14 Easy Places to Meet Girls in Osaka

Compared to other major cities in Japan, Osaka girls are considered friendlier, have a better fashion-sense with the majority showing a care-free attitude. Also, they are the cutest in Japan and will most likely find your jokes funny. In this article, I will guide you to the best spots to meet your dream girls in Osaka.

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Japan is known as a workaholic and sexless country but not for everyone. To start with, their girls are pretty and skinny. Their pale skin, jet back hair and their short skirts will awaken your sexual beast. Another reason to date girls in Osaka is that they know how to look after themselves. Most importantly they are open to date foreigners.

Osaka girls in bars

There are many bars where you can hook up with girls in Osaka. Some of these bars are sex oriented while others are family oriented. Regardless of where you meet an Osaka girl, you should try to get intimate with her.

The thumb of rule, however, is to try and read her mind and see if she is motivated to get cozy with you.

In Gaijin: The Blarney stone, White Bear, Captain Kangaroo and Sam & Dave.

  • Beer cost less than 700 yen.
  • Cocktail 600-800 yen
  • Shots 600 yen

Once you enter the bar, you will notice some local girls seated. Most will be interested in chatting and even throwing their panties at you. If you are friendly chances are you will get laid.

Offer to buy her a drink, chat and ask her if she could escort you back to your hotel. Note that if you are to make this offer, it has to be before midnight considering trains in Japan stop operating at midnight. If yes, get her dinner and head out.

Girls here are much more nice and friendly than Tokyo girls and speak better English than girls in Kyoto.

Meet single girls in Osaka online

Not all girls in Osaka like to go in bars, clubs or other places and seen leaving with a foreign man. Since they are still interested in a new ‘experience,’ they find some discreet ways to meet with expats.

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Another reason why a lot of beautiful Osaka girls prefer dating sites is that they are shy or can’t speak much English. Again, most Japanese girls are indirect communicators when you meet face to face. This makes it hard to be sure what they are thinking.

The only place you’ll meet ladyboys in Japan is online too.


JapanCupid is the best dating site to meet girls in Osaka. It will provide you will access to thousands of local girls with most willing to have their first date at your place.

With Japancupid you can get things going even before you land in Osaka. Sign up days or weeks before leaving your country and can with several girls to ensure you have an option when you get to Osaka.

Another advantage about JapanCupid is that you get to meet all type of girls: those looking for a serious relationship and those looking for a new sexual experience with foreign men.

If you are shy yourself, JapanCupid allows you not to troll bars and clubs in Osaka looking for some girls to have fun with. Search JapanCupid and register, which is free by the way.

Set your location to Osaka and see the available Osaka girls.

Tobita Shinchi red light district

I understand that some of you are not looking for a girlfriend in Osaka but just a sexy girl to have fun. If you are among those want a direct sexual encounter, then this is your spot.

You might be aware that it’s illegal to pay for sex in Japan. In this areas things run entirely different, I believe due to ‘political connections.’

As you walk around Tobata Shinchi red light district, you will find girls on the streets who shows you a lot of interest as you pass by. Some ignore foreign men while others salivate for them.

Note that it’s cultural for Japan girls to be proactive so you might want to enter some of these sex bars.

As for the price, expect something between 10k and 20k depending on the girl and the bar. It also cost more if you stay longer.

For cheaper girls visit Matsushima Shichi red light district located near Kujo Station.


Osaka is a party city which explains its number if nightclubs. One place, in particular, is famous for this kind of nightlife, Shinsaibashi.

Shinsaibashi is a shopping arcade that runs across the center of the city. It has numerous bars and club, so you probably need to narrow your search for clubs here.

Two of the famous clubs here are Club Pure and Club giraffe.

Club Pure

This one is more popular with foreigners and hosts international parties every month. You will get familiar drinks here, and it allows re-entry, therefore convenient for bounces.

girls in Osaka, 14 Easy Places to Meet Girls in Osaka

Parties are always spot on in attracting hot girls. In Osaka, you won’t find a lot of models attending, but the available girls are decent in looks so worth the effort.

Girls in this clubs are better at speaking English and you are guaranteed of their interest if you are an expat. Therefore if you want “international exchange” then you might want to schedule your visit during one of these invents in Club Pure.

Club Giraffe

Club Giraffe is synonymous with Osaka nightlife making it a hotspot to meet local babes. There is no entry price required if you enter before 11 pm but no re-entry.

You will get a crowd of 700 on weekdays and over 1500 on weekends.

Other areas with safe nightclubs in Osaka are Minami and Kita, a walking distance between each other. The drinks prices of these clubs are reasonable.

