000 to 5,000 baht for long time experience.

Diablo A Go Go

Just before you arrive at Suzy Wong’s you might be able to pass by Diablo A Go Go which is of the same Soi as with the others. They have also been recently renovated outside but inside is still quite the same. You will be able to see a typical go go bar in Phuket – which consists of center stages, stools and chairs around the side.

Diablo A Go Go is quite okay but not something that deserves a rave about. The girls working at Diablo are quite attractive, but who cares really? You might probably have stepped inside, have a drink and leave to move on to the next go go bar.

Drinks at Diablo are priced between 120 baht to 140 baht. Diablo, just like any other go go bars in Patong, caters to tourists, foreigners, and locals – single or couples.

So if you are not into the mood of hooking up with a go go girl, you can still have fun regardless. Diablo a go go is located at Soi Seadragon and you can check their Facebook page at

The Secret

Moving away from Soi Seadragon, the Secret which is located at Bangla Road is another famous go go bar in Patong that is worth visiting.

The Secret is actually quite different with the other go go bars in the area because they don’t just have women dancing in the middle – they also hold ping pong shows. For those who are not quite familiar, ping pong shows are sensual/exciting/ weird shows where women does a lot of unexpected things.

The Secret is just a typical looking go go bar in Patong. There is nothing to be excited about except they boast of the classic ping pong show.

They actually charge a bit higher for the drinks which is about 900 baht. Ladies drinks are priced at around 250 baht. You can be able to bar fine a girl at the standard price of 800 baht.

Rock Hard A Go Go

Rock Hard has been quite famous back in the 80s and 90s until it has lost its luster because of competition. Recently it has got back to go go bar Patong scene but it is given a modern, younger twist.

Girls are bikini clad but unlike in Diablo (who are just wearing black bikinis), Rock Hard a go go girls are wearing bikini costumes.

You will be able to find Rock Hard a go go at Bangla road. While they call themselves a “gentleman’s club”, you will be surprised to see women patrons or even couples.

Mostly they are just there out of curiosity and have a feel of hanging out in a go go bar watching women dancing in poles. They usually have shows like wet-t shirt and play rock classics.

The following are the best normal clubs in Phuket

Seduction Nightclub

With its new location (right up on Bangla Road), it is still as famous since they normally have international DJs and great sound system to match with.

This place has very free Phuket freelancers and is mostly full of tourists.

Seduction usually gets jam packed especially in the weekends. The party doesn’t start until 2am. You will be able to see lots of young partyg oers since this is a relatively new place.

The place features 3 other clubs on the upper floor which are BLOW, a Russian Club and a Sheeshah club.

Entrance fee is priced at 300 baht with no drinks included. If you have the money to splurge, you can also try the VIP club for 1,000 baht. Once you get your hand stamped, you can come and leave as you please for the night.

Probability of hooking up with a bar girl/ Thai hooker – 2 out of 10

Banana Disco

Moving on to the next bar is called Banana Disco, also located on Bangla Road. You can be able to see it because of its fancy design (a bright, yellow banana sign).

The place has been opened since 1993 so it is a pretty established venue for partygoers especially those who have been in Patong a few times.

You can be able to find working Phuket girls here in Banana Disco, so if you are looking for someone to hook up with this is the place that is a definite to go to.

Unlike Seduction Banana is pretty much affordable since the admission fee is priced at 200 baht which includes one drink. If you are in the mood for dancing, just go to the 2nd floor of the bar and expect a huge dancefloor.

Red Hot Club

This is another place to enjoy live music while you are in Patong.  The place has been opened since 2012 and still has been fledging ever since.

One reason why it is flocked by lots of tourist is because of its great music and bands. Interior is just your typical bar/ nightclub with stools and tables on the side. They offer a wide variety of drinks so this place can be a mix of everything from the music to drinks which is the reason why it can be busy at most nights.

They also host party-themed nights from costumes to designs to music so this is one place that you can definitely enjoy Patpong nightlife.

Admission is free and you can be able to find hookers in Patong in the area.

Sin City Bar

Located under Tiger Disco on Bangla Road, Sin City Bar is another place to experience the Patong nightlife. Opens every day from 8pm up until 4am so you would really be able to party all night long.

The establishment caters mostly to tourists and foreigners alike since you can be able to find go go bar girls dancing on poles or by the bar. Once you enter the bar, you can be able to realize that it is one Sin City because the things that patrons do can get pretty crazy and wild.

They offer beer, liquor and spirits and also have mixed drinks, etc.  If you are looking for a great night out, then Sin City is one of the best place to visit.

