Ultimate Hong Kong Red Light District Guide

In this article you’ll learn about the Hong Kong red light district and where to get hookers.

If what you’ve been looking for is a place in Asia where you can surely have fun with whatever definition you have for fun then Hong Kong is the best place for you especially if you are the tourist who’s already able to visit different countries and wants to find a new place that is truly worth visiting for.

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, Ultimate Hong Kong Red Light District Guide

Whenever you are in Hong Kong, your 3-day vacation is honestly not enough because with all the attractions and destinations you can find within the island, it would surely take a few weeks for you to get enough of it. Here in Hong Kong, you can find various tourist attractions especially the very known Hong Kong Disneyland but aside from this amusement park, what more can this beautiful island in China can offer you?

Well, just like with some other cities in China, prostitution is also prevalent here in Hong Kong thus it is definitely inevitable to find a number of foreigners who wish to visit the island to look for some sexy and hot Hong Kong hookers or prostitutes.

, Ultimate Hong Kong Red Light District Guide

Hong Kong may be a big island but if you just know where to go then you won’t surely have a hard time finding these Hong Kong hookers, however, if you were able to know more about Hong Kong red light districts then it would be much easier for you to tour around the streets of Hong Kong.

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, Ultimate Hong Kong Red Light District Guide

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Hong Kong Red Light District

The island doesn’t actually have a red light district but still, Hong Kong has their own and so-called Hong Kong red light districts that you can surely visit and try ones you are in the island especially during night time where these places start to get busier and wilder.

Fuji Building

If you wanted to find a place in Hong Kong Red Light Districts where you can choose amongst 100 or more Hong Kong hookers then Fuji Building is a good place for you to visit. The building is located at Causeway Bay and as you visit the place, you can find a 22-floor building with 18 of it are home to brothels.

Wan Chai

This Hong Kong Red Light District is now being called as a party district on the island and for sure, Wan Chai didn’t get that name out of anything. If you will visit Wan Chai, you would find a number of clubs and bars in the place and when it comes to prostitution, this Hong Kong Red Light District also has a lot of it thus making Wan Chai a good destination for tourists and expats.

Aside from the party scene here in Wan Chai, this Hong Kong Red Light District is also a good place for those who wanted to explore Hong Kong’s culture and tradition for you can surely find and discover a lot of it in Wan Chai such as Hong Kong’s Pak Tai Temple, Wan Chai Market, THe Hung Shing Temple and many more.

Kowloon Peninsula

This area is also a known Hong Kong Red Light District where you can find a number of naughty sex massages in Hong Kong which made the area a good destination for those tourists and expats who wanted to have a nice massage from their pretty and hot masseuse and a “happy ending” afterward.

Since Kowloon Peninsula has the best number of naughty parlors compared to other Hong Kong Red Light Districts in Hong Kong, sex in this place tends to be cheaper too where can already have some hot and sexy Hong Kong hookers with just 100 HKD for those Chinese Hong Kong hookers and 500 HKD for their Russian girls.

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And just like with Wan Chai, Kowloon Peninsula isn’t just a Hong Kong Red Light District too for when you visit this Hong Kong Red Light District, you would be able to explore a number of tourist attractions in here and one of those is their Kowloon Bay that is truly a very nice place to visit ones you are in Hong Kong.

Clubs in Hong Kong

If you are going to stroll around Hong Kong Red Light District, you would find a lot of clubs along the way and among those clubs, here are three of the top Hong Kong clubs for me that you should give a try ones you are on the island.

Hong Kong nightlife

Ce La Vi is a club located in Central Hong Kong and so far, this one is my favorite. Are you familiar with Ku De Ta which is a known Hong Kong nightlife brand that was able to spread a great nightlife experience all over Asia? Well, the team that has been behind Ce La Vi’s fame is the one that’s been running Ku De Ta too.

Here in Ce La Vi, you won’t just find Hong Kong hookers but also one of the best nightlife scenes you can find in Hong Kong. Ce La Vi has a mix of music policy from party pop during Fridays while on Saturdays, you can find a club with a more bass-driven music genres.

Aside from the club, Ce La Vi also have their own Skybar and fine dining restaurant which made the place a one-stop club to everyone. If you wish experience Ce La Vi’s nightlife experience, they open at 7 PM until 3 AM.


This club is now one of Hong Kong’s legendary clubs where you can absolutely discover a great nightlife experience in Lan Kwai Fong. What people really love about this place are their world-class DJs such as DJ Hype and Dave Clarke that would surely make your night in Hong Kong a memorable one.

