Hong Kong Cupid – How To Meet Girls Online

If you have been to Hong Kong before or have done any online research, you’ll have learned that meeting girls in bars or clubs is pretty difficult as a westerner.

Not only will you spend hundreds of dollars on drinks, you’ll most likely go home empty handed (withno phone numbers).

Thanks to the Internet you don’t need to make your next trip to Hong Kong a boring one, want to meet girls who aren’t stuck up and actually like western guys? Keep on reading.

Hong Kong Cupid – your best bet to meeting girls

If you’re a solo traveler and want to go out at night with company (hot girls), Hong Kong Cupid is your best bet.

Here you’ll be able to find thousands of Hong Kong girls and expat women from all over the globe who are working here. Unlike visiting a bar or club

Unlike visiting a bar or club where you’ll get snubbed by pretty much everyone, Hong Kong Cupid is an online meeting places where girls want to meet guys.

, Hong Kong Cupid – How To Meet Girls Online

Girls on the site are up for coffee dates, drinks at a bar and even a night of partying and who knows what else afterwards.If you want to make friendships or find women to party with before you land in Hong Kong, Cupid is your best bet.

Most women on ths site are from Hong Kong or mainland China, but you can also find expats from the US, England and many other countries.

If you want to make friendships or find women to party with before you land in Hong Kong, Cupid is your best bet.

How I use Hong Kong Cupid

I’ll create myself a Hong Kong Cupid account 2-3 weeks before I arrive in Hong Kong.

I’ll upload pictures of myself in a shirt and clean shaven (don’t ask me why but 90% of Asian women like you to be clean shaven and dressed smart).

Don’t upload pictures of yourself in flip-flops and a vest, it’s a bad look and you’ll get few messages. Hong Kong has a bit of a high status and girls want you at least dressing the part.

After creating my account I’ll usually get dozens of messages in the first few days from girls who are keen meetup.

, Hong Kong Cupid – How To Meet Girls Online

I’ll filter the message based on girls I find most attractive and then setup dates before I’m even there.

I’ll typically setup around 6-7 dates (expect 1 or 2 to flake a few days before), and I’ve had great success doing this.

If a girl is really into you then asking her to visit a bar at night or nightclub is out of the question. Sometimes I’ll ask girls to be my tour guide for a few days if they aren’t working and they agree.


Hong Kong is harder than Thailand or Vietnam to pick up chicks, but not that hard. I will bet if you create a profile and upload some semi-decent pictures, you’ll get dozen of messages within the first few days and just take it from there.

It sure beats sitting alone in a hotel that’s for sure.

Click here to join Hong Kong Cupid.


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