Where to find Ladyboys in Singapore

In this article you’ll learn where to find ladyboys in Singapore.

Singapore is indeed a beautiful city that is now being visited by foreigners and expats from all the countries of the world and that is all because of all the tourist attractions you can find in the city but what others didn’t know is that Singapore has definitely two faces.

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The city may look very sophisticated and firm but as the sun goes down, Singapore would eventually transform into a nightlife scene where party people would surely have a great time drinking a couple of drinks while dancing their arse out at the clubs and bars you can find in the city.

Have you ever heard of the ladyboys in Singapore? These ladyboys are actually those gays, transgender, shemales and all other names people call them that you can find in the premises of Singapore and also to some other countries in Asia too.

, Where to find Ladyboys in Singapore

If you are going to check on the countries in Asia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines may be those countries in the continent with the highest number of Ladyboys but what others didn’t know is that Singapore is also a place in Asia where you can surely find a number of Singapore ladyboys.

Although some may find it odd to spend some time with these Singapore ladyboys, there are also many expats and foreigners who find these ladyboys a good companion and nice people to hook up with. If you are going to hang out with some of these ladyboys, you would surely have a great time especially with their vibrant attitudes that everybody loves.

Aside from having these Singapore ladyboys as companions, they are also a great entertainer and you can agree to that one you are able to visit and try those live shows these Singapore ladyboys do at some bars and theaters in the city.


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, Where to find Ladyboys in Singapore

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Where can you find Singapore Ladyboys?

Online Dating Sites

Well, before we go on to the places in Singapore where you can find a lot of Singapore ladies, you should know first that you can also use these online dating sites if you really wanted to find some Singapore ladyboys.

Through these online dating sites, you can easily hook up with many Singapore ladyboys at one time and if you are already in the city, you may message one of them and have her come to your hotel room and because most of the ladyboys using these online dating sites for fun, you may be lucky enough and have sex with a hot Singapore ladyboy for free.

, Where to find Ladyboys in SingaporeWhat’s actually great with these online dating sites is that you can simply use it at your home hence you can already look for a number of Singapore ladyboys even though you are still in your own country. If you are going to check on the internet, you may even find numerous of online dating sites available today but if you wanted to check on the best one is Singapore, Singapore Love Links is a highly recommended one.

Singapore Love Links is very easy to use where what you only have to do is to sign up, make your own profile and from there, you can already browse through all those single Singapore ladyboys and by the way, signing up in Singapore Love Links is totally free unless you wish to avail their premium membership which making this one a perfect choice for everyone.

What’s also nice with this online dating site is that it is particularly for those singles in Singapore thus they can already narrow your search unlike with those other online dating sites where it is available for all the countries hence you may have a hard time looking for Singapore girls and ladyboys.

Singapore Love Links is also now the leading online dating site in the country so as you browse over all the single Singapore ladyboys in this online dating site, you can surely find a lot of them thus giving you all the chance to check on one ladyboy from the other and choose the best one you can find.

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Smooci Escort services

If you’d rather not date and are happy to pay for an escort, then there’s no better site in Singapore than Smooci.

, Where to find Ladyboys in Singapore

They offer a discreet service where you can book girls to your apartment or hotel anytime of the day. This is perfect if you don’t want to be seen in the red light districts of Singapore. You can see their roster of girls at: Smooci.com

What to expect from Singapore Red Light Districts

If you are going to stroll around the streets of Singapore, you would find a few red light districts who are all worth visiting for if you’ve been looking for a fun and exciting night. Red light districts here in Singapore do actually have some Singapore ladyboys hence you can surely find one in this kind of places in the city.

Girls and ladyboys in these red light districts in Singapore often starting to show up at 20:30 so if you wanted to really find one, make sure you’d visit Singapore’s red light district at the right time. Some of these ladyboys, by the way, do really look like a girl thus always be ready to talk with a girl-looking ladyboy in these areas so you won’t get frightened ones you meet a girl who has a very manly voice.

When it comes to the prices of these ladyboys, it usually depends on their quality but most of them ask $30 Singapore dollars for an “ice cream” which refers to a blowjob but if you wanted to have more, they can also offer you sex for just $40 up to $60 Singapore dollars or even higher if its a pretty and attractive ladyboy but let me warn you beforehand that some of these ladyboys don’t do full sex so better ask her first.

Clarke Quay

This area in Singapore is actually one of the places in the city where you can find the best nightclubs and bars so it is indeed inevitable to find a lot of Singapore ladyboys here in Clarke Quay who are strolling around looking for a nice bar to stay at and also some men to spend the night with.

Some of these Singapore ladyboys who are spending their night at Clarke Quay may offer you sex for free since they only wanted to have fun with some foreigner but there are also a lot of them who would ask you for payment for their services so you have to make sure you are able to discuss everything before you bring her at your place.

, Where to find Ladyboys in Singapore

A quick session for the ladyboys here in Clarke Quay may ask you $100 Singapore dollars but you can also find a much cheaper one especially if you are very good at negotiations and can bring it down to $40 to $60 Singapore dollars.