Heroes Bar

Also located on Bangla Road, Heroes bar is a friendly bar with a more tamed atmosphere compared to Sin City. They have an open bar in the front where you can be able to enjoy the beachfront while having a drink or two.

The bar is mostly flocked by Western tourists male and female alike. They also hold viewing parties for big football games so it is also some kind of a sports club, live music bar and chill out bar at the same time. You can be able to enjoy great acoustic music here.

Probability of finding a girl at Heroes Bar is 2 out of 10 since this is not your typical nightclub cum go go bar.

Hollywood Disco

Opened since 2008, Hollywood is packed with Thai bar girls so this is a surefire way to hook up for the night.

It can be jam packed but it could also be pretty empty most nights. This is why this place is a lot easier to get into compared to other clubs such as Seduction.

One downside of Hollywood is that drinks are not priced cheap especially if you are on a budget.

Probability of getting a girl/ hooking up with a bar girl is 9 out of 10 (depending on your charm and luck!)

Edit: Hollywood Disco is now Illuzion.

Tai Pan Club

Guests are free to enter so this is one positive start. Tai Pan is also an established venue when it comes to Patong nightlife. Another good point is that there are several bar girls as well! You can definitely hook up with girls in this side of Patong.

You will find lots of women dancing on poles and pushing newbie sex-craved tourist for expensive drinks. If you are one old-timer, you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget and you will be able to have a great time here in this Bangla Road bar.

Facebook Page:

New Tiger Disco

New Tiger Disco is a huge discotheque/ entertainment complex in Patong. It is not too hard to miss because of its huge tiger design and rocky cave look.

The place had just been recently renovated but the one thing that has caught most of the patron’s attention are the women dancing on poles. Of course, this is one feature that most single foreign male on a holiday looks up for – some sort of the bestseller in a menu.

This is another definite place where you can be able to hook up with girls while in Patong.

, Best Go Go Bars in Phuket

Entrance fee is at 150 baht and plays hip hop and techno music for those who are looking to find their groove. It could get really busy at around 2am when all the bars are closed so this is also a good time to hook up with girls and you might get lucky to find a good bargain.

Illuzion Discotheque

Moving on to the next best Patong nightlife is Illuzion. If you have the budget, then this place is a definite venue. Illuzion is considered an upscale or in Thai lingo “Hi-So” place (short for high society).

The interior is quite classy with a modern twist matched with state-of-the-art seating and lighting features.

Beers and drinks cost a little bit expensive compared to other bars and are listed as follows: Beers at 200 baht and cocktails at 280 baht. If you want to party hard, give it a go for the whiskey which costs 4,000 baht for Red Label, 4,500 baht for Black Label and 3,500 baht for 100 Pipers.

, Best Go Go Bars in Phuket

They house 4 International DJs and 8 international dancers so this place is quite hard to beat. They also hold different events every month so there is no escape why you should not come down to Illuzion while you are in Patong.

The question is, will you be able to find girls here at Illuzion? Yes, this is a good place to find normal girls but these girls are mostly Western girls and not the Thai girl that you have been fantasizing about.

Molly Malone’s Irish Pub

Moving away from the loud and noisy is Molly Malone’s Irish Pub. Has been opened since 1999 this is one nightlife where you can also have a relaxing and calming nightlife while in Patong. When you say Irish pub, it is inevitable to see Gaelic designs and anything green.

Enjoy a chilled or cold pint of Guinness or watch any of the live sports broadcast from one of their big screen televisions. If you are up for a game, you can also enjoy a classic run of pool with your mates.

It is affordable and quiet so the probability of finding a girl would be 2 out of 10 as this is not usually flocked by locals or at least working girls. You can also be able enjoy live music by local bands singing mostly English songs.

Famous Nightclub

Located at the rooftop of Jungceylon Shopping complex offers a classy and expensive nightlife which is Famous. One of its great feature is the glass bottom swimming pool.

People inside the nightclub will be able to see the water action from its ceiling while those in the pool will be able to have a glimpse of the dance floor from underneath. Great place to party with Hi-so people. They also host several types of parties such as foam parties, white parties, etc. so you can be sure that every event is exciting.

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If you want to meet girls for free in Phuket, then check out this article.

You will be able to visit them between 7:30 pm and they are open up until 3:30am. Rock Hard A Go Go is no exception to checking out girls for a short time or long time. Bar fine is at around 800 baht and the rate for short/long time are as the same as others.

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Where are your favourite go go bars in Phuket?

, Best Go Go Bars in Phuket


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