The Ultimate Japanese Hooker Guide

Traveling to the land of rising sun and fancy a juicy experience with Japanese hookers? Well here is a Japan sex guide just for you.

If you want to meet local girls in Tokyo for free, check out this article.Japanese hookers, The Ultimate Japanese Hooker Guide

The sex industry is a huge business in Japan, they dozens of soaplands in Tokyo that validate this sentence.

However, due to the cultural difference, it might not be straightforward to get laid here. The goal of this guide is to help you get laid by Japanese hookers or win a Japanese girlfriend.

Before we delve into the technical aspect of picking and jumping to bed with Japanese babes, it’s crucial to have an overview of the major cultural difference between Japan and the west.

Here is what most of us are accustomed to:

  • Meet a girl at work, hobbies, club, etc.
  • Talk to her before exchanging contact information.
  • D1, Schedule a coffee. Have a chat for an hour or two.
  • D2, Schedule a dinner, perhaps you can get a kiss here.
  • D3, go out dinner, movie. At this stage, both parties expect things to escalate to sex if they are into each other.

Upon arrival in Japan, things might play out quite differently. This does not mean Japan is a “sexless society” like you have heard.

In fact, Japanese girls are not strangers to sex. If you go with the respectful gentleman vibe, you will be left on the sideline as the sexy girls get hammered by the buzz-cut young skaters or spiky-haired street artist.

The type of sexual services in Japan is endless. From Hand Jobs, Blow jobs, Boob jobs, sex, bondage sex etc.

Here are the types of Japanese hookers and where to find them.

Smooci in Japan for escorts

If you’re looking for escorts in Japan without the stress or risk of being scammed, the best place to find them in Smooci.

They operate in several cities in Asia are known for being the Uber of the escort service in Japan.

Japanese hookers, The Ultimate Japanese Hooker Guide

On an average day you can find up to 20+ girls in Tokyo who you can book to come to your hotel, apartment or Airbnb, you can learn more by checking out their website:

The streetwalkers

Streetwalkers are not strange. In fact, almost everyone who went through a city late at night might come across some.

While street hookers are considered the lowest in the sex industry, Japanese women in the street can be quite satisfying.

The girls here range from old women to young girls trying to make ends meet.

You can also find ladyboys in Japan at all the usual tourist spots.

Where to find Japanese street hookers

You can find them in any red district in Japan including Ikebukuro, Kawasaki, Shin Okubo, Kabukichou, and Roppongi.

Whey choose Japanese hookers in the streets

The main advantage is they are cheap. Second, they are flexible and can offer sex services as you want as long as you pay them.

These Japanese babes operate out of in or out love hotels with some okay to take clients to their homes.

Prices: 6,000- 15,000 yen per hour depending on their looks.

Enjo Kosai

Enjo Kosai means compensated dating in English. This is a term used to call students who work as freelance Japanese hookers.

Unfortunately, these go down to high school student so you need to be vigilant not to get in trouble with the authority.

They are more expensive than street hookers but defiantly “sweeter”. There are a couple of websites to get Enjo Kosais in Japan.

Due to their age, most of these girls are naïve and sometimes indulge in unprotected sex. Risk of STDs and other sexually transmitted diseases are higher.

Cost: Enjo Kosais can go from 10k yen to 50k yen depending with how attractive she is.

Japanese prostitutes in soaplands / sex clubs

You can find sex clubs in all Japanese red districts. Sex in Japanese sex cubs has form and style. It could be sex with a nurse, molest a student, get molested by a teacher or grope away with a girl on the subway.

On the other hand, soap land experience is straightforward. You arrive, select a girl, both take a bath, sex, clean up and leave.

Having sex with Japanese hookers in the establishment is safer. First, cases of robbery are rare and two the risk of contracting diseases is lower since they are regularly tested.

Japanese hookers, The Ultimate Japanese Hooker Guide

The only risk is being caught in a middle of an ambush by authority. These scenarios occur when the sex establishment provide services beyond what is advertised.

Cost: between 3,000 and 5000 yen per hour.

You read find the best Soaplands in Japan by clicking here.

Japanese prostitutes doing rub and tug

Body rubs are great but they are even more relaxing when they end with a hand job.

Rub and tug is a good option for those who want to drain their balls with no sex. Again happy ending massage is legal and widespread in Japan.

Once you select a girl, the girl will help you take a shower, both naked then she will perform a massage. The massage is followed by a happy ending, mostly a hand job with oil as lubrication.

Most newbies in sex industries are recommended to start in run and tug establishments. The risk is minimal as far getting laid by a hooker goes.

If you like the girl, you could ask for her contact and have more erotic encounter once she is off duty.

Rub and tug establishment are all over Japan. Some of the popular ones include Asian Feeling, Shibuya Esthe, Tokyo style and Tomato club.

Japanese hookers in rub and tugs speak limited English apart from those in Tokyo style who speak conversational English.The skill also differs.Some are okay, while others have mastered the skill to make you explode like a fresh volcano.

The massage itself is relaxing, prepping you for a better climax. Most of the girls here are gaijin friendly. Just to be sure, read reviews of the establishment before the visit.

Cost: 3000 to 5000 yen per hour, 7000 yen for 70 minutes

Open hours: 5 AM – 3 AM daily

Japanese hooker doing delivery health

Also known as demi-hoes, delivery health professional come to your home and help you engage in some challenging cardio.

