Tourist Guide to Hat Yai Nightlife

In this article I show you the best spots in Hat Yai Nightlife, Thailand.

Are you familiar with Hat Yai and where it is located? If you are travelling from Thailand and plans to go directly to Malaysia then you should probably stop by the city of Hat Yai first.

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, Tourist Guide to Hat Yai Nightlife

The city is located far south of Thailand just near Malaysian border and although the place isn’t that know compared to Bangkok and other cities in Thailand, you can surely still find a lot of fun and wild memories to treasure here in Hat Yai.

Just like with Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Udon Thani, Hat Yai do also have a lot to offer its tourists and a few of those are their Magic Eye 3D Museum, Clock Tower and their Municipal Park but if you are the person who loves partying all night long with your colleagues then you can absolutely try Hat Yai nightlife.

As Hat Yai have a large variety of choices for their nightlife scene, you can surely choose among their city nightlife happenings depending on what you’d like. Hat Yai actually have their bars and clubs, soapy massage and happy ending massage parlors for their Hat Yai nightlife.

Hat Yai Bars

I actually have here 5 girly bars in Hat Yai where you can find a lot of Hat Yai girls and take note that these bars can all be found just right in Thammanoonvithe Road in Hat Yai where bars have lined up and the following are the best in the area:

Post Lasic Disc

If you want to try a girly bar in Hat Yai nightlife that plays western music then you should visit Post Lasic Disc.

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They do have their live music being played by a Thai band and aside from these entertainment in the bar, you can also have a good meal and drinks in the place while watching over the Hat Yai girls which makes the night out in Post Lasic Disc more complete and perfect.

Lion Bar

This one in Thammanoonvithe Road is also a good one where you can buy both local and imported drinks which is actually the specialty of Lion Bar and they also have an affordable price for their beers.

If you happen to be looking for hot and young Hat Yai girls then you should try this bar for some students in the city visits the bar.

, Tourist Guide to Hat Yai Nightlife

The Pubb

If you wanted to have your dinner first before you go parting all night long then you should definitely try The Pubb for they’re not just a bar but a restaurant too where you can have a good meal from their menu before you get a drink from their bar.

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They also have their live band which makes it greater for those foreigners who wanted to have a nice Hat Yai nightlife experience and check on some Hat Yai girls as well.

Rock Palace

The name of the bar absolutely describes itself for they have their own band that performs in the bar and as you listen to their live band, you can definitely say that it is absolutely a ‘Rock Palace’ which makes the place perfect for those who are into partying and having fun all throughout the night.

Soapy Massage Parlors in Hat Yai

Hat Yai do actually have their soapy massage parlors too and as of the moment, I have these two soapy massage parlors in the city that I really do love visiting to and those are Pink Hotel and Chaophya 4.

Pink Hotel

The place was formerly called Pink Lady Complex and you can find this soapy massage parlor just right in Lee Garden Plaza and as you visit the place, you won’t find it immediately for it is located in a small market thus you have to stroll around the market first before you can find the ‘Pink’ sign.

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As their receptionist will take you to their lobby and have you choose from the Hat Yai girls who are sitting through a fishbowl, you will then notice how hot and beautiful there girls are.

They were able to divide their Hat Yai girls into two groups and first are the simply beautiful Thai girls and second are those extremely beautiful and hot girls thus, whichever you’ll choose, you will surely have the best girl in town.

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Prices for their soapy massage here in Pink Hotel would costs 2000baht up to 2500baht and this is only for two hours but you would definitely love being massaged and accompanied by a skinny, white and beautiful Hat Yai girl from Pink Hotel.

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Pink Hotel do also have their other sexual entertainment and the second one are those Hat Yai girls who are sitting on the big stage and they are actually hired by the hotel owner but they don’t have their salary and the only thing that would help them earn money is when there is a client who would bring them home and pay them.

Chaophya 4

This one is also in Thamanoonvithee Road where most of the nightlife scene in Hat Yai is happening. They also have the same prices for their girls as what Pink Hotel has but girls in Pink Hotel tends to be prettier compared to the girls in this massage parlor and they also have a few girls to offer you but if you’ll just wait for the other girls to arrive for you might find one that suites your taste and preference.

And if you wanted to look for a massage parlor in Han Yai that do offers cheaper price for both their massage and sex then you should probably visit Chintaa and Atami instead. In these two massage parlors, you can already find an average girl to spend the next few hours in the massage parlor with only 1400 baht up to 1800baht.


I was able to try Amani for the first time and the best girl who I’ve seen in the place is priced 1800baht and I was already able to have a good massage and 2 shots with that very cheap price thus, the place is definitely a good one for those who are not that keen and just wants to have fun with Hat Yai girls.

Happy Ending Massage Parlors

As mentioned above, Hat Yai do also have their happy ending massage parlors which is also a good Hat Yai nightlife destinations where you’ve got to choose the services that you needed from their Thai massage and oil massage. Happy ending massage parlors in Hay Yai nightlife can usually be found in Lee Garden Plaza and Thamanoonvithe Road thus, a little stroll along these areas is a good idea for you to find the right place that you’ve been looking for.

A Thai massage in Hat Yai happy ending massage parlors do usually costs 300baht but if you wanted to really have a happy ending massage then you must choose their oil massage that costs 400baht and you just have to pay the masseuse an tip of 300 to 500baht for the extra services. You also have to take note that not every girl in these happy ending massages do offer this kind of services thus you have to ask the girl first before you choose her.

Hat Yai Shopping Malls

Aside from these bars and clubs and as well as their massage parlors, you can also visit Hat Yai shopping malls particularly the Lee Garden Plaza and Robinsons where you don’t just find great stuffs to shop with but also Hat Yai girls for you to spend the day or night with in Hat Yai. These two shopping malls do run from 9am up to 9pm everyday but if you wanted to watch cinemas until late at night, you can surely have a movie in Hat Yai until midnight.

You can also check out Central Festival which is actually a new shopping mall in Hat Yai and so far, also the most sophisticated mall in the place thus perfect for those foreigners and tourists who are use with such kind of shopping mall.

Hat Yai Night Market

They also have their night markets which are definitely perfect for those who wanted to shop cheaper stuffs. Night markets are actually great for you can already find everything in there from clothes, shoes, souvenirs for your loved ones and colleagues and of course, their street foods which is surely one of the best when you visit the country of Thailand.

And by the way, you can also find a lot of Hat Yai girls strolling around these night markets and if you are lucky enough, you can absolutely get to hang out with some beautiful and amazing Hat Yai girls. If you wanted to look for a night market that can be easily spotted, you can find one in from of Lee Garden Plaze and Robinsons.

, Tourist Guide to Hat Yai Nightlife

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As what I have mentioned above, Hat Yai is far way different from other cities in Thailand but as you stroll around the beautiful city especially during the night then you can surely find the Hat Yai nightlife you’ve been looking for and, this Hat Yai guide can now help you tour the city and look for Hat Yai girls easier than planned.

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