Review of Black Market Nightclub

In this article I review Black Market nightclub in Manila

If you are a party person who visited the Philippines not only to tour around the great attractions the country can offer you but also to try the nightlife scenes Philippines have then you surely in the right country.

The Philippines may have vast touristy attractions and culture but you may also find other ways to have fun in the country which is through their clubs and bars.

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, Review of Black Market Nightclub

As you find the best clubs for you inside the premises of the country, you would best find it in Manila where clubs are being scattered around looking for both locals and foreigners to try them. Black Market for example is a great party venue in Manila where you can definitely try a world-class club.

Are you familiar with the much known underground club named Side-B Manila? Well, if you were able to visit the said place and have been looking for a great club in Manila that could give you the same or even greater party scene then you should also give Black Market a go.

What is Black Market Manila?

Black Market that can be found at Makati, Metro Manila and the place itself where you can find Black Market Manila will already give you the idea how classy this club is. Just like with Side-B Manila, Black Market is also an underground club where you can find an industrial warehouse style club and plays some sort of underground music.

What actually made Black Market one of the best in the city or probably in the Philippines are their DJs which are absolutely the best. Black Market does actually have a number of DJs but I guess all of them deserve an appreciation for bringing the energetic and lively crowd all throughout the night.

Soulflower, Badkiss, Mike Cons, Don P and B. Bravo for example are those famous DJs that you can find here in Black Market. When we say clubbing, you may be able to find a lot of clubs all over the country with a great interior but what do really attracts guests are the club’s atmosphere and that a big ‘thanks’ to the clubs’ DJs which is absolutely Black Market Manila’s number one potential.

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The club do also offers various kinds of music genre from one night to the other which is perfect for those who want to experience different moods every now and then. So, during Wednesdays, expect some Hip hop, Reggae, Boogie, Disco, Jazz and Soul while on Fridays, Black Market Manila uses Lazer Bass, Beats, Glitch, Bass and Garage and if you wanted to visit the club during Saturdays, they also plays House, Electro, Techo, IDM and UK Funky.

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How to find Black Market?

As I was able to visit the place, I find a bit hard to locate especially that you aren’t from the place but since we already have this technology, we can now simply find it in Google map and if still, you can’t find Black Market Manila then just use your ears and mouth and try asking the locals for the directions; Black Market Manila is surely a known place thus people near the club must have known where it can be found.

You should also have to bear in mind that Black Market do have a dress code thus you have to make sure that you were able to wear clothes accordingly and you should also bring your IDs with you (preferably an ID where your birthdate is enclosed) for this will be your proof that you are already in legal age to enter Black Market Manila.

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What also made Black Market a known one is the ‘hidden’ Finders Keepers that can be found inside the club. Looking for a place where you won’t just experience fun but also some relaxing atmosphere is definitely a plus point for a particular club and that includes Black Market with their Finders Keeper bar.

, Review of Black Market Nightclub

Finders Keepers

This is actually a lounge bar inside Black Market where you can definitely chill whether you’re alone or with some friends. What’s good with Finders Keepers is that it would definitely give you time to breathe some fresh air from the very crowded club.

By the way, Finders Keepers is very strict when it comes to smoking thus you have to make sure you won’t smoke inside the lounge bar or else, you would be approached by their bouncer and will be asked to put down your cigarette or have it outside the bar and so if you really wanted to have a stick of cigarette, you may also opt to just go outside the bar and there you have your cigarette.

This is actually one of the ways to find Finders Keepers since as you look for the place you will be able to find a lot of people from the bar who are smoking outside so if find these people, you may ask them if you are in the right place and they would surely answer you with a ‘Yes’.

, Review of Black Market Nightclub

Finders Keepers do also have their drinks that would surely make your night in Black Market a livelier one with their large selection of cocktails, spirits and beers for you to indulged with. If you want to try Finders Keepers, it is operational every Tuesdays up to Saturdays.

Black Market Manila is definitely a good place to visit when you are in the Philippines where you won’t just have a good time dancing your arse out but you may also find a lot of locals and tourists for you to hang out with while in the club and they can also be a good choice of friends to be your next clubbing buddies during your stay in Quezon City best club.

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, Review of Black Market Nightclub

There are also some other clubs and bars that you can find in Manila that are also on top of the list. So, don’t hesitate to try some other nightlife venues in the city and surely, it would make your stay in the country an unforgettable one. You can find their website here.

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