What I Know About Isaan Girls

Money means a lot of things to Isaan girls. How do you get money then? It is either by getting good education and after graduation is to get a good job that pays well, right?

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isaan girls, What I Know About Isaan Girls

So what is my point in writing this article? I have heard many stories about middle aged farang men who fell in love with Isaan girls and all the prerogatives that come with being in a relationship with them.

Isaan Girls 101

Just a little bit of information to those who do not know. Isaan is a province located in the north eastern part of Thailand and well, women from there are called Isaan women.

isaan girls, What I Know About Isaan Girls

They are shunned away from the country because of the region where they are born in and are considered as a second class citizen as well. So by nature, they actually don’t stand a chance against other Thais who are born and raised in the city or from wealthy families.

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Some Isaan girls have worked in a go go bar (see the relation on how they meet farangs) and are always on the prey for foreigners or Westerners because they think of them as someone with big, fat pocket.

Poverty usually drives these women to work as Thai hookers and due to lack of education and their entire family depending on them; it would drive them to sell their bodies to men for some quick cash and if they get lucky, meet a farang who could give them money on a monthly basis.

So when their families see that amount of money they are sending back home, this is when their mothers would encourage to send more and this is quite easy to achieve when they met a foreigner who is quite stupid to fall in love with them up to the point that they will give them monthly allowance, etc.

Why Do Foreign Men Like Isaan types?

Well, for this matter I should say that foreign men do not like Isaan girls in particular.

I believe that they are into petite, dark-skinned or tanned girls because they find it attractive and this is how most Thai girls (Isaan women) look like. This is because you can’t find these types of women back home. I am not quite sure if Isaan girls find white men or foreign men attractive unless they have the money.

The Evil Behind Falling In Love With Isaan Women

I am not saying that you should not fall in love with an Isaan girl because I might be wrong if I claim that ALL Isaan girls are like this. Stories coming from men who have fallen trap to their bait are somehow still caught up in the web of deceit and lies.

isaan girls, What I Know About Isaan Girls

See how it works is this way and it just goes over and over again: Middle-aged farang who have just come to Thailand must have seen paradise as they are welcomed by these beautiful, naïve-looking and deceitful Isaan girls.

Eventually would hook up with them after they have meet in a bar or somewhere “dirty,” relationship turns serious and in turn, the foreigner would have to ask the girl to stop working at the bar to prevent other men from gawking or touching her.

However, there is one condition – since you have asked your Isaan girlfriend to stop working then it would result for her to cease sending money to her parents, then the whole problem starts. Since you are the deciding factor for this career move, of course you would have to give her money on a monthly basis.

Then after your holiday in paradise, you would have to go back home but your heart and mind is wandering back in paradise where you have left your beautiful girlfriend.

Then you would get a mail from her saying something unfortunate has happened and their family would need some money in order to sort it out otherwise they will go hungry, etc. They will try to be as creative as they can be with their stories and you, on the other side of the world, willingly rush out to the nearest Western Union to send thousands of baht in order to keep your girlfriend and her family.

You do love the attention because I doubt that you get it back home. Isaan girls are willing to give you whatever you need, most especially in bed and they are willing to adapt to whatever your preference is.

As long as the cash is flowing, she will love you and her family will love you too. That is more than enough. When you hear the cliché, money can’t buy love – I guess in this kind of situation it is possible.

Is it still possible to find a Thai girl who isn’t after money?


There are also great stories of foreigners who fell in love with a Thai girl who isn’t after their money. T

here are still women out there who can fend and support for themselves. Look through other places rather than dirty go go bars where you can only find prostitutes who sell themselves for money. You can look through great dating sites such as Thai Friendly or Thai Cupid.

Why online dating sites? Simply because there are still people or women who are looking for someone to date genuinely without any money involved. ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid are just some sites where you can be able to filter out your search according to your preference so you wouldn’t be shocked with any unusual surprises or extra baggage they carry.

My own verdict:

This writing aims to inform men especially farangs who might be gullible enough to get caught into the web of deceit and lies.

I am also not saying that ALL Isaan women are like this, perhaps there are 1 or 2 in 10 women who will genuinely date you but only time will tell if they are just after your money or not.

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Biggest tip, bar girls or prostitute are only there for “leisure” purposes but I guess it would be safe to say to find a decent isaan girl whom you can actually date.


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