As you get inside in this club in Hong Kong Red Light District, you would find their futuristic design that would eventually get your attention and they also have two separate rooms where you can choose two different music genres from the hip-hop ones and to the bass-heavy tracks on the other room.

Since there are a lot of party people here in Volar, it is inevitable to find some Hong Kong hookers in the place thus it is also a good place for you to hang out with if you’ve been looking for Hong Kong hookers. If you wanted to give Volar a try, they open at 8:00 PM and closes around 6:00 AM.

Play Club

If those two first clubs are located at Lan Kwai Fong, Play Club, on the other hand, is located in SoHo, Central Hong Kong. What made this club a popular one in Hong Kong is its massive area which is around 6,000sq ft which give those party people a bigger area to party at.

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Ones you get inside Party Club, you can see how chich their interior design is thus when it comes to the crowd, you can also find a lot of fashionable elites having fun in the club. Party Club also have a lot of international DJs and some of them are Sander Kleinenburg, Ciara, Paul Van Dyk, Skrillex and much more.

If you’re too tired dancing all night at their dancefloor, they also have their own Dom Perignon Champagne Lounge upstairs where you can have a more VIP experience in Party Club. The night here in Party Club tends to start earlier at 6 PM and ends at around 5 AM.

Bars in Hong Kong

Well, aside from the clubs that you can find in Hong Kong, you can also look for some Hong Kong hookers from the bars on the island. If will just tour around Hong Kong you can surely find many bars along with you way but most of the best bars in Hong Kong is located in Central Hong Kong thus make sure you try this area first before trying other areas on the island.

If you are done touring Central Hong Kong’s bars, you can then proceed to Sai Ying Pun and Sheung Wan where there are also a lot of high-end bars that you can find. Through these areas in Hong Kong, you would surely have fun checking on one bar to the other thus make sure you’ll have a lot of time ones you’ll go bar hopping in Hong Kong.

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SoHo and Lan Kwai Fong

SoHo is located at Hollywood Road and it actually surrounds Lan Kwai Fong and what made tourists and expats love this area in Hong Kong is that it has a lot of pubs and clubs hence they can definitely have the chance to do club hopping ones they are in the area.

Lan Kwai Fong also has a lot of bars and clubs all over the place and if you can check on their bars and clubs, you would surely rate them as world-class clubs hence it isn’t known if you can find various races and foreigners strolling along Lan Kwai Fong.

Online Dating Sites

One way that you can also find a number of Hong Kong hookers is through this online dating sites. If you are going to check the internet, you can actually find a lot of available online dating sites nowadays but as of the moment, Hong Kong Friendly is definitely my favorite.

Hong Kong Friendly

This online dating site is very easy to use where what you only have to do is sign up and after that, you can already browse through all the single Hong Kong hookers and girls that are also looking for someone to hook up with.

Aside from the Hong Kong hookers in this online dating site, you may also be able to find a girl on this online dating site who’s willing to have fun with you for free thus making this online dating site a must try for everyone. By the way, Hong Kong Friendly is for free thus you won’t really have to hesitate when trying this online dating site for you won’t lose anything if you try this site yourself.

, Ultimate Hong Kong Red Light District Guide

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Prostitution in Hong Kong

Prostitution here in Hong Kong started very early at around 1860s and by the year 1930, there are already around 7,000 Hong Kong hookers spread all over the island and by this time, prostitutes and hookers from other countries started to move here in Hong Kong too where there are a lot of tourists and expats visiting the island just to give their prostitutes a try.

Unlike with some other places in Asia where prostitution is illegal, here in Hong Kong Red Light Districts, it is totally legal but you just have to make sure that it isn’t organized prostitution such as public solicitation and causing someone to be a prostitute.

Cost of Prostitution in Hong Kong

Since there are a lot of options when it comes to prostitution in Hong Kong, prices for prostitutes and Hong Kong hookers from the island also varies from where you’ve got her. Also, if you wanted to get laid here in Hong Kong Red Light District with a cheaper price then you absolutely have to try negotiating with them for some of them can surely give you a lesser price if you’re good enough at negotiations.

If you are going to find Hong Kong hookers from bars in the island then you should expect to pay more at around $230 (1,800 HKD) because the hooker still have to give the bar owner a share of about half of your payment but if you are able to find a freelancer then you can expect a cheaper price for most of them only charges $60-70 for a 40-minute session.

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, Ultimate Hong Kong Red Light District Guide

With all these information and guide regarding Hong Kong Red Light Districts, you surely have a wide idea now on what to expect ones you are in Hong Kong and also to where you should go if you really wanted to have fun on this beautiful island in China so book your flight now and make this holiday vacation of yours the best one.


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