7 Places to find sex in Hanoi

In this article you’ll learn where to find sex in Hanoi.

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is with no doubt one of the easiest places to get laid.

So where do you narrow your choices to get good sex in Hanoi hunt? Well, by the end of this sex in Hanoi guide you will be spoilt for choice.

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Sex in Hanoi, 7 Places to find sex in Hanoi

Hanoi is not the most cosmopolitan cities.

If you look around, there will be thousands of motorbikes and local people. This does not mean you will receive hostility if from a different race, but Hanoi girls will avoid PDAs with you.

The trick is to take the game where they are most comfortable. So which are some of these places to get sex in Hanoi?

Massage parlors and spas

We categories massage parlors into two: family-friendly and happy ending massages in Hanoi.

Family-friendly parlors offer regular massage, i.e., traditional massage.

For a happy ending, there is a lot of x rated stuff going on. If you do not want the girl’s hands wandering into your crotch, don’t visit here.

Well, for those of us who can’t help the pleasure of early twenties girls massaging out butts and boners with oil, which are the best spas in Hanoi.

J Spa

One of the best places to visit for a happy ending massage in Hanoi is J Spa with prices starting at $26 USD upwards. Price for foreigners and Vietnamese are exactly the same.

Their facilities include the following: sauna, salt rock bath, shared bath/wine bath with massage technicians, full body massage, NURU, HJ, BJ.

They have over 30 separate massage rooms extremely luxurious and clean with modern equipment. Equipped with Himalayan salt rock sauna and water massage bed. Consists of more than 50 girls aged 18-23, extremely beautiful, young and well-trained by Nhung Lady – Director of Vlady Love Academy, a member of the International Association of medical sex learning.

Sex in Hanoi, 7 Places to find sex in Hanoi

They are located not too far from the center of Hanoi, have great English-speaking staff and accept cash along with Visa and Mastercard (free charge, there is no extra 2-3% fee unlike other shops).

If you’d like to contact them beforehand to book (I strongly recommend this), you can contact them +84973027979 using Viber, Wechat and Zalo, Whatspp and Telegram app, you check out their website at www.jspamassage.com

Be sure to tell them A Farang Abroad sent you to get that VIP experience.

Neko Nuru Massage

You’ll find it mentioned on most of the internet that Neko Massage is the best place in Hanoi for erotic massages.

They have the biggest and most stunning rooms I’ve seen in Hanoi, on average there are around 35 girls to choose from per day, and prices are in English meaning you pay the same as locals.

Sex in Hanoi, 7 Places to find sex in Hanoi

Prices start are 600k VND for a 1-hour massage where you’re bathed and given a body-2- body Nuru massage with a happy ending.

A tip for the girl at the end will be around 600k.

They have English-speaking staff so you can contact them if you have any questions, you can visit their site at NekoMassage.vn.

Whatsapp/ZALO: +84 96 808 4689

Windy VIP massage

Also known as Windy Hotel, you can get most of the sexual service here. Windy has three branches (same owner), and they all offer erotic massage including one that covers your body with yogurt and then licked from head to toe.


  • The  Windy 1, Villa B9, 4th F behind Windy Hotel on 23 Thong Phong.
  • Windy 2, 18 Ngo 76 Duy Tan, Hanoi
  • The Windy 3, 265 Kim Nguu, Hanoi

Cost for massage

  • 400-500k for massage + 500k for the BJ
  • If you want a threesome or more 100k extra
  • The girls expect tips.

Emperor Men’s Spa

Also known as Men’s Spa PVT (Phan Van Tri) or TLT VIP club. The locals consider it as the best value spa in Hanoi. They offer BJ and HJ. No sex.

They have another branch, Men’s Spa NKT in Nguyen Khanh Toan


  • 26 Phan Van Tri, 3km from Old Quarter.
  • 188 Nguyen Khanh Toan (for the branch)
  • Open hours: 10 AM to 12 AM

Cost of massage

  • Standard room 300VND + 3000VND tip
  • VIP massage in Jacuzzi room: 600KVND + 500K VND tip
  • 4 hand massage (two girls): VIP charges + 150k VND for the 4 hand.
  • Call: 04 2266 8855
  •          04 2244 5599 (for the branch)

Blue Spa

Blue Spa is among the executive spas in Hanoi, yet its prices are reasonable compared with other tourist hotels. Their girls are cute with rooms neat and clean.

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  • 5/5 Nguyen Khanh Toan / next Mai Spa

Cost for the massage

  • 300K VND for 60 minutes massage + 500k VND tip to the girl for the BJ/HJ
  • For a threesome 500K VND for the massage and 1M VND tip to both girls.

Open hour

  • 9 AM – 1 AM daily

Call: 043 3533 888

Oasis massage

Oasis massage parlor is infamous for tourist looking for sex in Hanoi and king like treats.

They have VIP service which offers best and young Vietnamese girls. They offer BJ, no sex. You can also have the massage in your room.


  • Oasis 1, 19 Lang Ha, Hanoi
  • Oasis 3, Nguyen Khang, Hanoi
  • One in Cau Dat closed.

Cost of the massage

  • VIP 600K VND for 90 mins + 500K for HJ, 1MVND for BJ.

 Sakura Club

Sakura massage parlors are spa chain with the most client being Japanese and Koreans. Most of its services are costlier compared to other spas in Hanoi of its caliber.

