PDCams – The Best Live Cam Aggregator

Live Cam Sites are Law

And Aggregators are Even Better

They’re better than prerecorded porn, plain and simple. Watching babes getting it on live is always going to be a superior way to fap because you never know what you’re going to see next. It hasn’t been decided yet. Everything is possible. Camwhores these days are bending over backwards to outdo each other. They really want to stand out. So, they get especially freaky. And, if their streams aren’t doing so well, they can’t have that. They have to compete. They break out the freaky sex toys and push the envelope on how fucked up a sex stream can get.

The only thing better than a singular camwhore site is a live sex cams aggregator. Why? For the same reason men love threesomes. More equals better. With PDCams you get live cam shows brought in straight from different websites, all in one place. Several times the content means several times the chance of finding your next favorite camwhore. Besides, all major cam sites these days are doing a great fucking job. You’d be shooting yourself in the foot if you only stick to one site at a time. PDCams simplifies the process. One destination, many sources. It’s a dream come true.

PDCams Vs. The World

They’re not that different, honestly. PDCams run a very similar spiel to other live cam aggregators. But, they seem to be leading the charge with simplicity in mind. A lot of porn sites these days fall short because they reach too far. They overdecorate, they overcomplicate and they oversell. You know what PDCams offers on their home page? An infinitely scrollable list of large thumbnails featuring live preview shots of ongoing streams from around the world. You know what else PDCams has on the home page? Absolutely fucking nothing.

Sure, there’s a gender selection menu on top and a sidebar that you can uncover on the top left corner of the screen. But, that’s for the nerds who spend more time sorting than they do fapping. You know, the kind of guys who only fap to brunettes and nothing else. If you’re one of those nerds, please don’t take offense. The menu is there if you want to use it. For the average user, though, 99% of the screen is covered in pussy at all times and if you don’t like the pussy you’re seeing, all you have to do is scroll down. Chances are your finger will give out long before PDCams runs out of cams to offer.

Designed for Efficient Faps

Seriously, if you’re a hardcore free adult webcams loverand you fap often, then PDCams has the best design decisions to help save you time and get you off. You load the site, you pick a stream, you’re good to go. If a stream goes down for some reason, like if the girl goes offline for example, then the next best stream loads in automatically so you don’t accidentally start orgasming to a 404 page. PDCams is looking out for you in that way. It’s a nice touch.

You’re encouraged to watch the streams in full screen, especially since these days most camwhores are streaming in proper 1080p. Hell, some of them crank it up even further. Either way, you’re getting the deluxe experience when you watch these babes in full screen mode. There aren’t that many controls when you go full screen. There’s the full screen button itself, a volume knob and two little arrows that let you sift through live streams while you’re enjoying yourself. That’s right; you can jump through streams in the same way we used to swap TV channels back in the day. The smut is endless.

Chaturbate is Winning

PDCams doesn’t seem to have a general preference for one singular stream site, but they are sorting their streams by popularity, from what we can tell. It would appear that people just prefer the girls from Chaturbate, on average. There are babes from other sites, for sure and you can go to them directly if you want. There’s a menu for that under the little sorting “hamburger” button on the left. But, if you just dive in at random you’ll most likely end up on Chaturbate. They must be doing something right, because most of the best girls are coming in from that domain.

Still, you’re better off getting a list of all babes from all different sites instead. It’s always smarter to cast a wider net. You don’t want to accidentally miss out on potentially gorgeous babes. PDCams comes in clutch with the best live cam streams from around the world. Plus, there are babes streaming everywhere in the world, so it doesn’t matter what time of day you clock in. There will always be bitches to serve you. Plus, some babes like streaming at night, others like streaming in the morning as a day job. So, at any given point in time you’ve got babes from Thailand and across Asia and American babes all the same, with a few Aussies thrown into the mix for good measure.

The Young and the Younger

There seem to be two distinct types of popular babes on PDCams. There are the older girls who’ve been doing this for years now. They’ve managed to accrue a large following, so they’re popular by default. People know them. Then, there are the younger babes, aged between 18 to their early 20s, so naturally they don’t have a large following yet. They’re up and coming. In case you’re looking for a recommendation, you have to check out MilkyWay . She’s about as close to perfect as a young woman can get. You won’t regret it.

So, whether you prefer your girls young or younger, talented or amateurish, you’ll find what you’re looking for on PDCams. The best part of the experience is easily the feeling of randomness. You never know what you’re going to see next, but you do know it is going to involve tits. Sometimes the tits are huge, other times they’re gigantic. On the off chance you run into a flat chest, you can bet the girl is going to have a huge ass instead. Fapping on PDCams is simple, fast and free. Not to mention, their layout is optimized for speed and efficiency, so you’re guaranteed to have an easy time navigating around the place. Try not to fall in love with the girls while you’re there. Remember, it’s just business for them.