Guide to Hong Kong Nightlife

Hong Kong is now one of the most visited countries in Asia and when you are in Hong Kong, the tour wouldn’t be complete if you won’t try their nightlife. There are actually of lot of Hong Kong nightlife events and I have a list here of the must visit nightclubs, bars and pubs in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong nightlife, Guide to Hong Kong Nightlife

Ce La Vi

If you are looking for a club in Hong Kong that can be found easily then Ce La Vi is the club for you. The bar is located at Central Hong Kong and is open from 19:00 until 3:00 every day which can give you all the time to party all night long.

The bar is being run by the team behind the success of Ku De Ta and is now not just one of the top clubs in Hong Kong but in Asia. If you wanted to find ladies in Hong Kong then you should try visiting Ce La Vi every Wednesday which is the ladies night of the club. The club do also serves food from their restaurant and have a nice view with the streets of Hong Kong from their rooftop.


This club is actually one of the oldest clubs in Hong Kong that can also be found at Central Hong Kong. Volar is open from 20:00 until 6:00 which makes it available for those who wanted to party until the sun comes.

If you are looking for a club that has a hip hop tunes then you can try Volar but the club is a home for bass heavy tracks for they have two rooms where you can switch depending on your mood. The bar also has the best DJ’s in town that would make the party more lively and fun.


Also one of the best clubs in Hong Kong and also an old one that has been running for 12 years that is also located at Central Hong Kong and specifically at the basement of The Centrium Building. It is open from 12:00 to 15:00 and reopens at 17:00 until 4:00. There are lots of Hong Kong girls here.

The club has Chinese-inspired lanterns and other designs that have an Asian dark and chic touch. If you going to visit this club, make sure you are dressed well for they have a rule of ‘must have style’ before you can get inside the premises of the club.

XXX Gallery

You can find this club in West Sai Wan and it is one of those clubs in Hong Kong where there is no dress code and VIP seating section which makes everyone that wishes to visit the club feel at ease and welcomed. XXX Gallery is open from 20:00 until late in the night or early in the morning.

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If you are planning to get wasted in Hong Kong nightlife then you should buy your own drink before going here in XXX Gallery for they have a system of bringing your own bottle when in the club.


Can be found at the streets of Hollywood Central, Hong Kong and is open every day. They also have their signature cocktails which you can enjoy while having a soothing yet exciting night at the club.

Just like with some other bars and clubs in Hong Kong, Drop do also have a scheme of wearing the best dress and suite when going to the place or else, you won’t be able to get in. The club has a bit of a funky design and yet a bit of being classic that is also appealing for everyone’s eyes and taste.

Bars and Pubs

Ping Pong 129

Are you looking for a bar in Hong Kong that has the best gin? Ping Pong 129 has around 40 kinds of gin for you to choose from which makes the bar a much known one and whatever kind you choose, you would surely get satisfied with it.

Hong Kong nightlife, Guide to Hong Kong Nightlife

When you get inside the premises of the bar, you would notice its red neon lights and a mismatched furniture design. The bar is located at Sai Ying Pun and is open from 18:00 to 23:00 every Tuesday to Sunday since it is closed every Monday.

Smuggler’s Inn

If you are able to tour around the streets of Stanley then you should consider dropping off Smuggler’s Inn for Hong Kong nightlife. Obviously, the bar is located at Stanley and it is open from 10:00 to 24:00 but closing would extend until 1:00 during weekends.

The bar is a very good choice for those who wants to have some meal before partying all night long for they serve food that is indeed a delicious one. When in the bar, you can see the unique design of it with its tables that looks like an old-fashioned kegs.


Also one of the best bars in Hong Kong where you can experience Hong Kong nightlife that is located at Central Hong Kong which makes it easier to be accessed by everyone. The bar is operational from 18:00 to 2:00 every Monday to Sunday.

One of the bar’s best assets is their cocktails that you should definitely try but if its weekends, you should expect that the place is a very crowded one and being able to sit from their cocktail bar is a hard one.


You can also find this bar in Central Hong Kong and if you are looking for a bar that has a sophisticated vibe in Hong Kong nightlife then you should go on a visit here in Quinary. The bar is open from 17:00 to 2:00 and is open from Monday-Saturday and is closed every Sunday.

Hong Kong nightlife, Guide to Hong Kong Nightlife

The bar is also a home with the best cocktails in Hong Kong and they actually have their own delectable signature made from their well-dressed mixologist that would even make your stay in the place more lively and fun.

Ned Kelly’s Last Stand

If you looking for the oldest bar in Hong Kong then, you should consider partying at Ned Kelly’s Last Stand that is located at Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. The bar is open from 11:30 until 2:30 every day.

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One of the things the bar is still a known one and still paving its success is because of their band named The China Coast Jazzmen that is indeed one of the best bands in Hong Kong nightlife. They also have their friendly and welcoming staffs that would make your stay in the bar a more relaxing one.

Night market

Aside from these nightclubs, bars and pubs in Hong Kong, you can also find a lot more happenings and events in the country where you can have fun and enjoy the stay in Hong Kong such as their night market.

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Hong Kong is also a known country along with other countries in Asia for its night market where various stalls can be found; whether you are looking for souvenirs, clothes, and of course their food. I actually have the top two night markets in Hong Kong that I can surely recommend for everyone to visit:

Temple Street Market

If you are looking for the biggest night market in Hong Kong then, you must visit Temple Street Market for it is one of the ‘must do’ when you are in Hong Kong. The market is located at Kowloon and is open every day from 16:00 until 23:00.

When it comes to the cheapest clothes in Hong Kong but still in a good quality, Temple Street Market has it all. They also have their watches, household appliances and cooking ware which are good souvenirs as you go home. The market has a good ambiance where you can have a relaxing feeling while watching all those bystanders along the market.

Ladies’ Market Hong Kong

A night market that has 1km long and is located at Kowloon, just near Temple Street Market. Ladies’ Market is also a good place to spend Hong Kong nightlife where you can find stalls and shops with cheap jewelleries, shoes, clothes and foods. It is open from 12:00 to 23:00 every day.

When in the market, make sure you do some bargaining before you buy any items for sellers here tends to give you a higher price first thus, bargaining is a must. Ladies’ Market also has a good ambience which makes the place a very crowded one with both locals and tourists going along the market especially during weekends.

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There are also some other destinations in Hong Kong to have a great nightlife experience such as their rooftop bars that everyone also love specially those tourists who wants a nice view of the busy streets of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is indeed a very beautiful country with their beautiful and satisfying tourist spots and they also have a nice culture and tradition that would make everyone who’s into a holiday vacation at the country go back and forth Hong Kong premises.

If you are in a vacation and want to experience the Hong Kong nightlife, make sure you were able to try everything and were able to enjoy every moment you had in the country and based on my own experience a 3-day trip in Hong Kong is not enough; with Hong Kong’s beautiful sceneries and events, 3 days won’t be enough.

Hong Kong nightlife, Guide to Hong Kong Nightlife

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What is your favourite stop in Hong Kong’s nightlife?

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