Ho Chi Minh Nightlife Guide

Ho Chi Minh is an interesting city that is rich in culture and tradition.

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A city fully loaded with tantalizing tourist destination that is undeniable enjoyed by the backpackers, travelers and even the local residences of the city. Even though the city has its culture instilled in them until now, we can still find and enjoy Ho Chi Minh City nightlife there.

When visiting the exquisite city of Ho Chi Minh, the scenes we can find there do really varies with which district we are; District 1 do offers a party style theme in where there are rooftop bars, swanky nightclubs, high rolling casinos and even smooth jazz bands that stays open until 3:00 in the morning or even later. Meanwhile.

District 3 and 5 is lined with busy street where we can find bars and pubs, live music, cheap foods, and a good ambiance which are created with their friendly locals.

For those who are looking forward on visiting Ho Chi Minh and experience the Ho Chi Minh nightlife from the city’s tourist spots to local people, here is a list of places and experience that you should definitely try when you are in the place:

Have Fun And Be Lucky In There Casino

One of the best assets Ho Chi Minh has is their casinos which can be found on several of their big hotels. Two of the biggest casinos they have can be found in Caravelle Hotel and in Shiraton Saigon Hotel and Towers.

Casinos here in Ho Chi Minh might not be as big as the casinos in Las Vegas but travelers and backpacker are as well into trying their games and although Ho Chi Minh casinos just have hold em’ poker in their computers, players can still play mah-jong and other games available in their slot machines.

Enjoying A Glass Of Beer At A Rooftop Bar

Are you looking for a city that has one of the greatest collections of rooftop bars? Well, Ho Chi Minh is what you are looking for because the city do offers a lot of rooftop bar that ranges from colonial charm settings to the chic and modern style one that would definitely suit your mood.

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A lot of travellers do love to try there rooftop bar and just soak up while having a glass of beer and enjoy the stunning view of Ho Chi Minh nightlife and experience the city sunset until late into the night.

Pham Ngu Lao Market

The street of Pham Ngu Lao is indeed one of Ho Chi Minh’s legends in where travelers and backpackers shouldn’t miss when visiting the city. Pham ngu Lao can be found at Hi Chi Minh’s District 3 in where we can enjoy the street’s cheap beers, street foods, several nightclubs and many more.

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This place is a bit rowdy for it is a backpacker’s hub and so, we can always find and meet new friends in there or just hang up with a total stranger to talk to and share some drinks during the night.

Live Music Bars

Since this article is about Ho Chi Minh City nightlife, who among us doesn’t love live music bars and have some fun while listening to relaxing background melody or rip roaring rock session?

Ho Chi Minh is actually a place in where we can find a lot of bars such as Sax n’ Art Jazz Club, Acoustic Bar, Yoko Bar, Seventeen Saloon, and a lot more where we can spend the night while chilling out and having fun. We can also find some Vietnamese prostitutes in such places in Ho Chi Minh whom are looking for foreigners that they can play with which are actually pretty normal when it comes to the city’s bars and pubs.

Lush Nightclub

Lush Nightclub is actually a well-known party place in Ho Chi Minh and if you wanted to witness the young and beautiful Ho Chi Minh nightlife, Lush Nightclub is the place for you.

, Ho Chi Minh Nightlife Guide

This nightclub has different styles of music which depends on the kind of evening. During Fridays and Sundays, this nightclub have some of the best DJs in town while during Saturdays, Lush is full of foreigners and locals for its International funky house theme.

This club do also have their own gimmicks such as the buy one get one free deal on their beers and mixed drinks during Thursdays which lasts until the club’s closing time.

ACE nightclub

If you are looking for somewhere to party all night long, then Ace Nightclub should be your venue. Located at Nguyen Trung Ngan, Quan 1 this is a popular place among the young crowd. The place is quite new and it has attracted a lot of patrons since its opening in 2013. You must think that they are not usually busy during midweek but Ace seems to know how to throw a party regardless of what day of the week.

The venue is just like any typical nightclub – a dancefloor, electronic music or live DJ but it is classified as a class A club with comfortable lounge area and spacious dance floor for everyone. Drinks are fairly priced and if you are on the hunt for a young, local Vietnamese girl this could be a good place to start. The place also seems to have a dress code since everyone who comes in there less of the flip flops and sandals. This place is also popular for foreigners and expats.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acenightclubhcm/


“Come and play” is the tagline for this up and coming nightclub. Located at District 1 of Saigon this is one of the favorite nightclub for locals and foreigners. It is also within the same building with Glow nightclub so it is not hard to miss. You can be able to take a taxi to get to the place.

