Happy Ending Massage in Chiang Mai

If you’re coming to Chiang Mai looking for a happy ending massage, you have come to the right place.

Happy Ending Massage in Chiang Mai, Happy Ending Massage in Chiang MaiIf you want to get laid with normal Thai girls in Chiang Mai, check out this article.

They have go go bars, beer bars, and nightclubs. After a hard night of partying, the best way to enjoy Chiang Mai is trying out their happy ending massages.

Some parts of Chiang Mai offer extra service after an hour of legit massage.

There are also some parts that explicitly do not offer these services. If you go to the old town of Chiang Mai, these are family friendly massage spas and salons. It would be pretty embarrassing if you walk in to these establishments asking if they do these service.

For male farangs such as tourists and expats it would be an entirely different type of entertainment. Massage parlors in Chiang Mai are legit.

They offer legit massage with price starting from 150 Baht. Some girls working at legit spas and massage parlors would offer extra service such as hand jobs to get extra tip. This is where the fun begins.

You can’t think that all men are into extra service. When the girl offers you extra service and you decline, you would see disappoint all over their face – it is a waste of a good and easy 500 Baht for an hour.

Prices for Massage plus handjobs in Chiang Mai

If you are coming to Chiang Mai the first time, the best thing to do is to avoid any types of rip offs or scams.

It is good that you should know how much the standard prices for happy ending massages in Chiang Mai are. Just a little basic info, opt in for the oil massage instead of the traditional dry Thai massage where it involves a lot of bending, cracking and stretching of the body. It would not be something that can make you feel relaxed.

Average price for a regular, legit massage starts at 150baht. Regular massage parlors which have girls that offer “extra service” will give you a hand job Chiang Mai for 500 baht. Anything offering the same service for about 1,000 baht is a sham for happy endings in Chiang Mai.

Don’t be such a noob.

The only time you may be asked to pay more than 500b for a HJ is if the girl is young (mid 20s) and is very hot, then she may ask for anywhere between 600-1000b.

Most girls who offer HJ are in their mid to late 30-40s and aren’t all that hot but very good at what they do. If you’re looking for someone who is smoking hot you’ll need to check out a Kapoo club where prices start at around 2,000b or more.

Those offering full extra service or sex is very seldom and these places are highly discreet. Otherwise, the place will be shut down by officials.

Where to find extra service

Most of the dirty massage parlors offering handjobs in Chiang Mai are located or concentrated on tourist areas such as Loi Kroh, Kampaengdin, Sridonchai, Changklan Road and also around Tahpae.

Stay away from the main or old town since these places only offer legit and decent massage and they do not offer happy endings massage in Chiang Mai.

Here are some of the places that you can check out as these are massage parlors that definitely offers extra service:

M & M Massage – Located on Ratchapakhinai Road, it is a quaint and small shop that offers different type of massage such as fully body, foot massage etc. You can have a massage for as little as 150 Baht. The downside is that it is really small and the rooms are divided with a curtain. You can definitely get a hand job from one of their girls for 500 Baht. Girls are average looking. Good place to go to if you are in the area.

Dao Massage – located on Loikhor Road, Dao massage mostly caters to local and foreign men offering handjobs. The shop front is not the typical high-end massage salons. They offer typical Thai massage as well as full body oil massage for 250 Baht per hour.

Lucky Massage – Lucky Massage looks a decent type of massage parlor but masseuse offering happy ending service to its patrons is inevitable. They are located on Loikroh Road and their oil massage prices starts at 250 Baht. Their beds are comfortable so you can be sure that you will have a relaxing time while having a massage.

Ying and Yang 1 – another massage parlor in Chiang Mai that offers happy ending massages. The place is quite good with decent interior. In fact this is a legit spa but some of the masseuse here offers kinky happy endings to earn extra cash. The place is also equipped with air conditioning to cool you down from the Thai heat. Standard price for an oil massage is at 250 Baht. Hand job is at 500 Baht.

Sang Samrit – Sang Samrit is a massage parlor that offers the same type of service just like the others.

They are open from 9 am to 11 pm. Your masseuse would offer extra service as soon as they start doing your chest. They would smile at you and ask “extra service?” Most of the times, they are massaging your inner thighs and it would pretty inevitable for you to decline since your dick is already throbbing.

Relax House – Relax House Massage is located on Sridonchai Road and they cater to locals and foreign clients. They also offer extra service so this place is highly patronized by male clients. Their rate for a regular oil massage is at 250 Baht. Extra service starts at 500 Baht for handjobs at this Chaing Mai joint.

