Men’s Guide To Ho Chi Minh Red Light District

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, Men’s Guide To Ho Chi Minh Red Light District

If you are a foreigner who wants to comes to a place where you can truly discover and explore more, you should definitely include Vietnam in your bucket list. Vietnam is a nice country that can be found in Asia who caters a vast tourist destination and culture that every foreigner would surely love.

Vietnam does actually have a number of cities but if you really wanted to have fun in the country then you must priorities Ho Chi Minh City when you are in Vietnam. Although the city isn’t Vietnam’s capital city, Ho Chi Minh is now the largest city in the country with its 3.4million population today.

As being the largest city in Vietnam, tourists and foreigners would surely get confused with where they’ll going to visit first and to where there can find a lot of fun and great things to do which is definitely why you are reading this article.

Ho Chi Minh Red Light Districts

Ho Chi Minh doesn’t actually have a real red light district but I have a list here of places in the city that is considered a red light district with all the events and nightlife scenes that you can find as you visit these places.

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Hao Bin Park

If you’ve been looking for one of the busiest places in Ho Chi Minh Red Light District then Hao Bin Park is the place you’ve been looking for. Hao Bin Park is located right in the corner of Hung Vuong and Nguyen Chi Thanh Street.

Here in Hao Bin Park you can see a lot of working girls who are with their bikes and approaching every man that they think are interested in their services thus you shouldn’t get shocked if you’ll be asked if you wanted to have ‘fun’ with some random girl riding her bike if you are in this park.

Locals who live in Ho Chi Minh have a name for these prostitutes that you can find in the streets of the city which is “butterflies” of the night” but still, you won’t just find these Ho Chi Minh Red Light District prostitutes in the night for there are also a lot of them roaming around the city during daytime.

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There are also some other places that can consider as Ho Chi Minh Red Light District such as Kinh Duong Vuong and Le Tuan Mau which are both a good place for those foreigners and expats who’ve been looking for prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh Red Light District.

Clubs in Ho Chi Minh

Since the city doesn’t really have its own Saigon Red Light Districts then let me give you few of the top clubs in Ho Chi Minh that you should visit whenever you are in the city which are truly worth trying for.

Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is located in District 1 and it is operational from 7 PM until 4 AM every day. This one is truly a legendary club in Ho Chi Minh where you can find a very lively and wild crowd all throughout the night which was definitely able to make your night at the city the best one.

, Men’s Guide To Ho Chi Minh Red Light District

Aside from the crowd, Apocalypse Now has their cheap beer and cocktails which is a good choice for those party goers that are on a budget but still wants to have fun in Ho Chi Minh Red Light District and as you visit the club, you can also find a number of prostitutes along the place.

The Observatory Saigon

This club is located in District 4 and you may visit The Observatory Saigon from 6 PM up until 6 AM every Wednesdays to Sundays. Since this club closes very late or shall we say early in the morning, party people who would like to party all night long tends to love this club.

They also offer their free admission ones it is already 11 PM thus you can still have a great night at The Observatory Saigon even if you weren’t able to bring that much cash with you. Also, the club has their international DJs which are a big help in bringing the best crowd the club can ever have.


Lush is located in District 1 as well and compared to other clubs you can find in Ho Chi Minh Red Light District, Lush is actually the most famous one and has been the city’s premier nightclub which is all because of their sophisticated and well-dressed crowd.

Since Lush is a dress-to-impress kind of a club, you have to make sure you are able to wear one of the best suites or dress you’ve got if you wanted to get inside the club. They also have their spacious dance floor where you can dance your arse out the whole night.

When it comes to the music of Lush Nightclub, they also have their DJs who love to play hip hop and house to the crowd and if you wanted to smell some fresh air, you may opt to give their upstairs deck a visit. So, if you wanted to give Lush a try, they are operational every day from 8 pm until 2 am.

Girls in HCM are more likely to talk to you than Hanoi girls because the city is more western friendly.

Escort Agency

Well, I am pretty these escort agencies are popular in Western countries thus if you are a Westerner, you should know how things go in these escort agencies. These agencies are actually one of the best ways for you to find prostitutes in Saigon Red Light District.

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Although Saigon doesn’t have that much when it comes to escort agencies, you can still find a few of them when you would just check online and some of them are the following:

Saigon Girls

The Saigon Girls is actually one of the most visited Escort Agencies you can find in Saigon Red Light Districts where you can experience a 2-hour services and what made this one a popular agency are their girls who are truly sexy and hot.

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You may also have her overnight but since escort agencies are way too expensive, you are expected to pay a lot of cash if you really wanted to have some quality and fun time with the prostitute you’ve got from the agency.

Not all of them are girls, Vietnam does have it’s share of ladyboys.

Vietnam Escort Services

Here in Vietnam Escort Services, you won’t just be having Vietnamese women for pleasure and sex for you may also hire one as a companion for your late dinner, business accompaniment and can be for dominatrix purposes as well.

If you’re looking for a Vietnamese hooker I advise against it, they are not like Thai hookers, they will rob you if given the chance.

Since Vietnam Escort Services doesn’t have their own place or hotel where you can have your services, make sure you are open to having the prostitute sent at your hotel and if not, they won’t accept any transaction with you.


This escort agency was able to be in the industry for five years now and so far, KatVuGroup was really able to make a good name for their agency. This escort agency is a popular one not just because they are the first professional provider at Saigon but also because they’ve got the best girls in town.

The agency was able to come up with a way for clients to contact their prostitutes such as placing the girl’s contact number at their website just beside their photo and name so you can immediately send her a message and discuss everything to her.

, Men’s Guide To Ho Chi Minh Red Light District

If you wish to try this kind of services, you can easily go through the internet and search for escort services available in the city and from there you can then give them a call or an email with your details such as your hotel’s location and what time you wanted to have the prostitute sent at your doorsteps.

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Online Dating Sites

Maybe you are the kind of foreigner who doesn’t prefer going through the streets of Ho Chi Minh when it comes to finding pretty girls from the city then you should definitely give these online dating sites available in the city.

Online dating sites are surely the best way you can find in finding girls from whatever race and country you like by simply sitting on your couch with your gadget.

These online dating sites are very easy to use and convenient as well for those foreigners who wanted to meet single girls from all over the globe.

Vietnam Cupid

Well, if you are a starter when it comes to online dating sites, you should try Vietnam Cupid first. What I actually like with Vietnam Cupid is that its members are obviously from Vietnam thus you won’t have trouble finding girls from Vietnam in this online dating site.

Vietnam Cupid has already reached 800,000 members which give you the chance to pick and choose from all those pretty girls you’ll find from Vietnam Cupid.

Aside from this, you can also use Vietnam Cupid for free therefore, you don’t have to pay any penny if you wanted to find girls from Vietnam if you will just sign up and join Vietnam Cupid.

Spending your next holiday vacation in Ho Chi Minh is indeed a good choice but you can definitely make you stay in the city a more exciting and fun one if you will be able to visit every Ho Chi Minh or Saigon Red Light District with some Ho Chi Minh girls along the way.

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