Orchard Towers

Sure, you can find a lot of Singapore ladyboys all over Singapore’s premises but if you wanted to make your search easier then Orchard Towers is the best place for you. Orchard Towers is also called as the “Four Floors of Whores” and the place’s name itself would already give you an idea of what you can find in here.

There may be a number of bars and pubs in Orchard Towers but they have these two bars in the place which are specifically for the Singapore ladyboys and so you can go straight to these two bars right away if you’ve been looking for ladyboys in Singapore.

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse is located at the 4th level of Orchard Towers and ones you get inside the place, you may also find some genuine girls so always ask them first if they are really a ladyboy or not before you spend the rest of the night with her. This club do also have their own DJ hence you can really have great time ones you spend your night in Crazy Horse.

Club Romeo

This club is one of those clubs in Orchard Towers who offers ladyboys and if you wanted to find one in here, make sure you visit the place during a Friday or Saturday night where most of them show up. Aside from Singapore ladyboys, they also have some from Philippines and Thailand which gives more ladyboys to choose from.

When it comes to the prices for the ladyboys here in Orchard Towers, a lot of them charges way too expensive compared to some other places in Singapore where you have to pay $200 to $300 Singapore dollars for a short time and if you wanted to spend more time with her, you can give her an additional of $100 Singapore dollars but you can always do some bargaining if you wanted to save more money.

Escort Services

Singapore does also have many escort services where you won’t just find a lot of pretty and hot prostitute from the city but also some Singapore ladyboys. What’s nice with using these escort services is that you only have to look for an escort service online and from there, you can already book the Singapore that you’d like to have at your place.

Also, through these escort services, you won’t just have a Singapore ladyboy for fun or sex because you may also have them as a companion or escort at a party or event making it a great choice for those who are looking for ladyboy for more of a personal purpose.

But as you look for escort services that are available in Singapore, you should also know that this way of finding Singapore ladyboys tends to be much more expensive compared to other ways you can find although it is indeed totally worth it for most of these escort services chooses very well their ladyboys and aside from the looks, they also train them well in giving the best services a client may find in Singapore.

If you are going to check on the internet, you may be able to find a lot of them but when it comes to best ones, Lecanto, Vice Sisters, Asian Escorts and TS Dating are my favorite so you may opt to try these Escort Services first if you are in Singapore.

There are also some other ways for you to find these Singapore ladyboys such as those massage parlors in the city or you may also want to check on the malls where these ladyboys love to stay at during daytime and aside from the ladyboys, malls in Singapore are also a good place for you have a relaxing time in the city premises.

All of this was added on September 2018:

Want to find ladyboys in Singapore? Here is all the information you need. Ladyboys are becoming popular in Asia and Singapore is not left behind.

People have quite a different view of Singapore making it difficult to imagine the country running legal prostitution. Yes, it is difficult to find ladyboys Singapore, compared to their number in other Asian countries like Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam but it should be a daunting task if you look in Geylang district.

One thing you might notice is that the majority of these trans are not locals. Majority of them originate from countries in Southeast Asia looking to make a better living.

Before we get to where to find ladyboys Singapore, some of you might need to know if one can get a good ladyboy in Singapore to date. The answer is yes, since it not impossible.

However, it’s imperative to know that just like with girls working in nightlife areas, coming by a good ladyboy worth dating is going to be even difficult.

The fact is prostitution in Singapore is not big. This can be explained by the fact that most people can afford a comfortable life.

If you want to find a ladyboy in Singapore to date, be ready to put in more effort. We shall direct you on where to get the best without pulling your hair off.

Dating ladyboys Singapore online

It’s a rule of thumb never to date a prostitute. Since the LGBT scene is quite limited, online dating saves the day.

One of the best dating sites to find Singapore ladyboys who are not hookers in Singapore Cupid. Here you can find a variety of single ladyboys, some looking for a life partner other in search of a causal relation.

By using Singapore Cupid, you have a chance to meet 100 of ladyboys and spend quality time at a place of your convenience.

Singing up on Singapore Cupid is free. However, there is three type of membership: Standard, gold, and platinum.

Standard is free but with most limits while platinum giving you an edge over other men looking for the same ladyboy in Singapore.

Before you venture into online dating its recommended you know basic tips as not all Singapore ladyboys who claim to be looking for a lover are genuine. That’s a topic for another day though.

Singapore ladyboys bars

Like we had mentioned earlier, Singapore is a conservative country. This has pushed the LGBT to run indiscreet.

It’s probably the reason why you have never heard about crazy nightclubs or pickup bars. For the sake of our bros who need more than just making money, we dug deep and found these bars with ladyboys.

For a more a success encounter, we encourage you network when you meet with Singapore ladyboys in these bars. Note that you won’t find these parties trending on the internet. It’s upon you to have an inside connection and know which bar is most happening.

