7 Best Places to Meet Girls in Macau

Have you been to Macau? If you didn’t know, Macau is actually called as the “Las Vegas of Asia” and this country wouldn’t earn the name without a purpose and if you are able to visit the beautiful country, you would surely know why.

If you want to get laid in Macau, check out this article.

, 7 Best Places to Meet Girls in Macau

I guess Macau is now one of the top destinations in Asia where you can find a lot of fun things to do from visiting some nice tourist spots, go shopping with their high-class malls, have a great time on their giant casinos and for some foreigners and expats, they often go here for their Macau girls.

Sure enough, Macau girls are pretty and hot which is surely few of the reasons why a lot of foreigners love to hook up with them as they visit the said country but if you are the person who loves working girls then you can also find numerous of these in Macau.

There are actually a lot of ways on how you can find and have sex with some Macau girls in the country and if you wanted to know these ways, you should absolutely read this guide.

Prices in Macau are the same as sex prices in Hong Kong.

Online Dating Sites

If you are planning to visit Macau on your next holiday vacation and wants to be sure that you can hook up with some Macau girls then you probably should try signing up to online dating sites used by a lot of people nowadays.

There may be numerous of online dating sites you can find on the internet today but if you wanted to narrow your search to Macau girls, I would highly recommend Hong Kong Friendly among all the dating sites I’ve found.

Hong Kong Cupid

What made me love Hong Kong Cupid is the fact that is very easy to use where you can simply sign up and make your own account according to how you wanted it to be. Hong Kong Cupid, by the way, is just for free thus there isn’t any reason for you to hesitate in signing up for this online dating site.

, 7 Best Places to Meet Girls in Macau

Also, Hong Kong Cupid isn’t just for those who wanted to find girls in Hong Kong but they also have a lot of Macau girls registered. Through Hong Kong Cupid, you can now hook up with Macau girls for free even though you are not yet in Macau.

Aside from this, there are also some other working girls who are able to use this online dating site and if you are lucky enough, you may be able to find one here in Hong Kong Cupid.

Online dating sites are indeed one of the best ways to find girls in a certain country and if you wanted to experience a great experience of using an online dating site, just feel free to sign up in Hong Kong Cupid or may also try some other online dating sites available on the internet today.

Smooci in Macau

If you don’t want to try dating sites and would prefer something fast and right to your door, I suggest you try Smooci in Macau.

They are a western based company in Asia offering a great service and unlike other services in Macau, I’ve tried them and they are legit.

, 7 Best Places to Meet Girls in Macau

You can find between 20-40 girls online on their site which you can book. Prices of the girls are listed along with the services they provide. They are the most trusted service in Macau with English speaking staff to help you: www.Smooci.com

Bars and Clubs in Macau

Surely, the clubs are truly one of the ways for every foreigner to find these Macau girls and I am proud to let you know that Macau has the best clubs in Asia where you can find the finest DJs a club can have. So, here are three clubs in Macau that I highly recommend:

Club Cubic

Are you looking for the biggest club in Macau for both space and hype? Club Cubic is located at Hard Rock Hotel Complex in the City of Dreams where you can find a 2800 square meter club to spend the best night you may experience in Macau.

Club Cubic do also have their own bar area where you can find a Gothic style interior and when it comes to their club, they have a two-tier performance stage for everyone to see. If you wanted to have some private room with some colleagues, you can have one of their five VIP rooms.

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As one of the top clubs in Macau, Club Cubic was able to welcome Flo Rida during their opening last 2011 and some of the known celebrities who are also able to visit the said club were LMFAO, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and PSY which just proves how high class this club is.

Lion’s Bar

If what you’ve been looking for is Macau’s after party venue then you should go straight to Lions’s Bar which is located at MGM Macau where you can also find the most expensive cocktail in the world from Guinness World Record which is the ‘Winston’ that costs about eleven to twelve thousand dollars.

The place is also a known one for their crowd which is indeed one of the wildest in Macau especially during weekend’s late nights which made Lion’s Bar a good place for those who are looking for Macau girls. They also have their live band who definitely contributed to the lively crowd the bar has.

China Rouge

This club can be found at Galaxy Macau and if you wanted to have a great night in Macau with all those Macau girls spread all over the place, you can also include China Rouge in your list. What made this club a known one in the country is their interior design which is designed by Alan Chan who’s one of the top designers in Asia.

