Da Nang Nightlife spots and girls

In this article learn the best clubs in Da Nang and where to meet local girls.

Da Nang might not be one of the primary tourist destinations for most people, but some who have seen it – the city is quite a gem.

Even if it a couple of miles away from the hottest and top tourist place in Vietnam, it does not mean that they do not have a vibrant nightlife and of course, girls. Girls are everywhere in Vietnam and some men I have met prefer Vietnamese girls compared to other girls in South East Asia because of certain reasons.

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Da Nang Nightlife, Da Nang Nightlife spots and girls

Da Nang Girls

Girls in Da Nang are quite hard to find and I am talking about Vietnamese girls working in the Vietnam sex industry or adult entertainment.

The city seems to be a little bit conservative compared to its neighbouring countries such as Thailand or Philippines. If you get lucky and know which places to go to, you will get lucky.

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But you won’t be able to see Da Nang girls walking around wearing skimpy outfit asking around men or foreign men if they want to have a “good time.” You might have to ask her for a drink or two and discuss her price and you can take her back to her room.

There are a couple of precautions to consider before you take a Da Nang girl – scamming is prominent in this area, make sure that you got everything else secure before you take her back to your room or hotel. Otherwise, you will be left penniless.

Another is that, since the sex industry is not regulated by the government, there is a high risk of contracting a disease.

Da-nang girls are more friendly than girls in Hanoi I think because they are in the middle of the country and a little further away from China.

Da Nang Nightlife

If you are into the club scene, here’s the list of Da Nang’s top clubs to visit:

Fashion Night Club (F9)

While this is not located in the city center, this nightclub is still getting flocked with partygoers anywhere in the city. The place is updated and plays trance and techno music. They also have live DJs from time to time which are why Fashion Night Club is patronized by young clients – local and foreign alike.

The dancefloor is suitable to accommodate enough number of people to get the vibe going. They serve local and imported beer as well as spirits and cocktails at a very reasonable price.

Da Nang Nightlife, Da Nang Nightlife spots and girls

Camel Club

Camel Club is one of the hottest places for Da Nang nightlife. It is located at 16 Ly Thuong Kiet Street. You will be able to see mostly young locals partying in this establishment. If you are into loud music and dancing all night is not a problem, you better check this place out. It is open from 7 pm up until 1 am and serves beers, spirits and cocktails.

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They also serve bar chows and you can be able to get access by paying their entrance fee which is at 20,000 VND. Since the place is quite famous among partygoers, it can get really busy and jam packed during the weekends.

New Phuong Dong

Located at Dong Da – Hai Chau District, this is also a place to go to if you want to experience Da Nang nightlife.

They have a huge dancefloor with bright lights and also have a live DJ playing to make sure that you will really feel the dance vibes within your body.

You won’t be able to see large comfy sofas but you will see bar stools and small tables surrounding the dance floor, since you are there to enjoy the music and dance all night long. Their food is quite okay and they have an ongoing promo which includes a couple of drinks and food for a reasonable price – starts at 590,000 VND.

You can find their Facebook Page by clicking here.

For those who like the bar scene, here are a couple of bars sprawled in Da Nang:


Located at the rooftop of Novotel Premier, it provides you the best panoramic view of the entire city.

Sky36 is perhaps one of the best bar/lounge that Da Nang nightlife has to offer. They have wide variety of good food, biggest selection of drinks and cocktails.

You can either enjoy it with friends or just a simple date with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

They don’t just cater to locals but you will also see a couple of foreigners and tourists lounging at this place. They also have shows for entertainment purposes and sometimes play live DJ music from either local or international acts. Sky36 can get pretty much crowded especially during the weekends.

Tulip Brewery

If you are a beer enthusiast, you will definitely love this place. Tulip Brewery has just recently reopened and this is the place where you can taste freshly brewed Czech style beer. But if you just want to have a few drinks, dropping by this place doesn’t hurt as well.

They offer a wide range of food selection – from Vietnamese rice and fish meal to German sausage. There is no doubt that you can’t find any foreigners in this establishment.

The price of beer starts at 22,000 VND and the large one (about 1 liter) costs around 40,000 VND. You can be able to find this place at 174 September 2nd Street Da Nang. Last time I was here I saw a few Vietnamese ladyboys, not sure if that is a common thing or not.

Seventeen Saloon

If you are into western-themed bars, Seventeen Saloon is a place for you to relax, unwind and forget that you are even in Vietnam for a couple of hours. 17 Saloon is actually a hotel cum restaurant cum bar and you can find it on Tran Hung Dao – Son Tra District.

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They serve Western grub such as fries, pizza, burgers and steaks. When it comes to drinks, they serve beer and liquors. The place has a warm and friendly atmosphere and you will be able to see a couple of expats hanging around there enjoying a drink or two after work and listening to live music played by local bands.

Golden Pine Club

Another one of the hottest places to experience Da Nang nightlife! Golden Pine Club is located on Bach Dang, Hai Chau 1 and is open from 9am to 1am. They have a couple of pools so you can enjoy a game or two with friends for a more laid-back ambiance.

The bar actually caters to locals and foreigners so you will be able to meet a friend or two in this place. Food and drinks are reasonably price so you can’t go wrong in visiting this place as well.

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Da Nang Nightlife, Da Nang Nightlife spots and girls

Where is your favourite place in Da Nang to meet girls?

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