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If you are too tired to leave your place, you can also opt in to call a home service such as Jenie’s Home Job. You can ask them to come to your hotel or apartment and give you the same treatment/ service right into your home. This could involve a bit expensive rate since they would have to go their way to do home visits.There are some who would opt for these service because it gives me discretion of not being seen visiting those naughty places.

Erotic Massages in Chiang Mai

There are also other erotic massage that you can enjoy while in Chiang Mai. If you’ve ever heard of the body-to-body massage where you are all covered in oil naked as well as your masseuse. Instead of using their hands to give you a massage, they use their bodies and rub it against yours. It is considered as foreplay.

However, prices are quite different for this type of service. They range from 1,300 to 1,800 Baht depending on the place. The girl will shower with you first prior to doing the deed.

If you are having a good time with the girl, you can also give it an extra shot for and additional 200 to 300 Baht. If you are up for a threesome, you can have 2 girls for an additional 800 Baht.

Soapy Massage Parlors

Another type of erotic massage offered in Chiang Mai is through soapy massage parlors who also offer hand job services.

In this place, you walk in an establishment where you will be escorted to pick your masseuse off a fishbowl. Depending on the type of place and time of the day – there will be instances where the fishbowl are full of girls or less. Which means that you can have lots of choices.

They are numbered so you can be able to identify which one you would like to give you the service.

You will then be asked to pay for the service and escorted to your room. Rooms in soapy massage parlors in Chiang Mai are equipped with a large bed, a huge tub and a shower.

Happy Ending Massage in Chiang Mai, Happy Ending Massage in Chiang Mai

The girl will then be waiting for you in your room and give you a bath. She can either give you a little teasing while on the tub just to get you into the mood.

Then she will lead you to bed and give you a massage (or it could be sex) depends on the circumstances if she likes you. She might give you another shot to blow your load off for an extra price but that again depends on her mood.

Chiang Mai Girls

Many foreigners (mostly Western men) seem to think that Asian girls are attractive. Thai girls are pretty and slender which is they seldom see back home. Most of the girls working at these type of establishments are driven into prostitution because of poverty. Others are also enjoying doing the deed especially if they like you. Women working here are aged between 18 to 26 years old.

Other girls would go to Bangkok massages or Pattaya massages because they think that a large part of tourists would visit these towns instead of Chiang Mai.

Happy Ending Massage in Chiang Mai, Happy Ending Massage in Chiang Mai

Other girls would also find their sort of “sugar daddy” who are able to support them financially while they are still working at the club. There are still a couple of newbies who would fall for that though.

Can you get hand jobs in normal massage shops?

Yes you can although your luck depends on the massage shop and lady.

If you want to get a normal massage and hope the girl offers extras then you always need to go for an oil massage because all oil massages are done in a private room and you’re usually naked or just in your boxer shorts.

My advice is to always ask for the oil massage then when you’re taken to your room, just strip down naked and lie head down on the massage bed.

If the lady asks if you want a shower first I suggest taking one even if you don’t need one as she is more likely to offer you a hand job or extras if she thinks you’re clean.

They won’t always offer you one if you do this but when going ot normal massage shops this is the best way to get extras.

Don’t get a Thai massage as you’re given clothes to wear and are usually in a room with other people and foot massages are usually done on the groud floor in plain sight of everyone.

Can you catch STDs from these massages?

If you just get a handjob the chances of catching any STD is very very low. HJs are given without condoms.

If you ask for other services such as full sex or blowjobs, then there is an increased chance of catching something. You should always be wearing a condom when choosing FS.

The Downside of Happy Ending massages in Chiang Mai

Sure enough you might already be interested about availing a happy ending massage in Chiang Mai.

To some it is very convenient – no flirting, buying your company ladies drinks, no need to rent a short time room, etc. Everything you need is just right there. Some men do not see any downside to it.

But if you want full sex, there are still other options or places that you can go to in Chiang Mai along with happy endings.

Happy Ending Massage in Chiang Mai, Happy Ending Massage in Chiang MaiIf you want to get laid with normal Thai girls in Chiang Mai, check out this article.

For quick relief, happy ending massage in Chiang Mai is a best way for you to spend your lazy afternoon in town. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the happy ending massage industry is booming in Chiang Mai.

Try one of those happy ending massage before you head on to experience Chiang Mai nightlife.

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