Umeda clubs and live houses: Umeda Club Quattro, Billboard live Osaka, and Explosion.

  • Location: you will find these bars in the area surrounding Osaka Station to the East and South.

Namba Clubs and live houses: Club Pure, Ghost Ultra Lounge, Club Ammona and Art Club.

  • Location: Find these clubs in the intersection south of Osaka. The nearest metro station is Namba station.

Here are tips to see you through Osaka nightclubs with no incident.

  • Carry your ID.
  • Be 20 and over.
  • Get there early there is a priority of letting women later in the night.
  • Memorize your hotel address to ensure you don’t get lost on your way back.
  • Check if they allow taking photos.
  • Keep your items safe.

Pink salons in Osaka

There are many names to these salons, but the baseline is they offer blowjobs. Surprisingly, these salons are popular, way much popular than brothels.

However, there are no many pink salons in Osaka compared to Tokyo that is gaijin (foreigner) friendly. You can find several near Tobita Shichi. Others are located near Umeda station.

Club Queen is one the pink salons with foreigner friendly girls. You should try out this one first since I can assure of quality service here.

Meet Osaka girls in Soaplands

Soaplands in Osaka offers Asian massage and spa experience for men. Visit this spot, and you will leave with a smile on your face.

Osaka is popular for Soaplands, just like other cities in Japan. The service here is quite similar to those in Thailand.

Depending on the number of Osaka girls you requested, you will get an erotic bath first then the girl or girls will run their naked bodies all over you.

In the end, you will get a blowjob and in some salon, sex.

Some of the expat’s friendly Soaplands in Osaka include Nyande-Tonburi and Yanneko International. You can find several Soaplands in Fukuhara. Club Amour, however, is likely the most famous foreigner friendly Soaplands in Osaka.

  • Location: Seaplane, Namba, Osaka.
  • Price: 22, 000 JPY for 90 minutes.
  • Language: broken English

Preview of what happens in Soaplands

Once you walk in you will get a waiting card (if it’s on a busy day). You will later get a call and choose the available girls.

Choose one that you like, and she will escort you upstairs. She will strip you and prepare a shower area. The girl will wash you, everywhere and go down on you.

She will escort you to the mat or bed for sex. How steamy and how many rounds depends on your energy.

Most Soaplands girls in Osaka give a head massage after sex. When the 90 mins are over, she will escort you back to the reception.

You have an option to pay upon booking or at the reception once you see what they are offering.

I advise you consult the guy on the reception on which girl is the best. Some of the Osaka girls in Soaplands might be the hottest, but they don’t like gaijins.

All these places to meet girls in Osaka can be done during the day or night if they are open.

There are very few places to find Japanese hookers, most are Thai and Chinese.

Day game in Osaka

For day games the streets are filled with endless potentials. If you have the balls to approach Osaka girls, good for you.

However, since you don’t know the interest of the girl, you are approaching talk to them usually and ask her out. English is a barrier but can be overcome if you meet one who can speak to a decent level.

In any case, have google translate in hand. For day Osaka girls it takes patience and more cash to get laid. The good thing is you can land a good girl for the entire vacation and one that doesn’t ask money after sex.

Night game in Osaka

This is the fastest way to get laid in Osaka. Visit the bars or the clubs we mentioned. Note that competition might be high during this time of day.

If you like a more direct encounter, visit the Soaplands or pink salons. You can read my guide on Tokyo soaplands to learn more about them.

For the single men who prefer otherwise, then you have JapanCupid , a good platform to meet girls in Osaka.

Why girls in Osaka? Japan several cities with beautiful girls too but you will have more fun in Osaka. Here are a couple of reasons why.

  • Good food at a lower price

I’m assuming you won’t be meeting the girl’s empty stomach. If on a tight budget Osaka has plenty of places to take your girls out for dinner without committing financial suicide.

  • There are a lot of places to cure a hangover

By 4 A.M you will probably be drunk and worn out. A bowl of ramen, hot tea, and a cozy bed is all you want. Osaka has plenty of those even at odd hours.

  • The nightlife is quite safe

No fun with Osaka girls is worth knowing you might end up harmed. By Japan standard, Osaka is safe unless you go poking others.

  • Osaka locals make Osaka nightlife

Once you get here, you will notice most of the people are Japanese. This is unlike in cities like Tokyo which are somehow cosmopolitan.

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Armed with that information, I don’t see why you shouldn’t get beautiful Osaka girls to make your stay unforgettable.  We would love to hear your Osaka experience too. Kindly share it in our comment box below.

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