How to Use Tinder in Japan to Get Dates

If you’re looking to meet cute Japanese girls using Tinder, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised about how easy it can be.

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tinder tokyo, How to Use Tinder in Japan to Get Dates

Tinder in Japan can be a hot-spot for getting dates with some drop-dead gorgeous woman (especially Tinder in Tokyo). You just have to avoid a few sketchy users and common pitfalls a typical guy might fall for.

Japanese chicks are some of the most down to earth people you’ll ever meet. But they also have a very sensual and sexual side to them. What could be better? You get the best of both worlds!

Why we love Tinder in Japan

Tokyo released its Tinder in 2015, and now native Tokyo girls already see this as a viable way to date and meet foreign users. I love swiping in Japan because there’s a great chance I match with many cute girls. It’s not uncommon to match with an 8, 9 or even 10 in Japan.

  • Super Active Users – People in Japan are super active on Tinder. Studies have shown that the average users log onto Tinder about 7.3 times per day. This means girls will read your message, so if you stand out, you’ll surely get a response. 
  • Rising Hookup Culture – Most Asian countries are quite conservative compared to the Western world. But in Japan, more women are working, recording a record high of 71.3% of employment in 2018. This means women don’t have to marry a guy for money anymore. And more cute Japanese girls are looking for short term relationships and hookups. 
  • Love Foreign Men – Japanese chicks love their foreign men. Most of these girls live very mundane lives of going to school and work. Foreign travelers give them a sense of excitement they wish they had in their life. Bring them on a joyride.
tinder tokyo, How to Use Tinder in Japan to Get Dates
Tinder Tokyo

What we don’t like

Before hopping on Tinder in Japan, there are a few key things you should look out for. Knowing this will save you a bunch of heartaches and wasted time. 

  • Not All Japanese Girls are Fluent With English – Sadly, there are a lot of Japanese girls that don’t speak English fluently. Don’t be alarmed; you can still go on dates with amazing girls. We suggest using Google Translate and picking up a book or two on basic Japanese phrases. 
  • A lot of Thirsty Guys – Girls are constantly being bombarded by guys in their Tinder messages. Japanese men have been notorious for being cringy when it comes to picking up women.

    This gives you the advantage to stand out. Simply stand out by getting to know them, inviting them on a date and seeing where it leads you. Also, remember to have great photos. Consider getting a friend or hiring a photographer to take some cool pictures of you doing fun hobbies. Giving your profile a makeover will drastically increase your response rates and the number of matches you receive. 
  • Sketchy Profiles and Prostitutes – I hate matching with a girl who shows all the signs of being a scam artist. Here are a few red flags to consider bolting immediately! 
    • The pictures are blurry. 
    • She doesn’t have a social media profile. 
    • She is quick to mention sex. 
    • there are lots of Hookers in Japan on Tinder.
  • Time Wasters – This is one of the most common issues when it comes to meeting girls in Asia.

    Guys are thirsty to hook up, while girls can be on dating apps for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they just want to meet friends; other times, they want to meet foreign students to learn English. They also could be trying to find the love of their life.

    There’s nothing wrong with that. But you should always get a sense of what they’re looking for. One ninja way to screen these time-wasters out is to allude in your bio that you’re looking to have a good time! That way, girls understand you’re not looking to put a ring on their finger. Don’t be those desperate guys willing to marry someone on the first date. Qualify them to make sure they’re a good fit for you.

Using Tinder Tokyo

Tokyo is by far the best place to meet hot Japanese girls in Japan. It’s full of girls dressed in short dresses, mini skirts, and cute tank tops. If you go to the Shibuya Crossing, it’s chalked filled with people. 

There are endless amounts of places you can take a girl on a date such as the Tokyo Tower or grabbing sushi at a restaurant. And hey, maybe you guys can even go to an Onsen Hot Spring to get a little cozier together. 

Tokyo is like Los Angeles or New York City in Japan. You’ll find a hodgepodge mix of people. But more importantly, the hottest babes reside on Tinder in Tokyo.

If the girl is more adventurous, you should take her dancing at the club in Harajuku, Shinjuku, or Roppongi. Personally, I like going to the club Jumanji or Muse in Tokyo. 

Using Tinder Osaka

Osaka is much more conservative and more of a rural city compared to Tokyo. But there are still some amazingly beautiful pale skin girls willing to get down. Osaka women have a very bubbly personality and are very personable to talk to. 

There are plenty of date spots in Osaka that’ll make your girl swoon all over you. Personally, I love going on the Tombori River Cruise in Dotonburi.

Imagine both of you in a boat ride with your arms wrapped around her. There’s also the Tempozan Ferris Wheel or the Japan Universal Studios. 

Wherever you decide to take her, just show her a good time. She’ll be happy to do anything with you if she enjoys your company.

tinder tokyo, How to Use Tinder in Japan to Get Dates
Tinder Osaka

Alternatives to Tinder in Japan 

As mentioned earlier, Tinder can be a sausage fest of creepy guys. This will turn off girls and make it difficult for honest, cool guys like yourself to meet the girl of your dreams. I reckon you turn to another dating app, such as Japan Cupid

It’s already got over 700,000 members, but a way better guy to girl ratio than Tinder. For me, I like using the paid advanced features of this app, because it’ll push me to the top of the swiping list. This gets me at least triple the matches I would normally get.

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Typically the girls on here are more invested than users on Tinder. They’re more serious about meeting up rather than just having a text buddy. It’s as easy as making a profile, start swiping and begin conversing with beautiful Japanese hotties.

Final Thoughts 

Online dating isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s frustrating to be burned over and over. With this Tinder guide, you’re now ready to embark on your journey to online dating in Japan. You’ll know when to run away from those time wasters. And also how to set-up your profile to land dates and make a great impression on your first date. 

If you want to meet local girls in Tokyo for free, check out this article.

tinder tokyo, How to Use Tinder in Japan to Get Dates

Start swiping and find your next Japanese cutie on Tinder.

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