6 Best massages in Saigon

Vietnam is a great tourist destination. Exploring its cities is fun but your body will be screaming for something relaxing. Massage Saigon is an icing sugar on your Vietnam tour.

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massage Saigon, 6 Best massages in Saigon

While Ho Chi Minh City massage has earned a good reputation, the massage varies in quality. Again you might be looking for something budget friendly and still a treat for your body.

Here are the best massage centers in Saigon, locally known as Ho Chi Minh. For the locals, these parlors are high end but if you think of them with the North America rates you will find them a good bargain.

All the therapist in the below massage Saigon are skilled to perform various type of massage including Traditional Vietnamese and Thai style massage. Also, they are located close to the tourist area of Saigon.

Temple Leaf Spa

Temple Leaf Spa is a heaven for those who want a massage in an ambient environment. Its peaceful state and aroma put you in a relaxing mind prior to the massage itself.

From its décor to the great reception, Temple Leaf Spa is a highly recommended spa for massage Saigon.

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They have a range of massages with the 90 minutes massage being my favorite. All their Ho Chi Minh City massage includes a beauty care service i.e. body scrub and clay mask to ensure you are fully relaxed.

The fact that they use pure organic products makes the spa undeniable to those who dread chemical products.


  • 74/1A HAI Ba Trung, Dist 1


  • 200,000 -1,200, 000 VND,
  • Call: 10 am-11:30 pm

My Spa

This is another traditional massage Saigon. The décor is Vietnamese; filled with bamboo and rattan for a nice escape from the chaos of Saigon.

Besides their amazing massage, you also get to be treated with facial and other skin treatments.

Here, you can choose to be massaged in a standard room or in a private room.

massage Saigon, 6 Best massages in Saigon

If you are a couple, I recommend you go to a private room. To ensure this is successful, book the private room in advance as they are limited. This is possible over the phone or through their website.


  • 15C4 Thi Sach St, Dist 1


  • 340,000 for a 60 min full body massage
  • Call: 098 997 33 09
  • Open hours: 10 am – 11:30 pm

Cat Moc Spa

This spa, like our previous two, is styled with traditional Vietnamese architecture, soothing melodies, and calming lights to create the right ambiance.

Here you get to choose between hot stone massage, herbal relaxing massage, Thai massage and Swedish massage.

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Some of the packages come with free facial/body skin care. If you spent the entire day exploring the city, the half an hour treatment will do. However, a hot stone massage is recommended if your muscles are aching.


  • 61-63 Trans Dinh Xu St, Dist 1
  • Price: 233,140 VND for a 30 minute session.

Golden Lotus Spa and massage in Saigon

If you have ever visited any of the above spas, you will notice something quite different about Golden Spa. Here, the décor is not Vietnamese but Korean.

In this massage Saigon, the saunas are communal and relaxing. You also get to socialize in the spa, which allows both sexes. While this might be uncomfortable for some, couples get to relax together.

All girls working here are from Ho Chi Minh.

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Golden Lotus Ho Chi Minh City massage is very outstanding. Also, unlike other spas where you guess the tip, the tip is predetermined helping clients to budget accordingly.

If you look at the menu, you will notice the price if high. This is because of the tip, so if you factor in that the overall cost is reasonable.

This massage Saigon also has a restaurant where you can enjoy Vietnamese delicacies after the massage. This spa is also family friendly, a reason why it’s doing well as proved by its multiple branches.


  • 15 Thai Van Lung St, Dist 1
  • Price: 375, 0000 VND for 1-hour massage (inclusive of tip)
  • Call: 08 3822 1515
  • Open hours: 10 am – 11 pm

Moc Huong spa

Mac Huong spa is another highly sorted massage Saigon. If this is going to be your first time, you might scratch your head because of their long menu.

Some of their massage offered in this Ho Chi Minh City massage include: four hands massage, Swedish massage, Hawaiian, Thai massage, Shiatsu and their signature, Moc Houng Body treatment.

Other body treatments include facial, pedicure, manicure and foot treatments.

As you consider other massages, I suggest you try their Moc Houng signature package. Its 90 minutes and has a lot of interesting rubs and stretches.

Moc Huong massage Saigon is also ideal for sportsmen to take a break. On the sports massage section you will see subcategories which allows the masseuse to focus on particular body parts: shoulders, back, arms, feet etc.

In Moc Houng you can choose more than one masseuse to provide the appropriate strength for deep tissue massage.

Once you are done with your massage of choice, you will be served with a Vietnamese cup of tea to heighten your relaxation.

Due to the high traffic on the parlor, particularly on weekends, we recommended you book the appointment at least 2 hours prior of your free time.


They have 3 branches

  • 61 Xuan Thuy , Dist 2
  • 9C Ton Duc Thang , Dist 1
  • 2A Chu Mnah , Dist 1

Price: between 200,000 and 2,000,000VND

  • Open hours: 10 am – 11:30 pm

Saigon Heritage Spa

Ever visited Saigon Opera House? Well, a few steps from this entertainment complex stands a highly ranked Ho Chi Minh City massage spa, Saigon Heritage Spa.

From a cozy atmosphere to welcoming staff, The Heritage Spa is a great escape for both local and visitors.

I cannot fail to mention how well skilled the spa masseuses are. On the menu, you will see a choice on traditional massage and spa aroma oil from Thailand and Vietnam.

Beauty services such as facial and foot massage are also available.

One thing that got my attention is their golden package, a 40 min hot stone massage, then a 30 min salt scrub followed by a 10-minute shower.

Saigon Spa uses a combination of hot stone and cucumber facial pack to give you the best experience ever. After the massage Saigon, you will be served with a cup of blooming flower teas from central Vietnam.


  • 69 Hai Ba Trung, Dist 1


220,000 to 800,000 VND

Open hours:10 am to 11:30 pm

Is it possible to get a bad massage Saigon?

The answer is yes. There are many massage Saigon and while a majority of them offer quality services some get sloppy from time to time.

To avoid being a victim, we advise you visit the above Ho Chi Minh City massage. If by any chance the massage fall below par, you could stop and talk to the management.

Most of the masseuse in Vietnam do not talk English but the management will always help in case you need something. You can learn more types of massages in Vietnam here.

Are there more than “normal” massage?

By this, I’m assuming you mean adult massage. The answer is yes. Here is more information if you are looking for a happy ending and sex massage in Vietnam. or the best night clubs in Saigon.

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massage Saigon, 6 Best massages in Saigon

Now that you have the information on massage Saigon, we hope you will try them out. If you do we would love to hear about your experience. Any question? We are more than happy to assist.

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