You can get these girls anywhere, but mostly on the internet. As the client you need to be welcoming otherwise the girls will decline your offer.

Are you in Japan for a business trip and feel lonely in your hotel room? Maybe you want some action from a Japanese babe without wondering the red districts. Or you are those lazy guys who want a girl delivered to your like a present, ready to get romped.

Well, delivery health in Japan is your answer. You will pay for a sexual encounter with a cute Japanese prostitute.

Blowjob, footjobs, handjobs, boob jobs are all on the menu.

So, how do you go about getting that girl of your dreams in your hotel?

You will start by contacting the store/website and make all arrangement through email or a phone call. You will reserve a girl and in a day or time of choice, the store will chaperone the escort to your hotel room/ apartment /love hotel.

Note that most of these arrangements must have a reservation particularly on weekends.

On your search for the best health store you will notice they are categorized into two:

Dispatch type (Haken –Gata)

After making an arrangement with the store, all you have to do is wait for your hotel doorbell to ring. This means the store delivered your desired Japanese hooker to your desired location.

Most gaijin prefer this type of girl delivery. However, you have to clean any mess and share items with the girl

Rendezvous type (Machiawase –Gata)

The store will deliver your girls to an agreed location where you have to go pick her up. Most of these locations are easy to find landmarks or stations.

Rendezvous type requires more of your effort but you can chat and flirt with the girl on your way to the love hotel.

While both of these types of delivery health service are found in Japan, the first one is more popular.

How much delivery health girls cost

Once you pick a girl, you need to select a course. There are both low-end and high-end delivery health stores in Japan.

Here are the prices for a standard delivery health store in Japan.

  • 60 minutes = 14,000 yen
  • 75 minutes = 19,000 yen
  • 90 minutes =22,000yen
  • 120 minutes = 30,000 yen
  • 150 minutes = 37,000 yen
  • 180 minutes = 45,000 yen

You might get extra fee in entrance and extension fee, transport fee.

A quick bro tip

You will notice a star in some of the services. Here is all these stars are about.

  • No panties and no bra
  • The girl is delivered with no bra or panties. It’s quite arousing.
  • Outdoor vibrator
  • The girl gets delivered with a pocket vibrator. You have control of the remote.

Extra bro tip: always confirm the total price before placing an order.

luxury whore houses

This is an exclusive category of sex industry which is experiencing tremendous growth due to lag in Adult Video industry.

There isn’t a lot of clubs, or maybe we know of, offering luxury hookers. One thing I’m sure of is these clubs are “high-end”, providing not only the finest girls in the sex industry but also fine dining, massage and other luxurious amenities.

The japan girls, often porn models, moonlight in these hotels for extra cash. They are considered “sex artist “who offer fully erotic service to their high-end clientele.

One of the clubs acting as a luxury whore house is Luxury. Apparently, the club owner runs various adult-video modeling agencies and production companies.

Why take your sexual fantasies to these luxury whore houses in Japan?


Most of the gaijins who visit the club are elite in the society. This means they are treated better, and the health of the girls is always in check.

Is there any risk?

Yes. Illegality is an issue in most of these luxury whore houses.

How much it will cost you to have sex with Japanese hookers in sex houses

Well, quality and exclusivity cost more in Japan.

For example in the mentioned club, Luxury, it will cost you 27,000 yen for 110 minutes with your girl.

This does not include tips and gifts the girls are accustomed to.

It’s estimated that a girl working in Luxury can take home 1000,000 yen a week with little effort.

If you want to meet a nice girl then check my article on girls in Kyoto.

Japanese prostitutes in Sadomasochism.

Are you the type that gets sexual pleasure when tied up and spanked? Does getting spit on, insulted, flogged etc. make you aroused? Well, Japanese prostitutes have plenty in the store just for you.

You can get dominatrix sexual services at Japan clubs and delivery services. Most operate both.

While a majority of these hookers provide services that seem reprehensible and disgusting to many, they don’t provide real sex.

The girls themselves seem to be in control of their environment so they bring little health risk to their clients.

Here are dominatrix clubs in Osaka for girls are:

  • BDSM Club fetishi
  • Club Ishtar
  • Club Jooh

You can find lots of mistresses online and close to your city in Japan.

Online dating sites

Using an online dating site is definitely one of the best to find and meet cheap Japanese girls for sex. One of the reason is that it helps eliminate the language barrier.

In Japan Cupid, for example, you can use Google translator to talk to non-English speaking Japanese girls.

Note that most girls here are hookers and gold digger who want some of your money. This, however, does not mean you cannot find a good Japanese girl to have sex for free.

Whichever the case, you will notice that a lot of girls online will be interested to go on a date with you.

While the different culture is a big hindrance, good girls and hookers in Japan do not mid a new experience. GJapanese hookers, The Ultimate Japanese Hooker Guideaijins are that new experience.

My thought on Japanese hookers.

  1. They are expensive and not the most friendly in Asia.
  2. Finding a girl online might take you weeks just to get laid.
  3. Most hookers are smutty that slutty.
  4. Local men are losing the taste for penetrative sex, preferring other sexual fantasies e.g. masturbating in front of “employees.”

This does not mean you give up. A little challenge is erotic for most men so go for it.

If you want to meet local girls in Japan for free, check out this article.Japanese hookers, The Ultimate Japanese Hooker Guide

Bros, which Japanese hooker will or would you choose? We would love to hear your thoughts especially if you got laid in Japan.

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