5 Best Sex Saunas in Macau

Looking for sex in Macau or one of their best sauna massages? In this article I show you where to get the sexiest girls in Macau and what they cost.

Today, China is one of the most visited countries in Asia and that’s all because of everything China has to offer its tourists and expats. With the large area China has, it is surely difficult for a tourist to tour the entire country thus as a tourist, you surely have to choose amongst the cities in the country that you should pay a visit in your next holiday vacation.

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, 5 Best Sex Saunas in Macau

Macau is actually one of the cities in China that tourists from all over the world love to visit. As you stroll around the city of Macau, you would definitely get amazed with all the infrastructures and attractions Macau has to offer their visitors which is basically why they love to go back and forth to this place.

As of the moment, Macau was already able to maintain its great reviews from all the tourists and even locals who have tried the city’s amenities and Macau is also known by the way as “The Las Vegas in Asia” and that’s a credit for those world-class malls and buildings you can find all over the place.

Aside from the malls and buildings, what also attracted tourists to visit Macau are their girls. Yes, Macau has nice and attractive girls which are all worth the visit. If you want to try these girls or even Macau sex, there are many ways on how you can find them in the city of Macau.

Escort services in Macau

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, 5 Best Sex Saunas in Macau

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Macau Sauna

One of the best ways on how you can find girls in Macau is through their saunas that you can surely find all over the city. Through these saunas, you won’t just have a relaxing massage from your masseuse but they can also offer you a ‘happy ending’.

Familia Nobre

Familia Nobre is now one of the top Macau Sauna where you can both have a massage and Macau sex for a cheaper price. As you enter this Macau Sauna, you will surely notice the variations of their girls from their Indonesians, Chinese and Vietnamese which gives you a great choice for their girls.

When it comes to the sauna’s full services, they can give more choices when it comes to their girls for they too have some Europeans and Africans to choose from. Aside from the massage, Familia Nobre also offers food especially for those who wanted to have a good meal after the massages.

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Eighteen Sauna

This Macau Sauna is actually known as favorites of those foreigners who are in the city for a fun and exciting Macau sex and I guess that’s because of their masseuses. Girls here in 18 Sauna varies from Vietnamese and Chinese and what’s actually good with these girls is that they are well-trained with giving services to clients.

Eighteen Sauna may tend to be more expensive compared to other Macau Saunas but if you are already able to try their services, you would surely agree with them and you yourself would go back and forth to their sauna regardless if you are just looking for a massage or a Macau sex.

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Rio Spa

Also one of the best Macau Saunas you can find in the city and that’s because of its big area. Rio Spa is not just a sauna as well for they too have their hotel and casino inside the premises which makes the place a perfect getaway for those who wanted to truly have fun in Macau.

Here in Rio Spa, they have nice rooms for guests and when it comes to their girls they have both Europian and Asian girls too for you to choose from. Rio Spa may be a bit expensive compared to Familia Nobre but it sure is a good place where you can find everything aside from a massage and Macau sex.

Golden Sauna

If you are looking for a more ‘China style’ Macau Sauna in the city then Golden Sauna is the place for you. As you get inside the place, you’ll eventually notice how cultural the place is which is a good thing for foreigners who wanted to see more of China’s cultures.

Although Golden Sauna is a bit cultural when it comes to its looks, they too have some Vietnamese and Indonesian masseuses for those clients who wish to try other variants and when it comes to their prices, they charge just between the process of Familia Nobre and Rio Spa.

Fishbowls in Macau

Have you ever been to Bangkok or Singapore and tried their fishbowl? Fishbowls may not be that famous when it comes to other places in Asia but if you are in Macau, you should definitely try a few fishbowls they have in the city.

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Through these fishbowls, you can have a wide choice of girls which are mostly from China, Vietnamese and other countries in Asia who will give you a great Macau sex for a relatively affordable price compared to other sex scenes you can find in the city.

, 5 Best Sex Saunas in Macau

Darling 1

This fishbowl can be found at Masters Hotel and as of the moment, Darling 1 was known as the most famous fishbowl in Macau. Here in Darling 1, you can already find a lot of clients comes in and out the place at noon and the number goes up at 2 PM onwards.

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Ladies from this fishbowl are mostly from Asia thus you should expect to find more of these girls as choose the one you’d like. As you’d check on these girls, they may look innocent but as you have fun with them, you’ll surely see how experienced they are.

When it comes to the price range here in Darling 1, they tend to have a cheaper price compared to other fishbowls in Macau with only $200 – $250 (USD) for a full-service depending on the girl’s quality.

Darling 2

Darling 2 is the next known fishbowl you can find in Macau next to Darling 1 in where as you enter the place, you would eventually notice all the pretty and sexy girls lining up inside the place which is around 15 to 25 girls.

If you are going to check on their girls, you’ll find more and even all of them as Vietnamese thus making the place not a good choice for those men you wanted to have a wider choice for a fishbowl.

What foreigners and even locals like here in Darling 2 are that they have a cheaper price for their girls where you can already have a pretty and experienced girl that can definitely give you everything from a blowjob, handjob, and even a full Macau sex for only $160 to $200.

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There are also some other fishbowls in Macau that are definitely worth trying for as well; you just have to look for the one that best suits your tastes especially when it comes to the girls they are offering.

The red light area in Macau is a lot smaller than Hong Kong’s RLD.

Malls in Macau

Since Macau is a known city for its malls and establishments, you can surely find a lot of these prostitutes in these places and you can easily notice them for they tend to give you ‘meaningful’ smiles or may even approach you and asks you if you wanted to have fun with them.

Prices for these prostitutes vary from one place to the other but if you wanted to experience a bit cheap Macau sex, you can surely do some negotiations with them which they consider most of the time. If not, you can also give a visit the streets and parks in Macau and try your luck in finding prostitutes in this area.

Online Dating Sites

I guess a lot of foreigners are already able to try these online dating sites where you can easily browse on to those single men and women all over the world and connect with them. These online dating sites are very accessible and easy use which makes it a perfect choice for everybody out there.

Online dating sites are indeed one of my favorite way of finding Macau girls where what I only have to do is to choose an online dating site that is available in Macau, sign up at their website and from there, you can already have an access to those pretty Macau girls you can find from the online dating site you’ve found.

, 5 Best Sex Saunas in Macau

Also, most of those online dating sites you can find on the internet today are for free which means that you’ll have the power to find as many girls you’d like without spending any penny. Hence, if you are the person who wants to have the easy of finding Macau girls and Macau sex then these online dating sites are a good try for you.

Macau may be a great place for those foreigners and expats who are looking for pretty and nice girls from other countries but you should also bear in mind that Macau also has its tourist attractions that everyone should pay attention to. So, have fun and make every moment you have in Macau the best!


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