Best 7 Soaplands in Tokyo for Sex

Need to know about Soaplands in Tokyo?  In this guide, we will tell you what happens in these establishments, how much the adult service cost and the best ones in Tokyo.

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Soaplands are the epitome of Tokyo Soaplands in Tokyo extrade. These popular venues cater for local men and sex tourist. The majority are open in the morning and run until late night. By visiting these venues, you get to relax and unload all the tension with the help of hot Japanese girls.

Paying for sex in Tokyo is illegal. To evade such a situation, Soaplands, also known as water brothels claim to offer erotic massage where you still get to bust your nuts any way you like.

What goes inside Soaplands in Japan is still a grey area. Some offer just a hand job, a blowjob, and some sex. In this guide, however, I will only list Soaplands in Tokyo which offer all, sex included.

One important thing you need to know is that not all Soaplands in Tokyo accept foreigners. Partly because some girls don’t like to service foreigners, but mostly because of the language barrier.

It’s no surprise to walk into one of these Soaplands and find non-English speaking personnel, including those at the reception. We have therefore prepared a list based on service quality and how receptive they are with foreigners.

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Soaplands in Tokyo, Best 7 Soaplands in Tokyo for Sex

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Atelier Naniwa

Located in Yoshiwara red-light district, Atelier Naniwa offers high-end Soaplands services. The establishment is clean and well maintained.

You can view the Tokyo girls available from their website. If you see a cutie that you like, go ahead and make a reservation.

  • Address: 4-32-6 Senzoku Tokyo
  • Price: 25,000 JPY for 60-70 minutes.
  • Open hours: 6 am to midnight.
  • Call: 03 3875 1925

Fuchu Derby

Fuchu derby is a Japanese Soaplands located in the west of Tokyo. You can get the soap massage any day stating 9 am until midnight.

The shop offers offer discounts if you select older Japanese girls to help you relax. This makes it favorable for men who are into above 30 girls.

  • Address: 2-8-20 Wakamatsu –chu, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
  • Price: 3000 JPY bathing fee
  • Open hours: 9 am to midnight
  • Call: 042 365 3675

Secretary’s Office

After a long day at your office visit the Secretary office and let the Japanese babes help you unwind. This Soapland is a favorite place to have sex in Tokyo, particularly among expats.

If you have some frustration be it with a business deal, or with your workers, visit this water brothel to meet the secretaries. And by the way, with a secretary, I mean these girls wear like one.

Soaplands in Tokyo, Best 7 Soaplands in Tokyo for Sex

If you fancy yours back at the office, but she is a no go zone these ladies in business wear will be a huge turn on.

  • Address: 4-26-11 Senjyo, Taito-Ku, Tokyo
  • Price: 25,000 JPY for 2-hour session
  • Open hours: 9 am to midnight
  • Call: 03 3871 8265

Ousama To Watashi

This is another top-rated Soaplands in Tokyo that is gaijin friendly. Since its opening 25 years ago, the place has come to accept expat so you can walk inside with confidence that there will be no hostility and the service is top notch.

Among the ladies to have sex with are AV actress and models in Japan. The soapy massage session starts at 9 am meaning they can help you with your morning wood.

  • Area: Yoshiwara
  • Price: 60, 000 JPY for 90 min
  • Open hours: 9 am to midnight
  • Call: 03 3871 7331

Darling Harbour Soapland

Darling Harbor is a favorite place for expats and sex tourist to have sex in Tokyo. In fact, if you walk in, you are most likely to find several foreigners.

If you know no Japanese, do not worry. The staff here can understand simple English and will make you fill in the right place.

The good news is, Darling harbor has merged with Blue Lagon meaning there is a wide variety of Tokyo girls to choose. Merging means more competition and with more competition, hotter Japanese girls.

  • Area: Yoshiwara
  • Price: 29,800 JPY for 70 min
  • Open hours: 9 am to midnight
  • Call: 03 3871 5522

Chateau Petrus

If you visit Chateau Petrus, you will find a lot of Japanese girls offering soapy massage plus when they are available. Also located in Yoshiwara red light district, this soapland is a high-class establishment to have sex in Tokyo.

Majority of the Japanese hotties here are above 25, but you can’t notice by the look. It probably the skills that make the place flock to with sex tourist.

  • Area: 4 Chome 41 -10, Tokyo
  • Price: 36,000 JPY for 90 min and additional 4,000 per 10 mins
  • Open hours: 9 am to midnight
  • Call: 03 3871 4020


Eria is probably the highest rated Soapland in Yoshiwara that accept gaijins. This soaplands in Tokyo in the luxurious Soapland category meaning a higher price tag for the high-class Japanese girls.

