Ulimate Guide To Hanoi Red Light District

Are you? If you haven’t gone to this country yet then you should think twice. The country is actually one of the places in the continent that tourists and foreigners from all over the world want to visit and this article would surely make you know why.

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, Ulimate Guide To Hanoi Red Light District

Although Vietnam isn’t that big compared to some other countries in Asia, you would still find a lot of happenings and activities in the country that would absolutely make your stay in Vietnam a worthy one especially if you are in the country’s capital city, Hanoi.

When it comes to fun and girls, Ho Chi Minh City nightlife may be the number one in Vietnam but you don’t have to underestimate Hanoi as well. The city has their red light districts which are known and can surely offer you a lot as you give these places a try.

If you are going to Hanoi RLD, you can surely find a lot of pretty and sexy Vietnamese women in the streets who are willing to offer you sex with a cheap price thus making the place a good choice for those foreigners who just wanted to try what it feels to be with a Hanoi girl.

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, Ulimate Guide To Hanoi Red Light District

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, Ulimate Guide To Hanoi Red Light District

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, Ulimate Guide To Hanoi Red Light District

Hanoi Red Light Districts

Quoc Oai District

What made this particular Hanoi Red Light District are their prostitutes who are offering a ‘quick train’ which means prostitutes for one service. Here in Quoc Oia, you can find red light cafes all over the area with a number of sexy and hot prostitutes waiting for men to spend the night with.

If you plan on sleeping with a Vietnamese prostitute, be careful as they are prone to robbing you.

Ha Dong District

Ha Dong District are actually mostly filled with coffee shops but you don’t have to get tricked by this strategy they made for as you go inside these coffee shops you can find dozens of girls who are willing to offer you their services for a relatively cheap price.

Gia Lam District

As you stroll around the streets of Gia Lam road, you can eventually find dozens of prostitutes from the red light cafes in the place sitting outside, wearing a sexy dress and some may be topless at all. Hanoi girls from Gia Lam District starts to spread around the area by 7 pm thus you can visit Gia Lam District earlier if you wanted to.

Dong Anh District

Also a good place for those foreigners and expats who’ve been looking for prostitutes in Hanoi Red Light District. Dong Anh may be a small area in Hanoi but you can still a lot of red light cafes along the area and you can observe that will all the sexy girls sitting outside these cafes.

As you can observe, Hanoi Red Light Districts are mostly filled with red light cafes where there are a lot of girls from the city sits outside their establishments, waiting for both locals and foreigners who wanted to have them for both fun and pleasure.

Erotic Massage Parlors

Hanoi Massage parlors are indeed a great way to find pleasure where you won’t just have a great time with a pretty and sexy Hanoi girl but you can also have a very relaxing massage from them. Although most of the massage parlors you can find in Hanoi Red Light Districts doesn’t offer sex, you can still find a few of them where you can a hand job.

If you wanted to try these erotic massage parlors in Hanoi Red Light District, you can definitely find a lot of them all over the city but most of these massage parlors are located at Thuy Khue and just nearby Doc Ngu thus you can simply visit these places and you can surely find what you’ve been looking for.

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When it comes to how much you would have to pay if you are going to try these erotic massage parlors, a hand job from their sexy girls usually costs 100k up to 300k Dongs but if you are lucky enough to find a place where you can have a full service (sex), they usually charge 500k Dongs for it.

Nightclubs in Hanoi

If you are looking for sex in Hanoi Red Light District and doesn’t want to spend any penny then the best option you can have it through the nightclubs in Hanoi. Through these nightclubs, you can find a lot of girls from Hanoi who are willing to have fun with you for free.

Hanoi have many nightclubs spread along the city where you can surely have a good time listening to wild music while watching all those party people dancing their arse out and some of these Hanoi nightclubs are the following:

Dragonfly Bar Lounge

This particular night spot that you can find at Old Quarter, Hanoi is actually one of the old bars in Hanoi Red Light District that is still running until this very moment. This bar lounge in Hanoi opens very early hence you can already visit the place at 10 AM up until 12midnight.

If you are going to give Dragonfly Bar Lounge a try, you would notice how packed it is with those young locals and expats thus making the place a good choice for those who wanted to look for pretty and young Hanoi girls.

