Sex in Vietnam: Red Light District Guide

In this article, I’ll discuss all the places you can get sex in Vietnam.

When it comes to their touristy destinations, Vietnam would surely be able to compete with all the other countries in Asia especially with all their museums, churches, nightlife scene and much more but what really comes up in your mind when we say ‘Vietnam’?

If you want to get laid in Vietnam for free, check out this article.

, Sex in Vietnam: Red Light District Guide

Aside from their touristy destinations, Vietnam does also have their awesome girls to who you spend the next days of your stay in Vietnam. What foreigners really like with these Vietnamese girls are their values of being polite, hospitable and kind which every foreigner needs when they are in a new country.

Also, Vietnamese tends to be whiter compared to other girls all over Asia thus if you are a foreigner who is used to going out and have fun with white girls, it would surely not new to you doing the same with these Vietnamese girls.

They are much curvier as well which is definitely perfect for those men who are very particular with the girls’ physical appearance. When you are able to check these Vietnamese girls, you would surely find them attractive for both inside and out.

If you are already in Vietnam, it is actually not hard for you to find one or more Vietnamese girls may it be for a serious relationship and even just for sex in Vietnam. When you are in Vietnam or even in most countries in Asia, you would surely be loved by these girls for Asians undoubtedly loves to get to know foreigners especially Westerners.

, Sex in Vietnam: Red Light District Guide

One thing I have noticed in Vietnam that when you are walking in their streets or malls, a lot of girls would stare at you and if you’d go near these girls and befriend them, they would surely grab the chance without second thoughts which would make things easier for you.

How to find sex in Vietnam?

If you’re the person who loves to visit other countries not just to tour around the country’s top destinations but also to try their girls then you will surely have fun in Vietnam.

There are actually a lot of cities in Vietnam where you can find sex but here are two of the cities in Vietnam that you should definitely check out:

Hanoi City

The city is Vietnam’s capital city and that’s absolutely why there are more foreigners visiting Hanoi for sex. If you are in the city in Hanoi, it would surely be easier for you to find experience sex in Vietnam for they have a lot of places where you can find a number of prostitutes for you to spend the night with.

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J Spa

One of the best places to visit for a happy ending massage in Hanoi is J Spa with prices starting at $26 USD upwards. Price for foreigners and Vietnamese are exactly the same.

Their facilities include the following: sauna, salt rock bath, shared bath/wine bath with massage technicians, full body massage, NURU, HJ, BJ.

They have over 30 separate massage rooms extremely luxurious and clean with modern equipment. Equipped with Himalayan salt rock sauna and water massage bed. Consists of more than 50 girls aged 18-23, extremely beautiful, young and well-trained by Nhung Lady – Director of Vlady Love Academy, a member of the International Association of medical sex learning.

, Sex in Vietnam: Red Light District Guide

They are located not too far from the center of Hanoi, have great English-speaking staff and accept cash along with Visa and Mastercard (free charge, there is no extra 2-3% fee unlike other shops).

If you’d like to contact them beforehand to book (I strongly recommend this), you can contact them +84973027979 using Viber, Wechat and Zalo, and Telegram app, or +84972267979 on Whatsapp, or  check out their website at

Be sure to tell them A Farang Abroad sent you to get that VIP experience.

Red Light Districts in Vietnam:

Ding Anh District – if you wanted to look for a place in Vietnam where you can find many cafes and bars spread all over then Ding Anh District is perfect for you. They have about a dozen of cafes and bars lining up in the streets and you won’t definitely have a hard time finding Vietnam girls who can offer you sex in Vietnam with all these cafes and bars in the area.

Ha Dong District – well, just like with Ding Anh, girls here in Ha Dong tends to love going to cafes and even coffee shops to find their next target. There are also some coffee shops in the place that really disguise as one but do have other ‘services’ offered which is, of course is sex.

Thuy Khue District – what’s actually different with Thuy Khue District compared with the other districts in Hanoi is that it is a place for those who loves to visit massage parlors which they are able to spread in the whole district.

Vietnam Massage parlors are surely the best services I guy would want from these Vietnamese girls where you can have a good and relaxing massage before you go to the best part which is their ‘happy ending’ or even a great sex in Vietnam as well.

