Tourist Guide To Meeting Hong Kong Girls

Holiday seasons are now coming near, have you already planned your vacation? If you are planning to have it in Asia, why don’t you try one of the top destinations in the continent?

Hong Kong is actually being visited by various tourists for it vast attractions and if you are thinking that Disney Land is the only spot Hong Kong can offer you then you should read these places I have listed for those single men looking for a great vacation at Hong Kong with some Hong Kong girls.

Hong Kong Cupid

If you wanted to look for Hong Kong women even you are not yet in Hong Kong, you may consider using some dating sites where you can find various Hong Kong women who are also interested to meet some foreigners. I have a list of my top 3 dating sites in Hong Kong:

A lot of people really love to use this site for it is accessible and easy to use and the site is actually much recommended for those expats looking for some Hong Kong women. Hong Kong Cupid costs $20 per month which is not that expensive thinking that you’ll be able to get the Hong Kong women through this price.

, Tourist Guide To Meeting Hong Kong Girls

If you are familiar with China Love Cupid, they are actually being ran with the same companies. Although the site is for everyone in China, you can still find a lot of Hong Kong women using China Love Cupid.

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Smooci Hong Kong

If you don’t want to shift through nightclubs to meet girls and rather have a girl come to your hotel or Airbnb discreetly, I really like Smooci Hong Kong as you can choose between in-call and out-call.

, Tourist Guide To Meeting Hong Kong Girls

Their website has dozens of local Hong Kong girls who will come to your room. You simply pick your girl, time and prices are fair and their service is one of the best if not the best in Hong Kong if you’re new to the city and don’t know your way around. You can see their entire list of girls here:

The Ale Project

A pub found at Mongkok, Kowloon where you can spend a great night with some drinks and food. The place is also called TAP and is known not just for Hong Kong girls but also with the food they offer that is always on a sold out. They also offers seasonal drinks that would definitely lighten your mood whatever season it is today.

TAP has been running since 2014 and they’ve got a really good name for the past 2 years. With the pub’s crowd, you can always find great Hong Kong girls inside the bar to whom you can spend the night with. The pub is open from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight every Tuesday to Thursday and 12:00 noon to 2:00 AM every Friday to Sunday although they are close every Monday.


The bar can be seen at Landale St., Hong Kong where you can spend a great Friday night. The bar is open from 12:00 noon to 11:00 in the evening every day. If you wanted to just go out to chill, the place is indeed the place for you for it offers a relaxing atmosphere with a view of pretty Hong Kong girls.

The place is actually for big groups thus, a good choice if you are going to with some friends but is not, you can always have your drinks along the bar side where you can also meet new acquaintance with some professionals who also prefer bar side.

Pingpong 129

The bar is located at Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong and is a great place for both Friday and Saturday nights. The place is a home to a wide variety of Hong Kong girls. You can enjoy the bar’s attractions from 6:00 PM to 11:30 PM.

Aside from the Hong Kong girls, Pingpong 129 is also known for its gin cocktails and tapas which can definitely make you go back and forth from the place. They also have an amusing art collection that would keep you entertained while in the place.

Salon No. 10

Are looking for electric tunes and disco classics in Hong Kong? Well, Salon No. 10 is a well-known bar for such theme. The bar is located at Central Hong Kong which makes it accessible for both locals and tourists which gives you a good chance to meet Hong Kong girls.

Salon No. 10 is actually a Western Bar that serves a variety of drinks and the most recommended one is their gorgeous cocktail. The bar is open from 6:00 PM until 2:00 in the midnight which gives all night long to party with a lot of Hong Kong girls around the area.


The bar is found at Wan Chai Hong Kong and is operating from 6:00 PM until 2:00 in the midnight from Monday to Sunday. If you are looking for drinks that is a mix of Asian herbs and aromatics then you should include the bar in your list.

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Brick House

This bar that can be found in Brick Lane, Central Hong Kong. The place is known for their Mexican food but if you are into a budgeted nightlife experience in Hong Kong for search of Hong Kong girls then you must think twice before choosing Brick house for it has a relatively high price menu.

, Tourist Guide To Meeting Hong Kong Girls

Brick house was also able to accept various awards such as being the best restaurant from 2013-2015. If you wanted to have a try with Brick House’s menu and night experience, you can visit the place from 6:00PM to 2:00AM during Monday to Wednesday and 6:00PM to 4:00AM every Thursday to Sunday.

The Globe

The bar is located at Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong and is open every 10:00AM to 2:00AM every day. The Globe is a great place for those who are looking for a sassier place where they could spend the night hanging out or looking for Hong Kong girls.

, Tourist Guide To Meeting Hong Kong Girls

Are you looking for something unique combination of drinks and food? The Globe is actually a place known for both their beer and pies add together. If you are going to visit the place, you should definitely try their pie and salad which is the delicacy of the bar itself.

Lily & Bloom

The place is actually a restaurant that can be found in Central Hong Kong. What made me include Lily & Bloom in my list is with how great their food is. Lily & Bloom’s operating hours is from 12:00 noon until 3:00 PM and reopens from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Want some seafood for dinner? No worry for they have various seafood dishes for you such us their oyster, marinated mussels, and shrimp. The restaurant was also able to be awarded with the best lobster mac & cheese in Hong Kong. If you are looking for some sassy Hong Kong girls then, you must try one of the best restaurants in town.

There are very few working girls at these venues, if you want to find hookers read my blog on Hong Kong’s Red light guide.

Once you are already in Hong Kong, you can find various places for you to enjoy the stay and there are actually a lot more bars, pubs and even restaurants in Hong Kong in where you can find Hong Kong women, you just have to look for the place that fits your taste and preference.

Hong Kong is indeed a very great place where hours are long and yet, the time is short. If you are going on a trip at Hong Kong you’ll surely be amused with the country’s top destinations such as their Victoria Peak, Ocean Park Hong Kong, and of course, the very known Hong Kong Disneyland which are the places that you shouldn’t be missed when in the country.

You can also see how Hong Kong people value their culture and traditions which is evident from their museums, monastery and big Buddha that is also a must visit place for everyone touring around Hong Kong.

If you are visiting Hong Kong, it is much more enjoyable if you do the tour with someone with you thus, going out with some Hong Kong women is a highly recommended one especially if you are single men looking for the perfect girl for you. If you’ll just go through the attitude if Hong Kong women, you’ll see how kind and affectionate they are; an attitude everyone would surely love.

, Tourist Guide To Meeting Hong Kong Girls

Macau is actually one of the cities in China that tourists from all over the world love to visit. As you stro

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