The place is your typical Vietnamese nightclub so you can expect to have a spacious dance floor and comfortable lounge seats for groups. They offer beer, spirits and cocktails at a reasonable price as well. This is one of the place to go if you are looking to party and enjoy Vietnamese club scene. Since they are open up until the wee hours of the morning, the place starts from 10 pm until 3 am so you can be able to party all night long. During the weekends, the place is usually jam packed. Best time to go is after 12 midnight because that is usually where the party is happening. You can be able to see locals, expats and tourists at Play. They also have a promotion ever Wednesday night that is applicable for groups. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

Blanchy’s Tash

Located on Hai Ba Trung, Blanchy’s Tash is also a great bar for the upscale crowd. They have a weekly promotion every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights to make sure that the place will be busy without waiting for the weekends. What’s nice about this place is that the ambience is very comfortable. They have a cocktail lounge on the first level; the second level is mainly used for big events so expect a wide space and who wouldn’t want to have a night cap at the rooftop? Most patrons seem to hangout by the rooftop as they sip their drinks and watching Ho Chi Minh City’s skyline. Locals seem to know where and how to party.

Just like Ace, they also have a live DJ playing to get you on the dancing groove. You can expect to hang out with young locals when you drop by and visit Blanchy’s Tash.

POC POC Beer Garden

Compared to the first 2 bars, POC POC Beer Garden offers dining and drinking al fresco minus the classy and super elite crowd. This is the most popular beer garden in Ho Chi Minh City located at Pham Ngoc Thach. The drinks (mostly beers) and food are very affordable and a good place to hang out with friends. They are usually packed on a Thursday night and they also have happy hour.

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Since that this is a beer garden, this place can get really loud, they also play techno music or have live DJ music. Just make sure that you book a reservation as they are becoming pretty popular with the locals and expats alike.

Fox Beer Lounge

Another beer lounge famous in the area is Fox Beer Lounge. Located at Ham Nghi, the place is open from 4 pm up until 2 am. It is an open beer garden with good food and the establishment is quite spacious. They usually have live music for entertainment purposes but the artists or band playing varies every night.

The bar caters mostly middle to high class people so don’t expect to wear flashy or high heels as they are not really required. However, the place does not seem to be quite popular among foreigners because most of their patrons are young locals and yuppies. If you want to enjoy great music while drinking a cold bottle of Bud or any local beer then Fox Beer Lounge is a place for you to hang out with especially with friends.


A recently opened beer club in the city which adds vibrant to its nightlife is Taps. It is very innovative from the façade alone it does not look like your ordinary beer club. This is a great place to hang out with because of its relaxed ambience. It makes you feel like you are in a sports bar with all those TVs hanging around. They serve beer, spirits and cocktails and the food is of great quality ranging from Asian to Mediterranean to exotic (yes, they offer crocodile and emu dish if your taste is adventurous).

When I say innovation, they are quite unique giving the usual beer lounge an updated twist. Instead of the regular beer tower, they also offer beer in kegs!

Oneplus Rooftop Beer Club

If you are afraid of heights, then you should think twice. However, if you would like to have a nice view of the city’s skyline during night, then Oneplus Beer Club is the place where you should go. This is located at the 32nd floor of the Saigon Trade Center.

They offer various live music entertainments ranging from DJs to solo artists to bands. The place is open from 5 pm up until 1 am and offer not so expensive drinks and food. Usual patrons are locals and yuppies and you can rarely see college students or younger patrons. It has a more relaxed atmosphere where you can be able to enjoy with friends and colleagues.

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Guru Sports Bar

If you are a huge fan of sports, then the best place to go to enjoy a drink or two while watching your favorite game is Guru. The bar is located at District 3 of Ho Chi Minh City and quite close to the airport. They offer sub zero beer (usually European and American beers) and have a wide variety of Western pub grub. They also have a signature cocktail called Drunkey Monkey that appears to be a favorite among patrons.

Apart from the sports commentator playing on the background they also have a DJ playing techno music. It seems that techno music is growing its popularity in the city.

They also offer Asian cuisine which people seem to love because of its great taste. Because of their great location and affordable price, it is without a doubt that Guru Sports Bar is one of the favorite local venues for sports fan and non-sports fan alike. It has a great atmosphere which is great for groups of friends and families. The place caters to yuppies both local and foreigners as well.

Saigon Opera House

Does anybody of you tired with the busy streets and noisy bars of the city? Well, Ho Chi Minh nightlife has more to offer you and one of those is there Saigon Opera House in where we can enjoy the beautiful colonial building which can be found in the center of the city.

This stunning facade of curved window frames and statues do performs a variety of shows which ranges from ballet, live theater, musical concerts, and Vietnamese traditional dance that would surely entertain you.

If you are interested to a particular show here in Saigon Opera House you can buy a ticket through Saigon Travel Agents that can be found opposite the opera house.

, Ho Chi Minh Nightlife Guide

Whether it’s dry season or rainy season, party lover or not, Ho Chi Minh City nightlife is a very great place to visit for it doesn’t just offers a lively and fun nightlife but the city also have great local residences to which we can spend the entire stay in there or travelers like you who wanted to meet new people.

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Upon staying in the city, travelers and backpackers do also notices locals of the city’s attitude of being hospitable and easy to go along with which makes and attracts more visitors in Ho Chi Mihn City and aside from the people in the city.

The ambience is also very lovable in where you can enjoy chilling out while savouring the moment with your loved ones, some friends, or even with a complete stranger in the place.

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