Soaplands in Tokyo, Best 7 Soaplands in Tokyo for Sex

Despite the price, sex tourist shows up and in large numbers to have sex in Tokyo with Japan hottest. See their website, and you will drool and long to touch their beautiful Asian girls.

  • Area: Yoshiwara
  • Price: 71, 000 JPY for 120 min
  • Open hours: 12 am to midnight
  • Call: 03 3875 3522

Other Soaplands in Tokyo that is foreigners friendly include Putit Royal, Yang Qin, Kichijoj, and Rothenburg.

You might have noted that this place, Yoshiwara, appear a lot on our list. In fact, there is more than 60 Soapland in this red district in Tokyo alone.

However, if you want to have sex in Tokyo and with no problems it’s good you stick to our list. This is because visiting others soaplands in Tokyo might not only fetch poor service but hostility and sometimes overprice than the initial agreement.

What to expect when you visit Soaplands in Tokyo

First off you will not find Japanese ladyboys at these venues, they will be freelancing on the street.

Once you enter the establishment, head to the reception and ask for the price plus the girls available. You will start by paying, most likely cash, then see the Tokyo girls for sex available.

You could ask the manager to recommend. If you don’t like one provided, ask for another one until you get your taste.

Note: some sex tourist says asking for a recommendation is a bad idea claiming that most managers provide old girls and keep the best for locals.

The point is you need to communicate to increase chances of getting a girl you like. Fear not brethren.

The girl will later escort upstairs, undress both of you and get you in a hot bathtub. She will wash you from head to toe with more focus on your groin.

This won’t be a regular bath, but an erotic one with caressing, hand jobs, blow job and she might finger you if you let her.

In some places, it mandatory to brush your teeth too. All this while, you can touch your Tokyo doll, spank and so on.

After the bath, you the attendant will dry you apply you with Nuru gel. She will seductively do the same with her body.

This is where things start to get steamy. Your beautiful Soapland girl will slither on your naked body like you are a stripper pole. By now your boner will be begging for more.

The point of your visit is getting pleasured. If you can handle several rounds within the stipulated time, knock yourself out.

Otherwise, you can go with her flow and get one and an intense one at the end. After the oil massage, the masseuse will wash you but if you prefer you could have sex oily. It’s your call.

On the bed, she will give you a blow job, strap you up and ride you like a cowgirl. If submissiveness is not your thing, you are free to get on top.

Some people love to give cunnilingus. While she may like it, personally I won’t do it as she might be ripe with STIs.

Once you are satisfied, you could choose to have a small chat as you wait for your session to end. If not, ask for more.

If you would love a head massage to rejuvenate the lost energy, it’s acceptable. To wrap thing up, your girl will give you the last bath, dress you and escort you back to the reception.

How does that sound? It okay to admit that some sex tourists do not love all the exposure with Soaplands. They might be more discreet compared to those in Vegas but still not private enough.

If Soaplands, brothels and street girls are not your thing, you can still enjoy sex in Tokyo thanks to JapanCupid. This is an excellent platform to meet Japanese for sex and girlfriends.

If you want to meet a normal girl, check out my read on Kyoto girls.

My final thought on Soaplands in Tokyo

Soaplands are an expensive way to get laid. The service is not the same to what you will get form hookers and typical brothels but most still quite expensive.

There also very few Japanese hookers working here as they do not want to sleep with western men for dozens of reasons.

Soaplands in Japan are more expensive than those soaplands in Thai but less expensive than in the western countries. However, if you put more time searching, you can get cheap Soapland charging US$27. Others charge up to US$1000.

If you find Soaplands expensive, JapanCupid might come to your rescue. You can find girls offering sex here at a lower price and if lucky, free. There are many Japanese girls in JapanCupid looking for a different sexual experience hence more receptive to foreign men.

For guys who want to get other sex experience with Tokyo girls, head out to Roppongi and meet Japanese girls interested with foreigners. Try our bar girls, club girls, and coffee shops.

For girls, walk into any bar or club in Japan get any guy attention. That is all it takes a girl to get laid in Japan, as always.

Warning: if you plan to visit Soapland in random carry more cash. You will be hit with extra cost such as member’s fee, first-day fee, etc.

If you find yourself in such a situation, the best thing is counter politely. If things heat up, pay and leave.

Get things clear before paying up, and you will evade such lousy experience during your sex in Tokyo escapade. Ask if it’s the final cost and if you should expect more. Otherwise, you stand to be a victim of fraudulent scams.

Hope thing guide on gaijin friendly Soaplands in Tokyo was helpful. If you have a question or need clarification, we are here to help. Also, share with us your sex in Tokyo experience in the comment box below.


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