Funky Buddha Club

You can find Funky Buddha Club at Hoan Kiem District and as you visit the said place, you can eventually notice how packed their dance floor is with all those foreigners, backpackers and even locals who wanted to have a great time in Hanoi RLD.

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The club has their own DJs who are all the best when it comes to making the night in Hanoi the best you can have. What’s also nice with Funky Buddha Club is that they close very late thus you can absolutely have great time ones you are in this club.

Hero Club Hanoi

Maybe you wanted to listen to some EDM, hip-hop, deep house and R&B music, well, you can all have it here in Hero Club Hanoi. Aside from the music, the place is also known for their interior design where you can find murals and posters of those popular superheroes we know of.

, Ulimate Guide To Hanoi Red Light District

They also have their drink promos which are perfect for those who’ve been wanted to get drunk and have lots of fun at Hanoi Red Light District. By the way, the club is located at Ba Dinh District and if you wanted to try Hero Club Hanoi, you can visit the place from 8 PM and they close very late depending on the night and season.

Escort Services

There are a number of escort services you can find in Hanoi such as Honey Escort and Hanoi Club XXX and what you only have to do is to check their website and browse through all the available girls they have.

Although escort services are a lot more expensive way to find prostitutes from Hanoi Red Light Districts, a lot of foreigners are still into escort services and that’s maybe because girls from escort services are prettier than those prostitutes you can find in the streets of Hanoi.

Also, escort services are more convenient for you just have to contact the agency you have found on the internet through call or email. You can also have the chance to choose from all the girls you can find on their website and just have them sent to your hotel.

Online Dating Sites

Maybe you are the person who wants to get an assurance that you can immediately have your Hanoi girl or even girls as soon as you arrive Hanoi City. Well, if that’s the case then you should definitely try online dating sites.

Through online dating sites, you can already find a lot of Hanoi girls who are single and very much ready for fun even though you are still in your own home land. Here, you can simply use your laptop or phones to browse among all those pretty Hanoi girls who are also looking for single foreigners.

Vietnam Cupid

There are indeed a lot of online dating sites that you can find on the internet nowadays but among those, Vietnam Cupid is really the best one for me and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Sign up for free

Yes, you can sign up and register to Vietnam Cupid for free thus you don’t have to hesitate anymore whether you’ll going to try this online dating site for you won’t be wasting any penny with Vietnam Cupid (unless if you’ll go for their premium membership of course).

  • Easy navigation

Although Vietnam Cupid’s members are mostly from Vietnam, they were still able to make this online dating site with the English language hence you won’t be having a hard time signing up and understanding what it says compared to some other online dating sites that are using other languages.

  • More than 800,000 members

Since Vietnam Cupid has a lot of members, you will definitely be given the chance to pick and choose from those over 800,000 single members you can find in Vietnam Cupid hence this particular online dating site is the best one you can find on the internet today.

Tips when in Hanoi RLD

Surely, Hanoi girls are pretty and sexy but still, there are things that every tourist or foreigner should know before hooking up with any Hanoi girls they can find in the city and here are some of them:

  • Don’t leave your things unattended

Maybe you are able to find a Hanoi girl or prostitute as you stroll around Hanoi R, well, as you bring them to your hotel make sure you are able to secure your belongings before you go to the shower or as you go to sleep.

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It is not actually new to hear from our fellow foreigners to have their wallets or gadgets taken by some random Hanoi prostitute and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to experience the same thing when in the city.

  • Ask for their price first

There are actually some instances when if a guy is just too excited to have fun with the prostitute they have found and forgets to ask for their price. Well, if you are wise enough, this should be one of your priorities.

Asking for their price beforehand can save you from over pricing after she has given you her services and through this, you can also have the chance to bargain and ask for the cheapest price you can attain with her before you settle with her at your place.

  • Always use a condom

As prostitution has been available in Hanoi Red Light Districts, it won’t be editable for you to find a number prostitutes from the city who have HIV/AIDS thus if you wanted to save yourself from acquiring HIV/AIDS then you shouldn’t forget to buy one before having sex with them.

, Ulimate Guide To Hanoi Red Light District

Finding pretty girls while having fun at the same time in Hanoi RLD is indeed few of the great things a foreigner can do when in the city but this article would make it easier for all the foreigners out there who wanted to experience both things when in Hanoi. So, enjoy and have a great time at Hanoi Red Light District!


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