If you are in a foreign country, different culture and so on, you might be reluctant to try new things, like private parties. Singapore has a low profile with crimes so be ready to go out of your way. This way you might end up having a night of your life with a beautiful ladyboy in Singapore.

Here are some of the bars to try out.

Taboo Club

The taboo club has withstood all LGBT pushbacks making it one of the most popular Ladyboy bars in Singapore.

The bar is located on Neil road and surrounded by other popular gay-friendly bars.

I recommend you visit the bar after midnight, this is when things get crazy good. T-shirts will come off, some groping, ladyboys get prettier and girls look like ladyboys. You should see for yourself.

Hope you love thumping house soundtracks.

  • Open hours: 22:00- 05:00
  • Address: 65 Neil Rd, Singapore

Tantric, Backstage bar and May Wong’s Café (good place to find Singapore ladyboys)

All these three venues are located in the same areas, Neil Rd, which is considered Singapore LGBT epicenter.

The lively trio gay bars are just a walking distance from Outram Park, Chinatown.

The backstage bar is the oldest with the new Tantric Bar the most popular choice nowadays.

  • Open hours: 20:00 -03:00, daily.

DMYK (Does Your Mother Know)

If throbbing music and open flirting is not your thing, then you need to see this bar at 41 Neil Rd.

The setting with this bar is quite relaxed, creative cocktails and the bartenders are the most friendly I have met in Singapore.

You can start in the daytime, get drunk ready for nightfall when things start to heat up.

Unlike other bars, DMYK music is mainstream so you will feel at home. Familiar soundtracks are always a good pickup for ladyboys inSingapore.

Elsewhere is Chinatown, you can visit Dorothy’s and Lluvia

Prostitute ladyboys in Singapore

For Singapore ladyboys that are hookers, Orchard Towers is the spot. Did you know Orchard Towers is also known as ‘Four Floors of Whores’?

Well, the name speaks for itself and here you will find a good number of pretty ladyboys. If you walk in the bars in these complex, you will notice a lot of girls. Take a closer look and you will notice most are actually ladyboys.

The two most popular ladyboy bars in Orchard Towers are Club Romeo and Crazy Horse. The ladyboys here are freelancers and you will see them hanging around the entire complex.

Clarke Quay is another top nightlife area in Singapore. These means, anywhere with a good nightlife supply all you need to satisfy your sexual desire. At Clarke Quay, you will find Singapore ladyboys and they will be interested in what you have to offer.

Around this nightlife area, you can try any of the bars, or the street where ladyboys will be roaming. All I know is that freelancers prefer to move around looking for someone to pay them for sex. Their number is in fact, increase during the weekend.

Changi village is another option for ladyboys Singapore lovers. In fact, this area has most of the first ladyboys in the country and continue to provide a good tide for ladyboy lovers. If you want to get the pretty ones, walk in the area around midnight.

For you to get the best, I recommend you follow the most happening bars. If things are slow in Clarke Quay, hop to Changi village. Ladyboys follow the crowd with the hope of getting multiple clients a night.


  • The general prices for sex with ladyboys Singapore are S$40-$60 for a short time and $100 for a long time (full night).

The price can go low with freelancers. This depends on the girl’s looks and your negotiating skills. The prettiest charge more due to higher demand.

If sitting in a bar or roaming the steer with the hope of finding a pretty ladyboy seem too much you could try to find them online.

Tips when dealing with ladyboys Singapore who are prostitutes

Do ladyboys enjoy sex? Yes. However, I doubt if they do after too much dick. These are not to mean they won’t make you feel good. Faking an orgasm is their middle name.

If you want genuine fun, I suggest you date a good ladyboy from Singapore Cupid.

If you want just sex, you have to risk it with the hookers who apparently are not the cleanest and infection free in the sex industry.

To be safe, be responsible and strap up.

While dating one might be a hustle, you might get a ladyboy Singapore who want to be with you and not your money.

Get to the Singapore Cupid, text the hottest ones, treat them with respect not openly asking to fuck them and they will be happy to go for a date.

Here is a quick bro tip for dating ladyboys Singapore online

  • Be aware of scammers

While Singapore Cupid is full of good people, it’s not immune of thieves, scammers, and criminals. These rotten apples will try to take advantage of you.

To spot a scammer, look for those asking for money. In most cases, they fake sickness or ask money for transport.

Once you get hooked to a particular ladyboy, don’t give your contact too quick.

If possible avoid using your true identity. Such profiles are highly targeted by scammers.

If you are experiencing trouble, make use of the report button.

Safety tips when dating ladyboys Singapore offline

Once you set up the date, meet in a public place. Singapore has decent cafes and restaurant, cinemas …wherever you like as long as it’s public.

No need to freak out about all the rules. If you apply some common sense and some level of caution, you will love dating ladyboys Singapore online.

Ever had an experience with ladyboys Singapore? We would love to hear it good or bad. Also if you happen to come across a new spot within Singapore tell us and we will share it with our readers.

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