, 7 Best Places to Meet Girls in Macau

Although China Rouge’s place is just half with Club Cubic’s massive area, there are still a lot of foreigners and locals who love to visit the club. China Rouge have their own lounge area where you can have a relaxing night while having a sip on your cocktail.

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China Rouge is indeed a good club to visit and experience a great night in Macau with a nice view of all those Macau girls in front of your but don’t forget to dress well for China Rouge have their dress code and they are pretty strict when it comes to it.

Saunas and Massage Parlors

Maybe you are not just looking for fun but you also wanted to have a relaxing and stress reliever massage then you should try saunas and massage parlors in Macau where you can surely find a lot of hot and sexy Macau girls willing to offer you the best massage in Macau.

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Familia Nobre

What made Familia Nobre the number one in my list are their girls which are truly few of the best in Macau. Familia Nobre has sexy girls who are all wearing a sexy short exposing their hot legs which would surely make your erotic massage a more sensual one.

Familia Nobre also has a bit cheaper and affordable prices for their massage especially their hand job and they offer sex as well from girls who are not just from Macau but also from Vietnam, Africa and from Europe too which makes the place a good one for those who just wanted to try these saunas and massage parlors in Macau.

Rio Spa

I guess Rio Spa is one of the biggest saunas in Macau but let me tell you ahead that Rio Spa is an expensive one compared to other saunas in the country. You may also find Rio Hotel and Casino which makes the place a good choice who wanted to have some leisure time in their casino.

Here in Rio Spa, they also have a lot of girls from all over Asia and you can also find a few girls from Europe in here. The spa do offer hand job and sex as well thus you can surely include Rio Spa in your list if you wanted to try Macau girls.

Darling 1

This one isn’t really a sauna or a massage parlor but the services they offer is somewhat like a sauna and massage parlor which makes the place a nice option too if you wanted to have a nice massage or even an exciting sex in Macau.

As you get inside Darling 1, you would eventually notice all the sexy ladies seated in front of you for you to choose from. Darling 1, by the way, doesn’t just have Macau girls but you may also find a lot of Vietnamese and a few Indonesians in the place. What’s actually great in this place is that they have one of the cheapest prices for the massage and sex thus making the place a good one for those who are on a budget.

There are also some other saunas and massage parlors you can find in Macau which you may give a try as well such as Golden Sauna and Big Boss Sauna which do also have a lot of hot and sexy Macau girls who can give you a nice massage and happy ending too.

Shopping Malls in Macau

Since Macau has the biggest malls in Asia, you can truly find a lot of Macau girls hanging around the places. There are actually a number of malls you can find in Macau but what I really love among these malls are The Grand Canal Shoppes and The Shoppes at Four Seasons.

The Grand Canal Shoppes

This mall can be found at Venetian Hotel, Macau where you can find a lot of indoor canals inside the mall where it would lead you to various shops inside the mall. They also have their live performances all over the mall which made it more exciting and entertaining to shop around The Grand Canal Shoppes.

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Aside from the shops and live performances, you can also find a casino inside The Grand Canal Shoppes where you can surely have a great time experiencing how it feels to be in a casino. So, if you wanted to look for a place in Macau where you can find everything, this mall is absolutely a must try.

The Shoppes at Four Seasons

This mall in Macau is actually the largest luxury shopping mall that you can find in Macau thus making The Shoppes at Four Seasons a must visit mall when you are in Macau. The Shoppes at Four Seasons is located in Cotai Strip, Macau and when you are in this mall, you would surely get stunned and amazed with all the great shops inside the mall.

Ones you are in The Shoppes at Four Seasons, you will notice all those known fashion designers’ shops and best labels spread all over the mall such as Dior, Hermes, Bulgari, Gucci, Channel and Prada hence if you are the person who loves to shop with such brands, The Shoppes at Four Seasons is definitely the place that you should visit whenever you are in Macau.

These are just two of my favorite malls in Macau and the country do still have a lot more to offer every foreigner and expats who want to explore the country Macau, therefore, you should make sure to it that you’ll manage your time in Macau pretty well so you can surely visit all those nice places in the country.

Macau is indeed a country for everyone who loves to find a place where you can find everything from shopping malls, to great food and also Macau’s perfect view from all the buildings and scenery found around the country’s premises.

If you want to get laid in Macau, check out this article.

, 7 Best Places to Meet Girls in Macau

But if you really wanted to have fun in Macau then you should give their casinos a try because the casinos in Macau would definitely make your visit in the country a complete and perfect one.

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