Tam Quat for an example is a good massage parlor in the district where you can definitely enjoy their services.

Tam Quat may don’t have the best girls in town when it comes to their beauty but they surely do have the best talents when it comes to giving men pleasure which is definitely the best thing about them.

Gia Lam District – one of the districts in Hanoi where there are a lot of girls scattered all over the place ready to give you a good sex in Vietnam. If you are going to stroll over Gia Lam District, you can already find a number of Vietnam girls walking around as early as 7pm.

This district does also have its cafes where you can find a lot of Vietnamese women spending their time and as you check on these girls, you will surely find them sexy with their very short skirts and some of them even doesn’t have a shirt giving you the best view for the night.

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Hanoi may have a lot of red light districts thus won’t surely have a hard time finding a place in the city where you can have the best night of your stay in Vietnam. With all the red light districts in the city, you’ve got lot of choices especially when it comes to the Vietnamese girls you are going to spend the night with.

Ho Chi Minh City

Well, this one may not be the capital city in Vietnam but Ho Chi Minh is definitely the largest city in the country thus you can surely find a lot when you are on the premises of Ho Chi Minh especially if you’ve been looking for sex in Vietnam these past few days.

Ho Chi Minh doesn’t honestly have its red light district but you can still find it easy to find sex in the city. Vietnam girls who’ve been working to give fun and pleasure to men particularly foreigners visiting the city who can be found everywhere; even in the parks of Ho Chi Minh City.

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Yes, there are a lot of prostitutes in the city can be found in the parks and you don’t have to spot them anymore for they are the one that would go near you and ask you if you are interested having sex in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam is indeed a home for those tourists and foreigners who loves to meet young people particularly girls from other countries and if you are able to visit Vietnam or planning to experience one, you must not forget to try their nightlife scenes from their KTV bars, strip clubs and nightclubs.

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KTV Bars – there are a lot of KTV Bars in the country which you can find everywhere especially if you are going to look for in Ho Chi Minh or Saigon. Spending the night in a KTV bar is also a good idea where you can have fun drinking with some friends while singing as well.

, Sex in Vietnam: Red Light District Guide

If you wanted to know where you can find a KTV bar in the Vietnam, you can easily stroll around the country and you can already find a lot along the streets of Vietnam. There are also some prostitutes staying in this KTV bar just in case they can find a foreigner looking for sex in Hoi Chi Minh city.

Strip Clubs – this kind of nightlife scene in Vietnam is actually hard to find but you can surely find some stripping activities especially in the nightclubs of the country. If you really wanted to try and experience strip clubs, you can ask the locals and vendors on the streets to where you can find one.

Nightclubs – if you are going to look for girls in a nightclub just to found some sex in Vietnam then you won’t definitely have a hard time looking for them. There are a lot of Vietnam girls that can be found in the nightclubs of the country that actually offers sex just for fun especially when they are already drunk enough or even just having too much fun with you and is willing to do ‘more’.

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Being able to hook up with a normal girl in the country is indeed an easy one for they usually loves to have sex or offering themselves in some other ways to foreigner because they thought that it is something to be proud of and for your side, it is also a good thing for you can absolutely save some money for you don’t have to pay them anymore just to have sex in Vietnam.

The Bottom Line

Although finding girls in Vietnam that could make your night in the country maybe a good idea but you also have to remember that prostitution in the country is illegal thus you have to make sure you won’t get caught by the authority or you will have a hard time going home.

You may also try to check on ‘normal’ girls in the country and you can find a lot of them more in malls or night markets in the country and with these, you won’t surely get into trouble in Vietnam just because you wanted to have sex in Vietnam, right?

After going through this article, you surely were able to get a lot from here especially with where to go if you are looking for sex in Vietnam. Finding for the best girl in the country is indeed never easy but if you are able to read this article, it would surely make your plans if finding sex easier than ever.

, Sex in Vietnam: Red Light District Guide

You may also want to check on the other stuff Vietnam can offer you from their touristy destinations which are absolutely a must visit when you are in the country. Spending your holiday vacation in and another country is indeed fun especially if you are able to make a day-by-day plan ahead so, enjoy on your trip!

Where is your best spot to for sex in Vietnam?

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