Getting Started As A Digital Nomad In Thailand

I get quite a few emails from digital nomads or aspiring nomads asking me:

Where’s the best place to stay in Thailand and what’s the best way to generate an online income?

I’ve done some research and collected data for digital nomads who are thinking about coming to Thailand, it’s a quick breakdown of what it costs to be a digital nomad in Thailand based on current data.

I’ve focused on Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. It’s my first go at an infographic so I hope you all enjoy it.

Digital nomad in Thailand, Getting Started As A Digital Nomad In Thailand

Where would you stay?

I was actually quite surprised that Phuket was a cheaper option than Bangkok for nomads. But serviced apartment in Bangkok tend to cost a lot more on average, and when you factor in the amount of spending you can do in one month in Bangkok compared to Phuket, it’s can get pretty big.

For example, it’s a lot cheaper to rent a month-to-month room in a quieter part of Phuket and hardly spend money (as there’s nothing there), opposed to living in Bangkok where there’s a mall on every corner, hundreds of bars and thousands of restaurants.

The nomad cost of living is based on people who are continually moving from place to pace, while the expats costs are averaged over 3 months or more living.

If you were a digital nomad in Thailand, which city would you pick? As much as I prefer Bangkok, I think for people who are not earning more than $800 per month online, Chiang Mai would probably be your best bet as the cost of living can be a lot lower if you be frugal. It also has the largest digital nomad community in Thailand and would be a great way to make friends and perhaps find more work.

But as since as you start making that money, Bangkok’s my #1.

Oh and obviously no article about digital nomads in Thailand would be complete without me making reference to my guide that shows anyone how to become an online freelancer in Asia.


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