Japan Cupid Review

If you’re coming to Japan on holiday or plan a long-term visit and want to meet local Japanese girls,  I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Japan Cupid and meeting local girls in Japan.

Benefits of Japan Cupid

If you’ve been to Thailand or South East Asia, online dating works amazingly well, you can easily setup dozens of dates before you arrive.

Japan Cupid is harder than that, because most girls work jobs and their hours are long. If a girl tells you she isn’t free for 2 weeks, she is not brushing you off, she really is busy and it will mostly be with work.

Japan has a very heavy work culture where people work 12 hours per day, pretty much their job is their life.

Whether you’re coming here for a short holiday or to live here, to have the best amount of success on Japan Cupid you want to join 2-4 weeks before, this will give you enough time to build a rapport with girls and meet them right away when you visit.

, Japan Cupid Review

You can join a few days before or even when you’re here, but you’ll meet fewer girls than if you join 2-4 weeks prior.

Another thing you need to know is that VERY FEW GIRLS speak English in Japan. If you go to a mall or park, be sure that nobody speaks a word of English.

That’s where the advantage of using Japan Cupid comes into play, girls who speak English are easily identifiable as they will have English in their profile, or if they don’t speak English you can use Google Translate to have a conversation.

It’s not uncommon to go on a date with a Japanese girl and talk the entire conversation using chat app, it’s actually kind of fun and cute.

In your profile state why you’re coming to Japan and list your job, if you don’t have one list the degree or field you worked in before, they will want to know what type of job you do.

Dress well in your photos, no vests or shorts.

Japanese girls online are super friendly, they talk quite conservatively but if you can get them on a date taking it further is actually quite easy, the most difficult part is setting up the date.

If you can setup a date which requires a bit of leg-work and waiting for when they have a day off, you’re set.

, Japan Cupid Review

You can join Japan Cupid for free by clicking here. Let me know how you get on with messaging girls in the comments and what strategies you think are best to use.

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