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What I Know About Isaan Girls

Money means a lot of things to Isaan girls. How do you get money then? It is either by getting good education and after graduation is to get a good job that pays well, right? If you want to meet Thai girls for free in Thailand, check out this article. So what is my point

7 Traits That Make A Good Thai Wife

Finding the perfect Thai wife can either be a man’s dream or a topic for general amusement and ridicule. Is it possible for a western man to fall in love and be happy with a Thai wife? The truth is definitely yes, but as always not in all cases. If you want to get laid

Best Places To Meet Chiang Mai Girls

If you are heading towards Northern Thailand, then consider Chiang Mai as it has been a pretty popular place especially for young male foreigners, like me who are looking to have a great time with Chiang Mai girls! Sure, when you have heard about Thailand, a couple of places would come to mind – there’s

KapooClub in Bangkok

I had never heard of a KapooClub until I was trawling through the Internet and came across a message board talking about them. KapooClubs are found mostly around Bangkok and are generally aimed towards locals rather than expats, thus you don’t really hear about them on websites. This is not to say westerners are not