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Its VIP rooms feature spacious showers, Jacuzzi, large beds, AC and Sauna.


  • 175 Quan Hoa, Hanoi / newest branch
  • 39 Dong Da, Hanoi (call 04 3861 4514)
  • 6 Doi Nhan, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • 217 Au Co, Tay Ho, Hanoi (call 04 3718 3106)

Prices for the massage

HJ and Boob Job cost 400K VND + 500k VND tip

VIP with BJ: 600K VND + 1M VND tip

You can request a threesome to make the session naughtier.

Other spas include Fortuna (boss KTV) on 6B Lang Ha, Hanoi Hotel on 8D Giang Vo and Moscow Sauna on 11/11, F361 An Durong , Ho Tay.

Sex in Hanoi Clubs

Vietnam is packed with clubs. Local girls flock to these places, some to have fun others to make money. With such minded girls, clubs become among the easiest places to find sex in Hanoi.

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Ball Bars

There are 3 Ball Bars in Hanoi. 90% of the crowd are young locals making it ideal to meet Viet girls. Type of music played is EDM and commercial music.

  • Open hours are until 3 AM

1900 Le Theatre

This is a favorite club in Old Quarter. The crowd is mixed, foreigners and locals.

  • Open hour: 8: 30 PM – 1AM

8: 30 PM -3 PM Fri, Sat, Sun

Hair of the dog

The club has two floors. The 1st floor has lots of locals, 2nd floor with foreigners. Best to visit around midnight.

  • Location: 32 May, Hanoi
  • Open hours: 8 am – 2 am during weekday / 3 AM on the weekend.

Vina house

A modern club in Vietnam. The music is pretty loud, and there are always sexy girls every night.

  • The cost in the club

A bottle of beer 100K VND. Waiters expect a tip.

Other clubs to check out include Max 3, Playboy establishment, Q Club, Infinity and F Club.

Beer Bars

Most of the bars in Vietnam resembles a nightclub with DJ/ loud music. Read my article on Hanoi’s nightlife should you want to learn more or find the best blow job bars in Hanoi.

New Spinx Beer bar

The bar has a Greek/Roman theme with a massive entrance and dressed up staff. Occasionally, there are live music acts and sexy dancers.

  • A beer cost 40k VNCD, a glass of tiger approximately 120k VND.

On the northern strip of Hoan Kiem Lake to Tran Hung Dao Street, these are the hot-spot bars: Cosa Nostra, Tadioto, and La Plume.

  • Single beer cost 100k VND cheapest, with a signature cocktail going for 290k VND + tax and service fee.

In Tay Ho district, there are a couple of bars popular with expat and trendy Vietnamese youths. Some of the bars you can meet girls include Sidewalk, Standing Bar, Fur brew and The Republic.

  • Small beer (175 ml) goes for 45k VND with a pint 90k VND.
Sex in Hanoi, 7 Places to find sex in Hanoi

Online dating

For those too busy for bars and clubs, online dating is your best friend to find sex in Hanoi. The most popular site is :

  • Vietnam Cupid: This is a highly recommended site for those looking for sex in Hanoi. You will get between 500 to 1000 girl online, most interested to meet a foreigner. You can read my review here.

Gay Bars

For lesbians and gays looking for sex in Hanoi, here is your spot.

Golden Cock is an official gay bar in Hanoi. It signs only say “GC.”

Birdcage is not for gays only but has a crowd of open-minded, most gays and lesbians.

Karaoke Bars

Initiated as KTVs, Karaoke bars provide sex in Hanoi. You can arrange with a company girl or girls to join you in a private room.

Most KTVs don’t allow sex in the compartment, so you have to book a room upstairs if you want something more.

The cost of sex in Hanoi KTVs

The Karaoke will charge you 500k VND per girl. This is with the exemption of the fee for the drinks taken.

Also, not all girls provide ‘takeaway ‘services.

Some of the KTVs offering Sex in Hanoi include:

  • Hero Karaoke Family on 236 Nguyen Van Cu
  • Karaoke H2 on 33 Nguyen Khiet
  • Eagle Karaoke on 135 Phuc Tan HK-Hn
  • Phuong Anh Karaoke on 125 Long Bien

Love hotels

Love hotels are a popular place to get laid in Hanoi. The idea is to provide couples a private place to have sex instead of doing it in public or crowded homes.

However, a great deal of prostitution goes on if you pick a random girl in street or other nightlife places.

Cost of having sex in love hotels, Hanoi

  • For short time rental: 113K – 250k VND for short time
  • For a long time: 600k VND for a long time.

Hostess Bar

There are hundreds of hostess bars in Hanoi. Most attract prostitutes hoping to pick up tourist. You can read my article on the best massages in Saigon.

Some of the charge a fee to guarantee sex in Hanoi but you still need to spend on the girl. Some of these hostess bars in Hanoi include:

Chien Hostel Bar

The Toilet Club on 6th F, 41 Hung Dao

The Bank

Any of the bar along Ha Ten Street.

More of sex in Hanoi hot spots include strip clubs, playboy entertainments, and street prostitutes.

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Sex in Hanoi, 7 Places to find sex in Hanoi

We hope that the guide helps you get the best sex in Hanoi experience. If you have a recommendation, we would love to hear it.

Most importantly share with us your experience for our reader to get first-hand tales of what to expect in these sex in Hanoi hot spots.


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