Where to find ladyboys in Vietnam

Vietnam is legendary and this is backed by its incredible nightlife. If you mention the word ladyboy, most sex tourists will think of Bangkok. Well, things are changing in Vietnam and I will tell you where to have fun with a small community of ladyboys in Vietnam.

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Over the years the LGBT is emerging in Vietnam. The local community is becoming more open-minded despite the little effort from the authority to legalize it.

Like a majority of other countries, one would think that Hanoi is the place to be if you fancy ladyboys. This is not the case with Vietnam. Saigon, locally known as Ho Chi Minh has a higher concentration of ladyboys bars.

Saigon is located in the foot of Thai. Here Vietnamese ladyboys are in higher numbers, parading themselves along the main tourist attractions hoping to get a client for the night.

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If you have ever been with Thai ladyboys, there won’t be much difference in our case. The appearance is similar although ones in Thai have a more feminine appearance thanks to years of hormone replacement treatments.

While there are natural ladyboys, most are artificial. This explains the low concentration of transgender in Vietnam considering its economic state and the high cost of the operation.

Enough with the dynamics of ladyboys in Vietnam, let’s get to the details you need to get laid by a ladyboy in Vietnam.

Dating sites

Vietnam Cupid

Vietnam Cupid is another viable option to find ladyboys in Vietnam. Unlike MyLadyboyDate, Vietnam Cupid is geared towards hooking up girls and guys but there is quite a good number of ladyboys too.

There’s also a lot of normal girls in Hanoi and Saigon women there.

Ladyboy prostitute spots

These ladyboys in Ho Chi Minh drive around with motorbikes hoping to find customers. This means there are fewer chances of you being approached by one unless you walk in the right streets.

Nguyen Hue St is a recommend street to search for ladyboys in Vietnam. Other areas to find prostitute ladyboys include Thi Sach, Dong Du, and Hai Ba Trung. Note most of the ladyboys who work as prostitutes are Trans Vietnamese hookers.

Vietnam ladyboys in Escorts and Massage

There are many Vietnam ladyboys in Ho Chi Ming offering hotel massage services. This, in other words, means sex in your room so don’t expect exceptional massage.

To find cute ladyboys in Ho Chi Min sigh up at WeChat. Use this app to locate nearby ladyboys. If you find one that you like, message her and see what she has to offer.

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If you are not in a hotel already, look for ladyboys friendly hotel in Ho Chi Minh. Your girl should now a couple friendly hotels.

If WeChat doesn’t give you a good tide, try Craigslist.


There are not strictly ladyboys bar in Ho Chi Minh. However, these gay bars gives you a higher chance of meeting Trans in Vietnam. They include:

  • Republic lounge on 19 D0 Quang Dau
  • Chica Bar on 60 Pasteur

Ladyboys in Vietnam in Saigon drag shows

Ho Chi Ming city has created quite a reputation with its drag shows. These shows are popular with Trans so follow them and you will find a good number of Vietnamese ladyboys.

To find the shows, search online and see if one is going down near your hotel.

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If not, you can choose to find Vietnam ladyboys in its dim LGBT scene.

Are there Vietnamese Ladyboys for dating?

You probably have realized that Vietnam has no much excitement with ladyboys.

As per the question above, you can find ladyboys to date in Vietnam. However, things will again be slow considering their numbers in the country.

Vietnamese locals are yet to embrace the idea of LGBT. This has a negative implication of the Trans going out and showing their real self.

If you want a good ladyboy to date and not just sex, then I suggest you search in the dating sites.

Think you are going to find a ladyboys in Vietnam that you like? If not, let’s hope the country changes and start accepting ladyboys. Vietnam might be a conservative country but if you meet a partner that you like, you will notice they are not conservative even for casual sex.

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ladyboys Vietnam, Where to find ladyboys in Vietnam

As you look for ladyboys in Vietnam, remember there are other nightlife places to have fun. During your vacation see girls in Hanoi massage parlors, go-go bars, beaches and shopping malls. We have good information on the same, check out our website.


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